How To Claim your Business on Nextdoor

[Lori Ballen] Here’s how to clean your business on what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go to slash
create – business once you reach this page you’re gonna have the ability to
add or claim your page you’ll have the option to claim a business or claim an
individual we’re working with real estate agents here we’re gonna claim
this as a business click here and continue next you’re gonna search for
your business name so you’ll notice here let’s just say I my business name is
Keller Williams in my case it’s Laurie Ballentine but let’s just say I’m gonna
look up Keller Williams here and I’m gonna go to 90 420 West Sahara now what
its gonna do is it’s gonna scan and it’s gonna pull up all of the options that
are here so what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna find your name on here
there’s one of my actual team members and I’m gonna go over here to claim and
then it’s gonna show me where this is on the map and what the information is if
that is your business you’re going to be able then to click continue and confirm
that that is your business once your business page is set up you’re going to
be able to accept record recommendations request recommendations get those kind
of reviews and then be visible to other neighborhoods which we’ll talk about
more in another neighbor in another video so that’s how you claim your
business page on next-door comm the social network [More at]

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