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how to create a sales funnel in three
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this video we’re gonna talk about how to create a sales funnel in three easy
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more so let’s get into the content now how to create a sales funnel in three
easy steps well first of all let me give you a quick overview of what a sales
funnel is it’s in this diagram you know it looks like a sales funnel it looks
like a funnel and at the very top of the funnel you have your potential prospects
and customers and you know potential target audience and then you have the
job of creating awareness or a creating brand recognition getting your content
in front of the right people and this is basically the the sales journey of a
customer they’re going through the process of learning more about your
solution in your product once they are aware of your product and then they’re
you know getting engaged and enticing and by the enticing offers that you’re
offering them as they go down through the buying journey maybe looking at
reviews and things like that they actually purchase the product and that
is what a sales funnel lists it’s just a simple process it’s a written out
process on paper that looks like a funnel you have a top all of your
prospects and customers and clients and then you have a they turn into a
pre-qualified lead and then in the end at the very bottom they’re actually
giving you money in exchange for your value right so that’s simply what our
sales funnel is now how do you create a sales funnel in simple very easy
simple to to understand three steps number one you got to know who your
customer is everything the ends and out of your customer you need to know who he
or she is what do they love what do they hate what are the things that they do
every day order the you know what are their routines what is their schedule
order their buying habits do they love coffee do they love CrossFit like where
are they hanging out online and offline what do they like to do what are the
things that they you know that really hold them back from getting them where
they want to go where what are the results that their they’re looking for
right you need to know what their pain points are their struggles what keeps
them up at night right what keeps them up and you know they need your solution
right so you need to know all of that you need to gather all of those
questions and and everything that you know about your target market your
customer your perfect client that needs to be all written down and and clear as
day from there you can go to step two step two is attracting your target
audience this is where you start turning those prospects into pre-qualified leads
turning your suspects into actual prospects and then turning them into a
qualified buyer right so just like a storefront you know as a brick and
mortar storefront they put their store specifically in front of a you know to
highly traffic uted area where their potential prospects are hanging out it’s
just like your homepage or your lead capture page whatever your your your
website you’re going to put that now and share that in front of where your
customer audience right you’re gonna do a Facebook and put it you know and only
show it to specific people that you want to see it or you’re going to do some
videos and you’re going to use keywords and SEO
or blogs and you’re going to create awareness brand recognition putting your
content in front of the right people so your website needs to look good right
just like a storefront needs to look polished it means that you know have the
right the right you know fixtures and products in the window so on your home’s
homepage or your offering your landing page you need to have the right offer
right you need to have OnPoint website either showing the product or showing
something of value that is going to hook them into giving you a form of payment
in online terms your their email address and once they offer their email address
they are now a pre-qualified lead they’re more likely going to be
interested in the actual product so maybe you’re offering something to get
their their feet wet right something of value a checklist a 50% off coupon a
webinar a you know ebook whatever the freebie offer is or low end offer is and
then you know keeping them engaged they’re keeping them either on that page
or clicking through and giving you you know their name or email address in form
of payment of your you know free offer or low-cost offer then you’re gonna go
to step 3 step 3 is where you engage your audience this is where you know
people start deciding they understand your brand now they decide based on you
know reviews they might look at your information and then go and research and
if the the first initial offer is too high they might hesitate so this is
where you really need to understand how to create your checkout page right you
need to understand that if the the first offer is too high you’re maybe offering
them something else an alternative that is either a payment plan or a
smaller offer this is where the checkout period is most critical because you want
to make it easy for them to make that buying decision but if your test that
then you’re going to want to do a lot of testing here as well on pricing if the
price is too high suggest something lower or suggest you
know a payment plan and you’re gonna have to test what actually works and
what you get higher conversion rate on that and then when someone actually does
become a customer and after they you make the sale you’re going to want to
make sure that you maintain a relationship with them and offer them
other things that they’ll most likely be interested in creating personalized
offers now that they purchased this product they might be interested in
something else so this is the same thing that goes on with you know other other
you know traditional this is the same thing that happens in traditional
business so a storefront or you know let’s let’s say McDonald’s you go to
McDonald’s you buy a hamburger they’re gonna offer you fries with that would
you like fries with that now would you like a supersize and then they go on and
on right and so it’s just that’s this that’s also a sales process that’s also
a sales funnel someone’s going through a you know they’re suggesting other offers
just like Amazon as well if you notice everyone buys something on Amazon you
buy one product then they suggest something else oh you know fifty
thousand other people bought these things as well as this product that
you’re buying now so maybe you might interest it be interested in bundling
that product so it’s very important step three to engage with your audience and
onion since you know on step one who their audience is and where they want
and what are their pain points then number two you’re going to attract your
audience with an offer and get them pre-qualified and then number three
engage them with your upsells or down fil’s and really get to know what is
converting at the end of the funnel turning them in
to an actual sale an actual customer and hopefully a lifetime customer because
once a buyer is a buyer as a buyer and then you’re offering them more and that
help them get to the result that they in the end want so hopefully you’ve learned
everything that you need to know on how to create a sales funnel in these three
easy steps I want to hear from you make sure to comment below if you have any
questions if you’re starting a new business let me know where you’re at in
your affiliate marketing journey and we’d love to see you inside the
community so make sure to click the link below this video join us
on the other side and we’ll see you on another video
much love and aloha

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