How to cloak your affiliate links for free

Hi everyone Attan here today i’m gonna show you how to
cloak your affiliate links i’m going to do it by installing a free plugin called pretty link lite now why do we wanna cloak our affiliate links in the first place? well if you’re an affiliate marketer
you put a lot of effort to get people to click your affiliate link what you do there is you hide your url there for you proctect your commissions it looks much prettier actually more trustworthy to have it under our domain and you can also track your clicks to see how many people go through your affiliate ink what’s even more is if you run a solo ad campaign for example you can see how many people go through your so you can track your clicks but instead of talking here i’m going to show you exactly how to it behind the computer so.. let’s get to it okay as you can see i have logged in
to my wordpress blog and first of all we’re going to
install itso we’re going to add a new plugin were looking for pretty link lite and there you have it…as you can see i
have already installed it.. if you don’t know how to install you can see my
other video-how to install wordpress plugins so after you have installed it you will se it will show up and appear here we’re going to add a new one as you can see here is a really ugly clickbank affiliate link i mean imagine yourself to a place this
link on your blog even i would have been suspicious
i wouldn’t click this link so we’re going to insert it here it’s a
target url let’s say we want to name it pretty we’re going to give it a title so you know what this link is you can actually make a group here if
you want to and we click to no follow this link i
don’t see any reason to have it indexed in Google so i’ll leave it as it is here no follow
this link adn track hits on this link and you create it. so now we take this link and i want to test it There you have it.. as you can see it goes to the
affiliates page so as you could see now next thing i’m gonna show you is i want for example to make a solo ad campaign and i wanna track it’s to my squeeze page so what you do is you copy this link
here go to pretty link again go to add new we insert the target url let’s call it let’s keep it short …soload one i’m going to give it this title we click on no follow and.. track hits and you create the link and this is the link that you’re going
to give uh… to your solo provider so just to test it clicking here and there is you can see comes my squeeze page just to show you how it can look here was a campaign i ran for hundred
clicks and i received hundred and five for example and this is uh… to show you how to
track here is the ip adresses and the
timestamp what is the url and the length of course so that’s pretty much it about pretty link lite So now as you know how to track and cloak your affiliate links thank you very much for watching don’t
forget to hit the like below.. and if you haven’t already subscribed to
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