How to Come Up with Good Video Ideas for YouTube

– So, coming up with YouTube video ideas is challenging enough, but even more so if you want to come up with
ideas that get lots of views. – In this video we’re
gonna be talking about three creative ways to make sure you never run out of
video ideas, coming up. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] This video
is brought to you by vidIQ, the number one Chrome extension for YouTubers looking for on point data analysis, research, resources, an enhanced video creator tools. Start getting more views in less today by signing up for free at: That’s: – Hey what’s up Sean here. – Benji here. – And this is Video Influencers, helping you build your influence, income and impact with online video. – And on this channel we have
weekly tips and trick videos, as well as interviews with some of the top influencers on this platform. So if you’re new to this
channel, consider subscribing. – So, you will hear a lot of advice about having a good title on your videos, having a great thumbnail, optimizing your videos and your tags. And all of that’s important, but honestly, you know what’s more important? The topic, the actual video idea itself. But it can be really challenging coming up with good video ideas. – Absolutely, you know, the number one mistake people make is assuming you know what people actually want to watch, what people are gonna search for. And that’s why we’re gonna
talk about these three tips, to help you do that right now. – So, tip number one is: And actually first things first, we have a really cool tool we want to share with you called
Keywords Everywhere. Just go to, it’s entirely free, and
then you can install it in either Google Chrome or Firefox, and then when you do it’ll make all of your webpages magic
for coming with video ideas. And the first place we’d recommend researching is actually Google itself. So, what you can do is type in your niche, let’s say you were doing
fitness videos of some kind, workout routines of something like that. You start typing those in Google, and do a search, and Keywords Everywhere will actually show you a whole bunch of keywords on the
right side of the page. They will show you the search volume. And what you’re seeing there are actual potential video ideas, and how many times their searched per month. Remember, YouTube is a search engine, and so if you find a title that has 300 searches a month, or
3000 searches a month, and your content ranks for that, that could lead to 300 views a month. 3000 searches a month. And so start by installing that tool, and finding video ideas right on Google. – There’s two things you can do within YouTube that I
would highly recommend, first off is, just typing it
into the YouTube search bar. When you type in a word or a phrase YouTube is gonna prompt
all these different tags, all these different words and phrases to suggest different things that you might be wanting to watch. And, why I like this is because it’s easy. The second place is trends. YouTube tends specifically, on this page, it tells you about what’s actually being watched on the platform to help you get more ideas to get more views on the videos you’ll be creating. Third place you can go to research different ideas for
videos is Google Trends. Why I like this is because it’s gonna not only tell you what
trends are gonna be popular, but also when to hit the trends. A great example is Halloween. A lot of channels they can
do recipes around Halloween, obviously Halloween costumes, party ideas. This is the thing, with Google Trends you’ll know when people
are actually interested. You would assume that
people are interested in Halloween in October, but Google Trends will actually show you that in the beginning of September
is when interest starts. And this is why you
wanna use Google Trends because if you can hit it at the beginning of the temple, at the
beginning of rise in interest, the better chances you’re videos will get maximum amount
of views for that topic. – The second tip for coming up with video ideas that actually get views is: It doesn’t matter how
big or small they are, we want to encourage you to ask your audience more questions. So, this could be using
things like just in a video. In a YouTube video you
say, “Hey, what kind of video ideas would you like
me to make in the future?” Here’s what you’re
learning, you’re not just getting video ideas, you’re getting video ideas that your
audience already cares about. So you know that at least
one person will be into it, but probably their speaking
for multiple people. And so, the more feedback you can get from your audience the better. – Absolutely, this is one of my favorite ways to get feedback from your audience, which is using polls, because number one, it’s super easy for people to be involved. It’s one thing to ask a
question and get answers, but a poll, yes and no, multiple choice. We’re finding that we
get tons of engagement especially on things like
YouTube polls, or Twitter polls. Definitely a great way. And this is the thing, it goes back to what I said at the
beginning of the video, which is don’t assume you
know what people wanna watch. Oftentimes we’re even mistaken about the videos that we should create when we read the poll results. – Absolutely, and so
practically, definitely use Twitter and you could
do polls like Benji said, but you could also do questions like, what is your biggest challenge right now? Or, how can I help you the most? Or, what is a video you’d like to see me do next? Or, you might say, I’m thinking about doing a Q&A video, do you
have any questions for me? All of these questions,
whether on Twitter, if you have the community tab on YouTube, we’ve done a lot of posts on Video Influencers or Think Media. Whether that’s polls or just questions. You could do it in your YouTube comments. And you could also do surveys. We’ve done Survey Monkey surveys
here on Video Influencer, which there’s a free
program and a paid program. And then Benji will
also use Google Surveys, which is also free. Pretty easy to make.
– Yup. People can submit information, and you can get a little feedback, and this will even maybe give you insights
into not just a video idea, but really what people are dealing with. The kind of language their
articulating their problem with, or their pain point, or their challenge. Maybe you even survey
some demographic data or some other things,
which will all help you get the information needed
to create better content. – The third way is: The reason this is so powerful is because if you don’t have an audience yet, sometimes looking to channels that are related to your type of content, or the type of content you wanna create, is a great way to find out what are other influencers doing that they know is working for their audience? A second thing you can
look is related channels. Now, you’re not gonna have this
if you’re just starting out, but it’s on the right side, it’s a banner at the lower part of your channel page, and that is a list that YouTube is saying are channels related to the type of content that you’re creating. And again, very powerful to
look at these related channels, look at what videos are working for them, cause potentially you could get some ideas from their videos
for your own channel. – Absolutely, and so,
check on your channel if you have that related channels area, and if you do, YouTube is telling you, those are channels that
are in your same cluster. Then the next step is to actually go over to the channel and look at which one of their videos are maybe doing better than normal,
and we have a tool that we love to use, we talk
about it all the time here, it’s called vidIQ, and if
you wanna sign up for that free you could just go to: But, vidIQ gives you a really
cool tab that says trending, so it’s an additional button
once you have it all installed. So, what we could do is, we
could go to Video Influencers, look at our related channels,
then what we could do is click through and go to their videos. But not just all of their
videos, some of their videos may have done
well, their subscribers saw them, and then they disappeared. But when you go to that trending tab, that reveals the videos
that have velocity. What’s velocity? Views per hour. And sometimes some of your competitors, other people in related niches, their videos might be
getting 10 views an hour, 30 views an hour, and
sometimes those videos could be six months old, even a year old. So the key is, you want to identify the related channels, identify the videos on their channels that have view velocity. And then what you wanna do is, create videos that are similar. Of course we’re not
saying, “Copy the video.” but join the conversation. So if somebody like our
friend Tim, or Darrel create something about
new YouTube features, we should create that too. And here’s the goal, when you do that for videos that are in your same cluster and related
channels, the likelihood of you showing up in their suggested videos is extremely high. And suggested videos are the number one traffic source on YouTube. So think about it like this, if someone in your niche is getting
30 views per hour, you create a solid video that’s about the same conversation, the same recipe, the same workout, whatever it is, you’re kind of like
hooking a grappling hook onto a freight train. And maybe that could lead to your video getting one to five video views an hour. That’s a big deal. You do that multiple times over, by creating strategic suggested
videos on related channels, and you can grow your channel fast. – And you guys, this is so important to understand the significance of, so, we’re not just saying try
to get onto suggested videos, like on the side, but literally, when people go to the YouTube
app, and they open it up, the first thing they’re seeing is videos curated by YouTube suggesting you should watch based on
what you watched before. If you understand this, and
kind of reverse engineer em, say the followers of a related
channel put out a video, and then their interested in a video, but then you have a video
that’s similar to it because the idea, the content is similar, or maybe the exact same,
but it’s in your own voice. It’s with your own perspective. There’s a good chance you could get suggested in that feed before people even get to their subscriptions. That is powerful because that is probably the number one thing that’s influencing people viewing videos on YouTube more than anything in 2018. – So those are just three tips for coming up with video
ideas that actually get views. Question of the day: What gets you inspired? Definitely post those in the comments section below, and
remember some of the best tips and feedback come from
you, the influencers community. So connect with everybody
in the comments section. – Thanks so much for watching, subscribe and hit the bell
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