How to Create Lead Magnets from Blog Posts with Cool 3D Covers!

– Hey, YouTube. It’s a beautiful day
here in Columbus, Ohio. Cicadas don’t want me to
film this video, sounds like. But in this video, I’m
gonna show you how to create cool 3D book covers and
lead magnets for your blog or for just running paid traffic
to to grow your email list. I’m gonna show you that, it’s gonna be really quick, let’s go. Okay, here’s an example
of one I just made. It’s a short little guide called “Paid Ads for Affiliate Marketers”. What I did was I turned
it into a lead magnet from this blog post that I wrote. It was a popular blog post and I thought was some of my best content to target people who are like
me and do affiliate marketing. So I took this blog
post and I opened it up in a service called Designrr, Designrr. It is an awesome little service that helps you turn blog
posts or videos or anything into PDFs that you can
use as a lead magnet. But what I did was I put
it through the ringer and I was able to edit all this stuff. It took a little while, you know, it probably took me, I’d say
it took me about an hour. Soi I turned it into
this quick little guide. Everyone’s looking for lead magnets. So if you can take a
piece of their content and turn it into a PDF like this that they can distribute
to their potential readers, that’s awesome, that’s something
that people will pay for, that’s something that I would
pay for and I have paid for. I designed this cover in Canva. With Canva, you can make
these really cool covers and they have a ton of
examples already, right? So you could use these
and make your lead magnet have just a flat cover this this. And then what I do is I download that and I open up a service called Placeit. Placeit is my new favorite, favorite tool. I actually have a coupon for it below in this description
if you’re interested. What it does is it turns, I’m
gonna log in here real quick, it turns images into mock-ups. It puts them on a ton of different stuff. And one of the things it does is it puts them on brochures
and books, book covers. And I uploaded that picture and this is that one I
ended up finally using. You can also use these on ads. I’ve run this ad a little bit. All right y’all, so that is it. That is how I create those 3D book covers. The tools are gonna have a little bit more to them than I showed. That was a really quick overview, but I definitely recommend
that you check out Designrr, Placeit, Canva, those are great tools, highly recommend them, I’ve
got coupons for two of them down below in the description. Go ahead and leave a
comment if you like this or have other questions. Take it easy, be sure
to like and subscribe. (bell dings) (graphic whooshes)

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