How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Website

♫ Cha Ching♫ how’s it going guys, Kenny here I’m actually sitting in the same spot that I started
my very first youtube video about five years ago I was promoting Swagbucks I
was trying to make money online and guess what today I’m still doing it five
years later alright what I want to tell you today alone can be the number one source for your income online
okay you can make a site that promotes only Amazon products Amazon has over 480
million products on their website You can choose any of those what you do is
you take a big chunk of products that are similar and if you can review all of
those products you all of a sudden get an authority you took products and you
reviewed them you gave your views to people that listened to them if people
listened to your reviews and they buy products from
you earned Commission teaches you all you need to
know about building an Amazon website and is my proof
that an Amazon website works I make Commission off of Nerf Guns off of so here I am Kenny with sitting in the
same spot five years later that I wanted to make money in back then I’m actually
making money now okay so I started then work my way up to what I got now and
Here I am so if you go to my website you gonna see on
the homepage How To Create An Amazon Affiliate Website on that post I go
through in detail what you need to do to create your own Amazon Affiliate Website
and at the bottom I give you my number one recommendation of what you should do
and how you can start for free because if you don’t want to build an Amazon
Affiliate Website you shouldn’t pay to start one okay start one for free and
find out if if you even want to do this because I’m gonna do this rest of my
life if you want to do it awesome then check out my website How To Create An Website ♫ Cha Ching ♫

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