How To Create a Sales Funnel For Affiliate Marketing 🔥

hey guys what’s up it’s Hasnain and in
this video we’re going to talk about it will make the first opt-in page your
bridge page and we’re gonna integrate all the gold stuff together okay the
thing you need to do is that you need to make a collection also count if you not
have a click funnels down you can get a 40 India trial the button is right below
this video I didn’t get one the next thing you want to do is that
hop over to this place you see click for notes and click on the build files
button once you click on it this pop-up box will open up here you can select the
type of the funnel that you want there Corbeau buildin processes now in the
cookbook builder process they have all the funnels and the type of funnels I
talked about the pre-med but since we have a unique one you want to go to the
classic Chanel builder yeah so click on the create new funnel and now what is
our main goal our main goal is to collect emails okay
we’re not selling our one product we’re not hosting over we’re not gonna create
collect emails and then we’re gonna engage with them and we’re gonna sell
them stuff okay choose let’s name it virtual name it should name it affiliate
Jedi da-da-da-da-da and then click on the ben’ll button then they will take us
to the next page so as you guys can see they already pre-made the stuff for us
oh wow I got a new bed actually this now what I made just for this beauty purpose
because I have my own separate didn’t model disclose my stuff so yeah I got
new beds it’s not long time since I’ve seen this the close window let’s get
back to what we’re working on with opt-in page how did we want Dock
paste we want up number two something like this okay so we’re gonna set the
template okay when you set the template look and hydrated as the way you want
okay very simple to do with clickfunnels since the page is made it is life okay
no need to do anything it’s life inchoate and edit the page
so guys remember one thing before I did this page you need to integrate great
response or whatever you email marketing sort failures with click funnels okay in
order to do that what you need to do is that you need to go to this part and
click on integrations let’s first do it because that is very very important and
then on the manage API integration page click on add new integration and then
they will bring a long list of stuff they’re having from there I’m going to
choose get response but you can choose I am one of the stuff you want to
integrate it’s all up to you okay click get response then let’s see what we can
do over here so in this new page add new integration didn’t need to give your
integration at the Union let’s see what get response only in the API key we can
find the API key hop over to your get response account and you guys see this
yes you can okay go to this menu click on integrations and then you will the
API section so I cannot open it because of all my API key list over there
because I just copied it and the next thing you need to do pop over to click
funnels so API can still you can see but it’s okay and air integration yeah as
you can see it is all connected now we’ll go back to the funnel that we were
making and now it’s time to build a square wave born we have the two stuff
anomaly that’s image and see what we can do with it let’s add this page because
here we are at the page and the co-author of click funnels that you can
edit every single bit of this page you can add just local let’s add the one
that we had so guys have all the files upload their
nade on the space definitely like admin logo and black book to the first menu to
add logo I’m going to get this one as well
let’s change dysfunction so obviously I had to change the background color you
can change it as well also if you want to change the background color I just
need what I already changed it you can simply go ahead go to sections manga
sections and then over here you can change it as well what you want all
right well I change it to white because there did what it says now this one I
believe this is the color combination I’m going to use by the time I actually
launch this thing so the color of this one so now I will change the color of
the text you just need to click on the text and then click on click on the
settings over here you can change the color other texts I’ll turn it to then
maybe under sound that red looks good that actually looks good though that’s
great that is absolutely create man this is absolutely brief discover discover
discover a lot of things man that’s never a lot of things you discover but
what game is using to design 32 new designs
god damn damn still yet to make the optin page of this one just looks crazy
I’m going to make something like this I’m going to make definitely something
like you will see but I’m I’m helping you with I’m also helping myself
yeah there’s going to be a lot of cool stuff I’m going to make okay so this is
going to be your opt-in page we’re going to offer you them something your ego is
going to come here didn’t offer them something in return of their email so
what you need to do is that you need go to settings integrations integration and
get response and then action add to campaign and on the list should be able
to select wojtek’s example okay the one who created earlier on because of once
we’re done with it we’re good to go and then you can read it this help places
these places if you want but I don’t think I need them so we’ll just delete
it okay I don’t need this one as well
delete it they’ll need this one as well just a little yeah we’ll go to over this
one and I don’t think we need up that crown but they’re having food removal
later on I believe that is it okay we have the name section of the email
address section and we hear the call to action yeah
submit the page and then they will automatically take it to the next phase
down the sequence okay so for now we’ll save it and now we’ll hop over to the
other page the Thank You page because the Thank You page is going to be a base
version that is very very important to look for and now it is a time to edit
the main page of a series which is a Thank You page or the bridge page
okay Thank You page mother final squeeze page that lets see what suits on the
stuff I am teaching you so basically we need a page which has a video and title
blow it and text below it so that we can do a copywriting as well I believe I
will go with this one that this one will go with this one I’ll go with this one
different go with this one yes what we’re gonna do we are going to
send them to the stage and we are going to this is going to be base page
actually yes so this will be able to list have filled you what title I hope a
stories all the text and all the bonuses then what we’re gonna do we’re simply
going to redirect them from the Buy Now button to the affiliate offer yeah so
cool also the pages here and we are obviously paying to edit it because we
don’t need this create button we don’t need it we’ll need this section as well
we’re just going to delete it give this section okay now right above this video
we want an element but do we want to want a headline so we’re not trying it
I’m going to put it above that no we don’t need this button as well oh okay so this is a really good headline
and then we need a spacer it should be having a divider yeah when you read when
you divide okay and this looks good and lost art so this is great
okay we have a hook then over here what you do is you just need to link your
video over here your sales video and they were good to go over there below it
I’m going to delete this part because we don’t need it again place our title okay
once you have the title just go ahead and add a paragraph below it now as this
headline is again go to one of the hopes and below it is going to be all the
content that you stay in the video but again that is going to be sequenced as
per what Wilson tarnish remover not a Clickbank we saw sales pages how they
were sequencing their stuff the stuff the content is going to exactly the same
but what you need to do is that you need to sequence it in order to make it look
like a coffee okay once you’re done with it the next thing we need you again need
a title and then again what you’ll put down there will be a stack of bonuses
with bonuses you can add images as well if you don’t want to add email you don’t
add images that’s right at the bonus one Terada
boris 2xy is a bonus three ABC list it read below it add a button I’ll
show you how you can add a button and have a better we will add a button over
here I believe and then a little treat set action go to the set URL and then
this place you’ll add in it affiliate URL there are so much to do hop onto
that website for this I’m going to use Cora and let’s see where we’ll go okay I
think I should set up the action yeah we’re done we’re done
by now okay and right below the red over the Buy Now button you need to have a
subtitle which says that once you have bought it just go ahead and Sanders the
receptor parties and we’ll send you the bonus okay so for now we made our print
page and we’ve made our sales page as well okay so business sales which I
don’t have all the content that you guys are planning to pretend I don’t have the
able to have told you and once again your hook goes over here then your sales
video and then again a title and then your store research whatever is saying
in the video and you’re done with it let’s structure it as per what works in
your niche okay once you’re done with it include a stack of text that you know
the bonus one this is this and this was – this is in this point three this is in
this and below it I write a subtitle it should be a bit bold and tell them that
how they can get the bonuses they were sent to intercept or the purchase they
were screen shorter strips of purchace on this specific email and they’ll get
the bonuses okay right below it link this button their affiliate you are any
good to go and once we’re done with it we’re done making we’re done with the
integration and in the next video we’re going to go and fill them to go at all
life I’m going to go and work it out alive and go put in the email we’re
gonna see that if it works or it doesn’t work okay for now that side and I’ll see
you in the next video

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