How To Create A Value Ladder For Affiliate Marketing

okay let’s see if I’m live on YouTube I
think so okay hey everyone on YouTube I know I haven’t been on for a while I’m
gonna livestream to to Facebook doing like both at the same time but this is
gonna be cool okay it says 3 to 1 and I hope people from YouTube come on here so
what’s up everybody on Facebook I’m live streaming to Facebook and YouTube
at the same time gonna check out my background I’ve been working on I hung
up my to comic Club thing and this word thing but I ran out of letters so I’ll
have to get some more letters so in this video I want to talk about how to create
a value ladder for affiliate marketing people are like Rachel you have so much
stuff you keep pumping up like all this stuff and it’s like very strategic it’s
called a value letter so I make sure I’m good here if you’re on YouTube
say hi I know like I said it’s been a while since I’ve live streamed and then
I could come in on Facebook say hi so I’m gonna share this screen right here
this um whiteboard thing cool so you guys should see like my face and the
whiteboard I’ll just put it like right here
okay so maybe you guys have seen something like this before
um where it’s like like a value letter so I’m not the best at drawing this
stuff but we’ll make do and let me know in the comments if you have a value
ladder and what is on your value letter so in this video I’m going to show you
what mine looks like and then you can model that I’m gonna
show you how you can model that or how you might want to do yours a little
differently okay that looks good enough so value letter it’s like your free
stuff that you offer is gonna be at the bottom and then your stuff you offer
that’s paid and more expensive goes up and for affiliate marketing you know you
can offer you things for affiliate marketing like free trials freebies or
maybe lower ticket offers that you’re promoting higher ticket offers that
you’re promoting so I want to show you what mine looks like
hey you Nev you need us live Dan free goes live Candace is live over on
YouTube nice to see ya okay so I’m not really not so I’m just
gonna like right here at the bottom I would say at the bottom of my value
letter it’s the UM the bid I’ll just write um affiliate business in a box
comm because it’s a free training I give but the thing is I still make money from
it because I still make money from it because I make commissions if people use
it properly um but you people can get it for free so
if you guys have your own duplicatable system viral system then that can be at
the bottom of your value ladder if you don’t have one yet you can go to
affiliate business and business in a box comm and copy mine and then you’ll have
your own and it’s a great way to collect leads next what’s next I have um a cheat
sheet a free cheat sheet you could even maybe switch this the free cheat sheet
is almost like a easier that that’s why I’d be at the bottom it’s I can’t like
move this though select yeah I can I’m gonna I’m gonna move it cheat sheet is
actually technically but I oftentimes just send people straight to
philia business in a box it’s they don’t for your value letter it doesn’t have to
go in this order someone could buy your most high-end
thing at the top before even buying anything else from you you don’t always
know hi Anna okay now what is next I have a mini course you guys can do a
mini course – a mini course it’s a free course but you still make money from it
because you put your affiliate links in there and people could like buy upgrades
also I want to show you guys where you can grab all these things let me just
open up the Facebook group really quick I think you guys can see my entire
screen people on YouTube and on Facebook should be able to see my whole screen in
my Facebook group influence or affiliate marketing I added these units because
really you could get all this stuff – in the mini course but the thing with
Facebook is people don’t always like to leave Facebook or and to remember login
information and passwords and stuff so it’s really cool here that you can have
units that’s you have all it loads cuz I’m like screaming so much let me add
another step to the ladder I would put right here I’m gonna put like YouTube
because that’s like no commitment at all you didn’t have to sign up to watch
YouTube and then Facebook / a Facebook group if you have a Facebook group so
this is like a basic thing that gives a value to people that they could start
with and then the next thing would be the cheat sheet that gives value
affiliate business in a box gives value mini-course gives value the next thing
that I offer which you guys could do something similar is email swipes that’s
one of the things I offer email swipes and that’s price point at 97 but you
could also do it like 447 would be good you could even do it for lower I have
another 97 to thing also the bid done for you so it’s
like when people get to affiliate business in a box they can also pay to
get it set up for them or get tech help and now you can charge different things
right now mine’s at 97 I want to get it raised to 197 actually I made it 97 and
then there’s an optional order bump for another 97 they get a call included with
it so it kind of ranges and you guys could do something similar to that
mine has its own order form but I’m also gonna add it as a one-time offer within
the affiliate business and a box like some other people are doing like Yaniv
and we’ll see how that goes okay here’s these units I wanted to show
you guys if you go in the group a lot of you’ve already seen this but I keep
adding to it every single day try not to add too much every day or else the group
would just have too much stuff in it isn’t that funny like too much content
but this is where you could access to that business in a box the mini course
the cheat sheet I might you know rearrange the order it might make more
sense to rearrange order and then I’m adding the more premium things here so
let’s keep going back to this value letter the next thing I have and you can
have something else in between for yours is well I would say you know what I
would put I’m gonna put in here um affiliate JT I’m gonna put JV courses JV
courses those are affiliate offers I promote that are higher ticket so there
are other people’s courses so I have an affiliate link for Spencer me comes
course which is $500 but then I get 50% affiliate commissions so it’s like
higher ticket you know you put like I would make between 250 to even 500
dollars so I have friends also and I promote their courses they have $1,000
programs and then 50% Commission 500 also throughout here – you have like
your affiliate offers but you could also send
people to free trainings first which would make it go kind of work down on
that bad letter um the next thing that I put in my value ladder and you guys this
took time to build it’s not like I woke up one day and I was like I’m gonna
build on a value ladder I’m gonna make a youtube channel and a Facebook group we
had a cheat sheet and it totally duplicatable freaking brilliant system
and a whole mini course and a bunch of email swipes and like all these programs
and get all these affiliate links like no it takes time I’ve been um committed
to this now gosh gosh man time flies it’s already been like seven months I
mean that’s good it’s good I’m getting old um but you know five months probably
going super hard at it I guess before I already did have a youtube and a I’ve
had Facebook groups but this you know just take it takes months to build it
doesn’t have to take that long to build those the thing like you can’t be fast
at things I give you guys a mini course template so if you go in the units here
and you go to free funnels you can get this membership site funnel and there
now you have a mini course it has some videos for me in it but you can start
switching it out with your own videos um the cheat sheet like I give you guys
affiliate links for all this stuff too you guys can be you can get an affiliate
link for this or an affiliate link for this so you wouldn’t need your own
program if you don’t want let me know if you’re interested in that actually I
need to put it in the units like sign up for Rachel’s affiliate program and
they’re all that after this livestream the next thing I have okay
this group coaching course group coaching slash course this price point
right now it’s 697 full Peng but its lifetime access and it’s an advanced
course I have a ton of funnels email swipes everything I have in a weekly
group coaching plus you get a one on one call I decided
just because I like to do whatever the hell I want I wanted to add a payment
option where it’s 97 a month times 12 and then you still get lifetime access so it’s just depends you know if you
want to say $500 then you get it in full or if I just feel like this is a good
low barrier to entry I felt good about it so now my program um daily
Commission’s you can get started for $97 actually crap I don’t
think I add into a payment plan to it at the time of this recording after the
call I’m gonna add that to UM and then you could have upsells an order but so
there’s like a $97 order it’s called an order bump that’s to get a coaching call
with me so you guys can do something similar if you wanted to do that or you
can also get an affiliate link for this and then here’s what is at the top of my
value ladder for now I’m gonna check on the comments okay if you guys have any
questions as I’ve been doing this um let me know hey Diana you Neve says there’s
no such thing as too much content and you rocket producing it in mass thank
you you know my secret is I also repurposed things like it looks like I’m
adding so much to these units but it’s like I already created all this stuff
anywhere just placing it placing it different spots and right now and right
now I’m in my larger news with YouTube and van same time I mean this is only 7
months yeah yep and then I feel like I don’t even work that like too hard I
need to work harder but I still at work a lot of you guys so I’ll admit it I’ll
admit that ok so up here this is something that I
recently added I already had offered one-on-one coaching and you guys can
offer that to one-on-one coaching and you might have like single sessions that
you offer as an upsell anywhere along your value ladder for like 97 or 197 but
I like to do packages so I just launched in
new package called unlock your influence and it’s 10 weeks of coaching one-on-one
with me and the price point is well it’s 9 1997
so 2k and the thing is it’s like that’s at the top of my value ladder for now
but you don’t want to stop there um it’s just kind of like where I’m at right now
but I want to get to the point where I mean really at the highest level people
would work with you one-on-one so really this price would raise and in between
here we would stick something in here this is where you would do and you could
do anything it’s like you have to do it like this but this is where you could do
um like an in-person mastermind is a good one and a good price you know I
don’t know whatever price just gets you it’s all really how you believe in
yourself but something like that could go there too and there’s so many things
you can do in so many different like order bumps or ot O’s you can add in
between here order box ot O’s recurring billing so some
affiliate offers you’re gonna get paid wants some every single week or every
single month or even every frickin single day it is amazing um you can get
I don’t know I just wanted to show you guys this I was thinking about this and
I wanted to like map it out to get you thinking because I see it so clearly
because it’s mine like you guys probably just see like a big ol jumble of a bunch
of crap like stuff that I have out when really I’m thinking of it like this like
my very entry points easy to enter and some people they don’t even enter from
here they might just enter straight from the affiliate business in a box well not
if they’re like on my website or something usually people are finding me
from Facebook or YouTube though and Facebook ads and I have a Facebook ad
that goes straight into the mini course um I don’t have any youtube as I don’t
have a Facebook ad that goes straight into the cheat sheet yet what’s cool too is like the cheat sheet
oh can I do these little arrow things actually would that mean to undo crap
redo how do you do redo maybe you can’t remember just remember whatever I think
so what I would do too is like this this cheat sheet up cells these email swipes
and this affiliate business in a box up cells this done for you and this
mini-course ties back to this and it ties back to this and it up sells these
and it up sells this and it up sells this is getting messy guys and even you
know the group coaching up sells the one on one because people who are in my
group coaching they’re gonna be like the best clients for one-on-one coaching oh
here that I want to add those notes back I put like a mastermind 497 and then I
sit over here throughout your final – you’ll have order bumps oto is one time
offers and then like maybe recurring billing awesome your commissions sure
things okay guys so if you know what if you are just getting started
I don’t know you don’t need to start with like a Facebook group what you need
is a lead magnet you need one of the you need I would say start with this which
is why I actually had it there I know it can get overwhelming I would say I’m
moving this again start with this this is more important affiliate business in
a box gives you the bases the bases that you need like this cheat sheet is
useless if you don’t do what’s in the affiliate business in a box so I would
do this first and then we get a highlighter that’s an
eraser oh well I guess I don’t so let me know if you guys have questions up after
this what I’m gonna do right now is add the affiliate sign up if you guys want
to be in affiliate cuz you could get it have linked to the cheat sheet a link to
the mini course a link to the group coaching not the one on one coaching
though you could get an affiliate link to the email swipes offer and I don’t
think this is 97 I think it’s 197 if anyone can be an affiliate through me
you get 25% Commission’s but then people who are in my group coaching slash
course daily Commission’s Club get 50% Commission’s so you can make your money
back very quickly okay guys uh-oh Diana had a question I was like to
this live do you suggest to offer all of this in different email sequences that’s
a good point um it depends on their like okay they paid stuff yes the one-on-one
coaching I need to some emails like there should be emails sent about it the
mastermind you would send emails about but this also might not be a an ongoing
evergreen thing this would maybe more be like a one-time or once a year or
whatever however you do it so it more be emailed broadcasts but this could be an
email sequence the group coaching of course I have an email sequence for that
JV courses is all my email sequences and you know what that’s what this email
survival kit is is I give you guys the email swipes to the courses that promote
these JV courses and I give you access to promote them and that’s also what is
related to the cheat sheet um the email says yeah I would also have emails about
that my mini course um that’s a really great point
it depends that’s where you want to get really advanced with your tagging if
someone’s already on the mini course list I don’t want to send them any
automation about sign up for the mini course because I already have
so you would get more advanced with your segmentation in your email autoresponder
if someone already has the cheat sheet I’m not going to send them emails about
the cheat sheet if they’re already and if they’re already in the bib – you
don’t want to send emails about the bib except the actual sequence that follows
after they signed up so I hope that answers your question and I’m gonna hang up so like I said I’m
gonna go into oh I’m gonna hang up in a second
just want to write a note for myself hum add F sign up two units I’m gonna get
that for you guys and then uhm add 97 payment plan to DCC oh you guys won’t
hear something pretty freaking crazy like I’m cussing at myself cuz I’m not
sure if this is even a good idea um everyone who’s in daily Commission’s
club get everything I have anyway included including the email swipes so
if you were thinking of getting the email stuff it’s like you might as well
just start DCC 497 and you get lifetime access but if you like stop paying it’s
not like a opt-out anytime but for some reason you your card stop paying or
whatever then and we can’t switch it out I gotta get you out of the group but you
could also like email support at daily Commission’s
and Vanessa can help take care of that for you okay I have like a lot of cool
things to do today but this was really cool I love doing these live streams so
let me know what questions you guys have and I’ll talk to you later let me figure
out how to hang up on all these lives thanks everyone for watching on youtube
do I hang up on OBS yeah


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