hi everyone welcome to another video and
today I’m going to be showing you how to make ebay affiliate link so without
further ado let’s get started so as you can see I’m on my laptop right now I
have Windows 10 and before you start you have to turn on your Bookmarks you have to sign in on your ebay partner
Network and then after that you will see this screen and then you have to scroll
down until you find the create links while browsing ebay and then you’re
gonna drag this icon to your bars and after that just browsing anything that you wanna
promote I have these for example and then you
just have to click and voila like this is the link so you copy this link
and then shorten the link and this is the link there you have it guys so you can
put this on your blog or on your description box of your video so yeah
thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed video if you liked the
video please give it a like and subscribe if you haven’t already and I
will see you guys in my next video peace out


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