How to Create Content for Affiliate Marketing in 2018

in this video I’m gonna show you how you
can create content for any offer you want to promote what’s going on YouTube
welcome to the ATM market in this video I’m going to show you how you can create
content for any offer you want to promote if you’re new to the channel
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great videos so I wanted to just to make a quick video to give you guys a good
run around Oh content marketing so before we talk about content marketing I
want you guys to understand two key components of marketing in general and
that is that people are only going to buy for two reasons that is either for
pain or pleasure so for pain if someone has a problem an
issue or a struggle they are usually willing to pay money to
resolve that problem for pleasure if someone’s looking to feel better they
think they’re gonna do better perform better they are willing to pay money for
pleasure as well now when you’re talking about content marketing what you want to
do is create value so content marketing is when you create either an article or
video or maybe a guide that’s gonna give people a solution to either the pain or
the pleasure they are seeking of course this article is gonna relate to the
offer you are promoting so you definitely want to make it valuable now
to give you an example let’s say you were promoting a sleep supplement some
pills that will help somebody follows me you want to create an article that’s
going to give people tips maybe on suggestions different things they could
do it or fall asleep at nighttime and stay asleep so for example you could do
the top three foods that will help you follow sleep or maybe the top three
songs that will help you fall asleep at nighttime
you want to make sure that this content is very valuable so when you’re ready to
present the offer you are promoting people give it a chance they want to
listen to what you have to say because you just gave them a whole bunch of
value with the article you wrote to help them fall asleep at nighttime
so if you present to them an offer like check out these supplements right here
that are going to help you fall asleep they’re going to be willing to give it a
chance and listen to what you have to say so how do you figure out what
content you should be creating for your offer it’s really simply by doing a
google search related to your offer you want to go ahead and Google search or
you know any search engine to figure out what are the problems people are having
related to your offers what are the solutions you could give them related to
your offers and to give you an example I decided just to use this um this offer
right here it’s called a blood pressure protocol I’m really not promoting it I
just decided to use it as an example guys to show you how you can start
creating content for almost any single offer you want to promote so this is our
blood pressure protocol it’s basically helping people that have high blood
pressure it says that it’s going to help them permanently relieve their blood
pressure in 17 days so you know it sounds like a good offer to promote and
I’m sure there’s a lot of content we could create around this so all you
really want to do is use Google or any search engine like I mentioned to figure
out what are all the possible content you could create for this offer right
here so it has to do with blood pressure we want to figure out people that are
having problems with a high blood pressure so we could go on google and
you know type in symptoms of high blood pressure they’re going right there once we right here at Google over here
actually gives us a whole bunch that we could I start looking at but all to make
it easy let’s just go ahead and pick on one of these sites right here so
symptoms of high blood pressure we have our severe headache fatigue vision
problems chest pain difficulty breathing irregular heartbeat so as you can see
here these are all real good ideas right here that we can make content around
this offer over here this high blood pressure offer so what you want to start
doing is making a list of all this so you can start making a list of all the
possible either solutions or other possible problems P
or having for the awkward you want to promote in this case we’re looking at
all the problems people are having so some people are having a severe
headaches some people are having fatigue confusion some people are having vision
problems so what you want to do is make a list of everything you find and so on
and for so forth guys you know maybe we could go back and check out a couple
other articles so this one’s telling us our blood spots and eyes dizziness
facial flushing all this stuff right here we could start using as content so
what we want to do is we could go ahead and create an article that has to do
with uh severe headache so we could go ahead and write an article you know to
help people relieve their headache when they’re having high blood pressure
things these things they could do steps they could take to relieve that headache
to start going down that blood pressure or vision problems if they’re having
vision problems we could give them tips give them solutions they could try when
they know they have high blood pressure and it’s causing vision problems and
that’s all you’re really doing with content marketing you want to find your
offer and start finding all the different solutions all the different
problems people may have that has to do with your offer that way you could start
creating content around this offer right here and like I said when you’re
creating content you are just creating either a video maybe an article or a
guide to give people value once they once you attract them with a value
that’s when you could present the offer to them and like I mentioned if the
value is good they are going to be willing to give your offer a chance and
like I said are you going to do is write an article like try these three steps
right here to help you relieve your headache like for this one right here
try these three steps to help you relieve your headache if you’re still
having high blood pressure give this offer right here a chance to
help reduce your blood pressure and alleviate your headache for good and
that’s all it really is guys so we can pick another offer to give you one more
example personal loans so personal loan would
also be a good example so let’s see who what who would need a personal loan
maybe that someone that has a big payment coming up maybe someone that has
car problems right now or someone that has a broken-down car someone that has
bad credit or maybe someone that’s looking to take a vacation so all you
want to do is create content around these options right here so for example
if someone that has a big payment coming up so maybe somebody that really doesn’t
know how to save money they have a big payment coming up you could write an
article on three tips to save money three to do these three tips and you can
start saving money right right away now if you need money right now
check out this loan right here it’s a personal loan today if you have a fair
credit good credit poor credit this loan will take you let’s see or someone that
has a broken-down car you know to fix your engine you want to check out this
you want to look at this but if you need the money to get your engine fixed by
your dealership right away check out this loan right here and you will get
the money you need to get your car fixed again a bad credit so if you have bad
credit right content or an article that gives somebody credit tips you to hurry
up your credit start making your payments on time start scheduling your
payments check all your credit reports see what you owe but if you need money
right away to go ahead and pay off what you need check out this offer right here
it’s a loan you could get right away with whether you got fair credit good
credit or poor credit and I can go on and on with content guys so someone
that’s looking to take a vacation you can write an article or make a video so
you’ve been working hard all year you’re ready to take a vacation
check out this spot check this spot out this bug that’s real good food but if
you need money to take a vacation right now try this flow now apply for this
loan if you have good credit fair credit or poor credit you will get accepted and
that’s really all it is with content marketing guys
all you want to do is choose an offer that you want to promote whatever offer
you are promoting and start building a list of all the solutions or all the
problems somebody may be having that has to relate with your offer write some
content on that offer see me write some content on the solution write content on
the problem let them know how they can fix it give them some very good value
and after is when you hit them with your opera if you create a good content like
I mentioned they are going to be willing to give your offer a chance at least
take a look at it read through it see exactly what it is and if you’re doing
it right you are collecting these this person’s email that way you could
promote your offer to them again and again through email if you guys have any
questions about it I know I made this video very quickly I didn’t have much
time guys I apologize but if you have any questions just leave a comment below
I’d be happy to answer any of your questions guys and just want to say
thank you for stopping by the ATM market and I’ll see you guys on the next video

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