How To Create Multiple Streams Of Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing

– How to generate multiple streams of income through affiliate marketing. And this video I’m gonna be
showing you exactly the steps, the big picture, the
strategies on what needs to happen so that you can do it as well. (upbeat music) Hey, this is Peng Joon here and
in this video I’m gonna walk you through my journey of what
I did to generate millions of dollars promoting other people’s stuff, including a brand new Porsche by literally just promoting something
that I did not even create. Now this is basically known
as affiliate marketing, which is the process of promoting
somebody else’s product. Now what many people don’t know is that the world’s largest marketplaces, all these different platforms, whether it is Amazon
for physical products, whether it is ClickBank
for digital products, whether it is in the space of travel, all these different platforms, they all have this thing
known as an affiliate program where they will pay you money every time you refer people to buy
stuff on their platform. So in today’s video, I’m gonna show you the exact
big picture of what needs to happen in order for you to
monetize and make it happen. And what if I told you this literally was a three-step process,
simple steps by the way, that you need to implement
in order to make this happen. Let’s begin with this first one. The first one is actually the thing that you need to promote. Whether it is product or a service. Let me just show you
the different examples. This could be a physical
product on Amazon, this could be a digital product
that is on a marketplace like ClickBank or if it’s
not a physical product, a digital product. If it’s a service that
you could be promoting, put it this way, whatever
market that you’re in, like literally go to Google
and type in your niche name with the keyword affiliate program. So let’s say you are a
influencer, you know, you’ve been talking about
lifestyle and travel and food. You literally go on to Google and you type in the words
travel affiliate program. Now, if you look at the
travel affiliate program, you’re gonna get all
these different results and you will see sites
like Agoda, TripAdvisor, they all
have an affiliate program where they will pay you a commission every time you refer people to their site. So what you do is you sign up
for their affiliate program, it’s usually free with
the end in mind thinking, which is basically this. Understand that good affiliate marketing is not about persuading
somebody from a no to a yes. Good affiliate marketing is about thinking who are the people that
already gonna say yes anyway, and how can I place this
link that is unique to you that these sites give you in front of them because they’re gonna buy anyway. So when you sign up for this account and they’ll give you this unique link, now this link, remember you can use this
link on any platform. So if you are currently
building a following, whether it’s on Facebook,
whether it’s Instagram, whether it’s you have an email list, whether it’s on your funnel, whether what’s in your
YouTube video description, you can place this link in any
of these different platforms. So step number one is about thinking what is the product or service, physical or digital that
you can be promoting, that your audience is going to say yes with minimal persuasion? So that’s number one, what is the thing that you wanna promote? That brings us to step number two. Okay, so number two is
after you have determined what it is that you wanna promote, that is when you need to set up this page over here, this page is known as an opt-in page or a squeeze page. Now what does this mean? I’m gonna include a link
in the description below an affiliate funnel or
an affiliate opt-in page that you could be using. But basically what it is, you wanna promote the
product or the service, but most importantly right
now you wanna capture their name and email address. It is because whatever it
is that you wanna promote, the last thing you wanna do is spending money driving traffic to this other person’s
product, program or service. Because if you’re doing that, you’re not building a business. Let me say that again. If you are not capturing
somebody’s name and email address, if you’re not building a list, you are not building a business. Write that down. If you’re not building a list, you’re not building a business. So in other words, you
are now building something that’s long-term that is sustainable because you’re capturing
their email address first and you can monetize
this further in future as you are giving them more value as you’re building a
relationship with them. This belongs to you forever. That’s when you’re
building a real business. So for example, when Russell Brunson had that contest promoting Expert Secrets where he had that entire
contest, how I won that contest, which was filled with big time players, how did I do that? I ran ads on Facebook but
most importantly I ran them to a page where I was
capturing their email address. How do you capture somebody’s
name and email address? How do you make an compelling offer? By giving them value. So this could be free
training, free template, free blueprint, free cheat
sheet that reviews XYZ. Give them something so
that they will gladly give you the name and email. Now the worst way to capture
somebody’s name and email is by saying, join my newsletter, right? That’s how markets used to
do it like 15 years ago, which is obviously sounds like spam, totally boring, so it’s gonna
advert really, really bad. The average way of doing it is by saying, enter your name and email to
get free access to this ebook. Now ebook will only get
you average results. Why is that the case? Think about it this way. Does the thought of reading
a 250-page ebook excite you? Chances are it sounds dreadful. Horrible, makes my stomach turn. People don’t wanna learn. Learning is a bad word in your line world. People wanna get, people wanna discover. How can you make it so that it sounds like they’re
gonna get something? Let’s make this practical now. So let’s say I go on Amazon and I decide that I
wanna sell green powder. A supplement. So number two, how do I
get somebody to opt in? Remember, the end result
is buying green powder, this supplement. So I need to give people
a compelling reason to give me their name and email address rather than saying ebook, what
if I could use these words? Template, checklist, cheat
sheet, swipe file, action plan. Imagine this, okay? Average results will be, enter your name and email for
everything you need to know on how to get six-pack abs. World-class, a much better way would be, enter your personal email to receive my personal grocery
shopping list that I use to get six-pack abs because abs is made in the kitchen and not at the gym. Enter your name and email
to receive this checklist. First of all, one thing happens, people now will be a lot more compelled to give me their name and email address because it feels like there’s nothing learned. It feels like I don’t have to
go to 350 pages of learning and reading in order to get the result. It feels like just by giving
you my name and email, I would receive value straight
away even if I decided not to read this checklist or
utilize it immediately. So now it’s just maybe a one page talking about seven different
superfoods and guess what? When they go to this next page, which is step three over here, this is when I could have a sales video or a sales letter or both and I could say, Hey, this is Peng Joon here and today I would like to share
with you one supplement that I’m personally
consuming every single day, that includes the seven superfoods that I just sent over to you. Are you somebody that
struggles with eating right, especially if you have a busy lifestyle? So one thing that I personally
use is superfood name that actually includes all
these seven different superfoods and greens and vegetables. All of the things that I hate
eating inside this supplement. And because I hate eating them, all I need to do is take a scoop every single day and I’m done. I mean all of my nutritional requirements, I build up my level of resistance and because of that I hardly fall sick and that’s how I actually lose weight. And now that’s true for you. So then I’ll continue saying, look, the brand that I personally
use is actually this, it has got all seven superfoods in it and if you are somebody
who would like to eat right even when you’re on the go, all you need to do is click on
the add to cart button below and you’ll be able to order
it directly from Amazon. You’ll be able to get it
directly from This is known as a bridge page. What happens then is
because I’ve got their name and email address, a person that comes to
this page right away, they might not buy instantly, but because I have this
email and this lead now this is when I can do follow-ups and this is when I can
continue sending them emails every other day talking about objections that they might have,
answering their considerations, considerations about what? Maybe about the price point, about the results, about the ingredients. On top of that, I would be able to also promote
other products in future. This could be a future course
on fitness or weight-loss. This could be other types of supplements, I could be promoting this person, new tropics, brain food, whatever it is. This person is a lead for life, as long as I continue giving them value, as long as I continue building
a relationship with them, as long as I do not offend them. Will everybody not be offended? No. There will be some dropouts as long as you’re treating them right. For me, my personal benchmark is that every single opt in that
I get, every single email, if you treat them right
at the very minimum, they should be worth at least
a dollar every single month. So if you’re gonna
generate $10,000 a month, build a list of 10,000 people. Real people, engaged. So that is basically step number three. Okay? So let me just quickly recap first. Step number one is, choose
a product, a service, something that is an easy
sell with minimal persuasion that your audience will love, that genuinely helps them. Number two is you build
up this opt-in page, which by the way, if you
want to create opt-in pages really, really easily look
in the description below, we’ll I recommend you
this software as well as this template called ClickFunnels, where I’m literally gonna give you an affiliate bridge page
in one click of a button. Just look out for that,
affiliate bridge page. Number three is basically
creating that bridge. On a sales letter or a sales video, recommending that product
together with a follow up. Now I know my handwriting
looks a little bit terrible, that’s probably, yeah. Anyway, so how do you fuel
and get more people in here? This is basically where
you create content. This one, you could be
running ads on Facebook and sending people in here. So if I’m selling green products, I’m now gonna create content or run ads to fuel this step in here. So this could be content on YouTube where my link that I get
from Amazon, ClickBank or any of these sites, and it could be in the link
of my YouTube description box. This could be Facebook ads,
this could be Instagram, Instagram ads, swipe-ups,
but whatever it is, I can now take my message and
put it across social media, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. This could be in future
when I have built a list, send emails out on other affiliate promos. But that is how you start
promoting other people’s products and get multiple streams
of income at the same time, building a real business from it. Because now you’re building
a list and as you’re building this list you’re monetizing
and as you’re monetizing, you’ll be able to use this budget and fuel and buy more ads
from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram further, and
use that money and again, promoting this thing and building a list and doing it over and over and over again. That is how you build a
sustainable, long-term, affiliate product strategy by actually giving value to others. Hey, let me know in the
YouTube comment box below on what product can you promote that will actually help people,
that adds value to them, that requires least amount of persuasion that they are gonna buy anyway. And as always, subscribe
for more videos like this by clicking on a subscribe button. This is Peng Joon here. I hope that you got value from this and I look forward to
seeing you in future videos.


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