How to Buy Stuff on Ebay for Beginners

if you need some advice on buying stuff
on ebay then watch this video because I’m gonna teach you the three different
ways that you can buy things on eBay and I’m gonna explain how they work now if
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now let’s start talking about how to buy stuff on eBay now I’ve bought and sold a
lot of stuff on eBay and I’ll tell you right now that it is so easy to buy
stuff and it’s not very complicated at all there’s really just three ways to
buy things on eBay because you’ve got the auction style you’ve got the Buy It
Now and then you’ve got the best offer which is built into the buy it now I’m
gonna talk about all three of them but let’s start with the auction style
because that’s the one that we’re most familiar with honestly there’s a lot of
people out there that think that the auction style is super complicated like
a normal auction but it’s not complicated at all it’s super easy
because it’s fully automated and eBay is looking out for both the seller and the
buyer so that they all get the best value possible all you have to do is
find an item that you want and then you just tell a BAE what your max bid is
that you’re willing to pay for it so for example if you are willing to pay a
maximum of $500 for a computer then you just tell a BAE that your max bid amount
is 500 bucks and then you just leave it at that and that’s all you have to do
because eBay is gonna do all of the bidding for you automatically and keep
in mind that if the next highest bidder came in at like $400 for the computer
you wouldn’t have to worry about paying the $500 that you preset because eBay is
gonna help you out too you’re probably only gonna pay 401 dollars because that
would be the next highest bit and that’s because like I said earlier eBay is
looking out for the seller and the buyer so they’re gonna give you the best value
for both parties so just because you set the max bid at $500 that does not mean
that you have to pay $500 for the item and if you want a better chance of
winning an auction then I would actually set your max bid to an uneven number
like 502 bucks because that way if the average bidder sets it to $500 then
you’re gonna win because you’re at 502 and also check when the auction ends and
how many bids it currently has that way you can see if you actually have a shot
at getting a really good deal because there’s been quite a few times where
I’ve found an item that only had like two hours left on it and it didn’t have
any bids so I just made a low bid and I am
winning the item as an example I found some leather snowboard gloves once with
only like two hours left on the auction and no bids so I just placed the lowest
bid possible and I ended up winning them for like 15 bucks there are a ton of
really good deals on eBay but you’re probably gonna have to look at the less
popular items because those are gonna have the best deals and as far as the
Buy It Now is concerned it just literally means that you buy it now just
like any other store in the world and what’s funny is that I actually sell
everything on auction and then I usually buy stuff as a buy it now I’m not really
the type that likes to wait for stuff and I’m sure a lot of you guys are like
that too but honestly the auctions are gonna have the best deals but buy it now
is a lot more convenient and I know that you Bay tries really hard to eliminate
knockoff items but honestly if the price is too good to be true then it probably
is a knockoff item you want to thoroughly check the items description
its ratings and the sellers feedback if you’re gonna take that risk
I mean honestly at the end of the day eBay’s got your back if you buy
something and it turns out to be a knockoff item but just eliminate that
problem by checking these things before you actually buy it if you are concerned
about buying knockoff items then I would just stick with the big reputable
sellers on eBay that way you don’t really have to worry about anything now
lastly you’ll notice that a lot of Buy It Now options actually have another
option called a best offer which are freakin sweet and this is because the
best offer actually allows you to negotiate with the seller up to five
times to conclude the final price all you have to do is just set the price
that you want has a best offer and then just wait until the seller either
accepts it or counter offers it and then move on from there
and you can leave little notes when you’re negotiating so that it seems more
personable to now keep in mind that if an item does have a best offer attached
to it then the Buy It Now price is probably about 10% higher than it should
be and that’s just natural for the seller to leave a little bit of a buffer
if he’s planning on negotiating it so do not pay the Buy It Now price if it has a
best offer because you’re probably just gonna be wasting money and another cool
thing about the best offer is that if you find items that are less popular
than the sellers probably more desperate to get rid of them and so you can snag
those at really good deals just by negotiating so try working on your
negotiating skills and use the best offer because it really is a cool
feature but just remember that if you do make an offer for the item you’re under
contract to buy it if the seller accepts the offer now if he doesn’t accept the
for you’re not obligated to anything but I just wanted you guys to be aware of
the rules so that you understand that it is a contract if you make an offer so
there you go that’s how you buy stuff on eBay
once again I’m Jason with honest finance and I make a lot of videos on different
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