How To Create The PERFECT Amazon Product Listing That SELLS! Easy Tutorial (NEW 2020)

creating a great listing can literally
make or break your Amazon product rights can determine whether you lose money or
you make money it’s what’s gonna decide if a customer sees your product clicks
on your product and purchases your product so creating a sales driven
listing mastering the art of that is crucial so if you want to know the best
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empire builder welcome back hopefully your empire is going strong so you’re
ready to create a listing your your epic step getting exciting and you’re
thinking okay now what do I need to do to make sure this stands out to make
sure this is going to really sell my product so the first thing you need to
do with your listing the two most important things that you know or they
need to focus on are your title and your images alright for the most part a lot
of the sales are gonna get are going to be just based off your title and the
image that you have like at least for me when I’m shopping I know that if I if I
have it there’s a title it ranks the product you know I see exactly what it
is it’s very clean clear and concise and the pictures are great the pictures are
son the product I can kind of scroll through the pictures and see okay this
is what I’m looking for you know it’s doing exactly what I’m
hoping it does and then that’s basically gonna be it and then maybe I’ll be
reviews right but for the listing that the the main carrier of sales is gonna
come from that title which is gonna be your ranking and then the images which
is gonna be most of your sales right then of course there’s you know the
bullet point in the description but that’s that’s secondary to the first two
things okay so always remember to have your most
important words in the title and that your pictures do a great job of you know
you know showing what your product does showing how it’s valuable to the
customer okay so now we’re gonna get kind of get into the computer and show
how we’re gonna build out a listing alright so what we’re gonna be doing for
this is we’re gonna be jumping into the viral launch listing builder so you
don’t need listening builder to create listing obviously but it’s what I like
to use because it makes everything very easy and this is really great for me to
build listening out and have you guys follow along if you don’t have it that’s
fine but if you want it the link description for about the listening
builder and comes with this suite of viral launched
with the keywords in the you know projects everything like that 20% off
link in description now so now we’re eating here we can start with a title
right so the cool thing listen bill all you do is enter your keyword that’s
gonna give you the the keywords that as if you were it’s entered in the keyword
research tool so whatever you use for example for this video is envelopes okay
so I were to entered in here to below peer into keyword research and you’ll
see it’s telling me that the key the main keyword is envelopes with an S and
then we’re gonna have all these other keywords that come up okay so and we’re
gonna go to listen builder now enter the same keyword so envelopes search and
here you’re going to see that the same keywords are coming up as they are here
right it’s the same engine so now the cool thing here is that you’ll have the
use total estimate search volume so this is a total search volume if you were to
have all these keywords in here so you’ll see just a very example if I put
envelopes here it’ll cross that out right and then that search volume is now
added to that so that’s how that works okay so when you’re doing your title you
want to make sure that you have the most important keywords there and there’s two
things you want to know there is keywords like just single word and then
there’s the phrases so you want to have as much the best keywords and the best
phrases in your title right but also try to incorporate them together so what I
mean by that is if you put on web so let me see your envelopes self seal alright
so that’s a that’s a phrase this here self sealing
self sealing envelopes and then we have business envelopes right so if we were
to go business envelopes self seal you have knocked off a bunch of phrases here
so you have business envelopes you have envelopes self seal and then you have
envelopes so you’ve actually hit a bunch of keywords and phrases with just these
four words right so Amazon is reading this as business envelopes Amazon is
reading this as envelope self seal and it’s reading envelopes and it’s reading
business envelope seal right so if that’s all this whole phrase was want a
thing here that’s actually being searched then that would be a phrase
you’ll find there as well okay so that we keep that in mind when
you’re creating your title try to put as many
keywords in there and phrase it in there as you can without you know overdoing it
so you don’t want to keyword stuff your towel you’ll see cut titles that are
ridiculous like it just like business envelopes self see a legal ten security
appeal letter size you know security adhesive like plain white and they’ll
just be like a crazy title that doesn’t really is not really you know meant for
someone to read and buy from us just you can tell it just meant for you get as
many keywords as you can in there and that’s not what you want to do like
something like this right or let’s see this would be an example or something
like this right it just gets so long that you can’t even read the whole title
because it’s just so long so you know one do I want to keep it very clear
concise make it look like it’s a proper title that doesn’t go over more but also
try to get as many you know keywords and phrases in there as you can
and another thing to note here is that viral launch has it as 200 characters
for your title but you want to check your category that you’re selling in to
see what is actually allowed limit of characters for your title because it’s
dependent on the category so make sure you check that first before you just you
know use up 200 200 characters in viral aunch and then you realize oh you can’t
actually do that for your particular listing so now we’ve kinda got the title
down before we get into features I want to go and talk about images because I
said that’s the next most important thing is your images right so with your
images as you should know you’re only allowed to have a white background with
images right so these guys are doing a great job
there’s nothing here like sometimes you’ll see you’ll hear like this this
little icon here 500 number 10 whatever that means you can’t do that or this
it’s not a white background it’s like a gray background it has like a badge here
right that’s against Allen cos so of course
you might be thinking well these guys are doing it right they’re doing final
cards 900 reviews and he has that yeah so many people are gonna go get away
with it but you know it’s up to you just your risk tolerance what do you want to
play with because there have I’ve had many of my list expressed because of
this it’s just something that it’s not worth it in the long run to risk your
you know your business by just doing something that’s against the rules
right there’s law these guys might be doing well with that but also guys who
are doing just fine like better these bestsellers that also are just a
white background so keep to the rules when it comes to the white background
again you can play within your own risk tolerance but that’s just what my advice
is going to be next thing is you want to use up as much white space
as you can so you have all the white space to use you want to maximize it so
here’s an example event like not great images so you can see here this one here
this oh this is amazonbasics even it’s just not using a ball of space it’s kind
of blurry photo it’s only using this you know this horizontal space here compared
to you know some like this where you it’s taking out more space or something
like this where it’s a clearer image of the envelope right it’s like these
aren’t very good images like and that simply goes to another point of what I
talked about with Analects people scared about competing against amazonbasics
when at the end of the day Allen basic doesn’t really give two craps right
they’re just selling it because they steam it oh this is probably a good
product to sell it’s got good numbers or whatever it is you can make us for
really cheap and they just slap it slap on you know crappy images like these are
my images I would not like this like it doesn’t look very good as in pop very
well it’s kind of blurry and it doesn’t take up as much space as possible so you
want to be taking as much space as possible with these the space that
you’re allotted because you know we’re not going the ones that take about the
most space are the ones that’s gonna pop so make sure you keep that in mind so
not try that first image down you want to think about what do you do for the
rest of the images where you have a bunch more images to fill out and also
make sure you use all the image spaces that you can right given the customer as
much space as you can or as much images as you can to really decide on this
product so we’re clicking into here’s from the best sellers and see what they
got there you go so this is would be a great image to show like for especially
for this kind of product how big is it exact measurements and then you know
depend on the product you can have like infographics so infographics are
pictures kind of like this but if something with more features you know
you’ll have like lines pointing here showing like this is where this goes
here you know this button is for this you got a special slot for this thing
over here and it kind of really breaks down the product with with text on it
and then you want to show lifestyle photos so the product in use people are
using your products and showing how it’s used and how you know show that emotion
that that the people have the using your product you know being happy and like
yeah this is the greatest product I’ve ever seen
but they don’t have that here but they here here something like with this the
product kind of in use right it’s you don’t it’s a it’s a pull-tab whatever
envelope not one that you’re gonna be licking it’s what do you call this quick
seal right remove strip and seal so those are do
images now it’s kind of hard with envelopes right I probably should have
picked a better example for that but I’ll see if I can find things else here
here’s another great kind of image from an alum basics showing it in real life
right showing the product in real life so it’s one thing to show the
measurements that the other products showed but another thing to show you
know the the measurements visually and like comparing it to another product
that you know an everyday item that someone’s gonna see okay this is
standing on up standard let you know letter paper paper this is how big down
below is and that’s just another example of you know kind of a lifestyle photo
alright so that kind of explains the photos for you just to sum it up you
want to make sure using all the white space that you have you know have just a
white background for the main image that’s the rule of Amazon as you get
into the other photos make sure you’re showing what the product does really you
know explaining it with the images make sure it’s visually appealing because
remember this is what people are gonna see in base their buying decision off of
if it’s a crappy image crappy images they’re gonna be like oh this is
probably a crappy company right because they can’t even you know make put nice
images for the listing why would I go with them over the next guy who has
really great images and then show you know the product and use the product in
real life a lifestyle photos people using your products showing you know
triggering that emotion of hey this is there’s a problem here this product is
solving that problem and this is how these people are feeling by using this
and having that problem solved for them with smiles on their faces right and
showing it in kind of the environment that it would be using okay so now let’s
get back to the actual lifting builder here so now we’re gonna talk about the
bullet points when the bullet points are the next most important thing with your
listing right so this is the first thing that comes up when you click on a
listing here now I want to mention something really quickly so if click on
listing you got the listing and then you got the bullet points right these are
really small bullet points here amazonbasics and this kind of like
always deemed the most important thing because this is the text that most we
are going to read now when you go on mobile or you go in the app for Amazon
the first thing that pops up is actually the description here goes Amazon didn’t
do a description right Project scription an Amazon brand from the manufacturer
and on the basic so that’s the first that’s gonna come up if you have the
mobile device and the thing is a lot people are doing their shopping on
Amazon from mobile right so you gotta keep that in mind when you’re in the
description is that that’s what they’re gonna see first so when you’re doing the
bullet points the first two are gonna be the most important right because again
people aren’t gonna be reading most of time are gonna be reading all all the
text at least you know that’s just how people shop
it’s very quick it’s very fast so you want to make sure that the first two if
you get them they read it it’s really something that’s going to sell them on
the products so sell with sales based coffee don’t just list out your features
right it says feature one but don’t just list out your feature so don’t just say
self-adhesive you I tell them why self-adhesive should matter to them
right don’t just say whatever 9 by 4 size
envelope explain why that benefit is you know something that it’s gonna matter to
them right what does that matter for me that’s always a question that but people
are asking when they’re buying something you know why should I care so you want
to be solving their problems right so if they’re you know I don’t really know
long envelope marketer envelope market but if it’s self seal maybe it’s like
you know never cut your tongue licking an envelope again or don’t worry about
non hygienic licking of envelopes or whatever with this self seal adhesive
peel thing right so you want to appeal to them and appeal to their emotions and
why is this person buying this in the first place why are they looking to buy
envelopes are they just you know are they just a secretary working at an
office that needs to replace or are they you know a business owner you’re
everything about that and understand your customer and a great way to do that
is to read reviews so if you’re go in here and you go into ratings interviews
people are talking about so this is a great thing to look at because this is
means it’s mentioned a lot so a lot of these reviews aren’t mentioning this you
know pick peel-and-stick sell CEO good quality mailing checks security tinted
so these are what people are talking about the other is the main thing that
people care about when they’re writing these reviews so I would you know click
on these look at these pay bills write hate licking there you go
right off the top hate licking I hate licking envelopes this is great no
licking you know I hate looking a hit licking the envelope this is great so
there you go right off right off there you have something that people are
talking about so what you can do now is not just do this one listing of course
you want to do go through then all the listings look through all your
competition and see what the common themes are and read these reviews right
like for example just peeling it’s like peel off this that you covered I don’t
let’s call it and steel emblem to looking no paper cuts on my tongue we’re
after that I just made that up but there you go something that people actually
complain about also it is secure can’t read the stuff inside so there you go
soak your camping stuff aside so if you’re writing this may be the first
bullet point is you know do you hate licking right no more licking envelopes
don’t worry paper cuts it’s super simple fast and
efficient and then the bullet point number two it could be security right
don’t worry about people reading your mail bla bla bla bla bla and really talk
about those book those that am the emotional level of why this person
should be buying your products okay so those are the first two features then
the next and of course you want to keep in mind get these keywords in there
right that’s gonna help rank your listing but don’t again just get
keywords in for the sake of getting keywords in that doesn’t make sense
so it shouldn’t be you know no more licking ten because legal and mailing so
make sure to buy my product because blank envelopes long right it shouldn’t
be super random just to get the keywords in there but keep that in mind when you
are rating them out if you can fit them in there fit them in there naturally and
also I want to mention you want to check again your listing to see what the
features are allowed I mean the what characters are allowed for your your
features your blood points but don’t make them too long so pretty sure most
of the listings are 500 characters allowed but you don’t want to go that
long right you want to keep it again people aren’t gonna be reading all this
so keep it quick concise and effective I’d say under you know 250 characters
and you should be good because again they’re not gonna be reading it all if
you put too much all of a sudden you’re gonna need to prompt it’s gonna have
like a read more so they’re not even gonna show all the bullet points it’s
gonna be like one two three and then click button to read more because you
you know you’ve maxed it out and another thing to mention is that only a thousand
characters are gonna index for your listing so if you have you know a
thousand and two hundred and features you know feature five you want to cut it
down to a thousand because otherwise that that ranking power is just is not
going anywhere so you want to make sure it’s under you know a thousand or within
a thousand characters for your bullet points okay so the next I’m we’re talk
about is the description so description is kind of like the least important when
it comes to the ranking but it’s still important to to you know put keywords in
there put the most important keywords in there and then you really give that
sales pitch because this is you have more space to write and again if you’re
on mobile the description is actually gonna come up before the bullet points
so I would re-emphasize feature one and two so whatever you wrote for future one
three to two I would redo that for the description
you know maybe reword it a little bit change it up but really push back on
those on those same pain points here in the description and that’s
really it you don’t worry too much about description I would you know if you want
to HTML for for that you can watch the video on the top corner over here where
I kind of did something on HTML and you can show you how to do that line break
bold you know bullet point form for the description so it looks nice it’s not
messy that’s really all have to say about that and then we are on to you
know the back end keywords back and search terms so you have all the
keywords in the front end like business I’m glows for you know cell seal and
then you have them here and the on the bullet points you have an inscription
and then you have them in the back end so this is you know this is kind of area
is what the customer sees in the back end is for your own you know internally
to rank your your listing now the thing about the back end is it’s a really good
opportunity to use words that you wouldn’t want to use on the front end so
it’s actually the most it’s the second most important thing when it comes to
ranking so it’s you know its title and then you got your back in keywords it’s
it’s it’s it’s really powerful for ranking so you want to make sure you’re
really taking time and not just dumping random words in there you want to think
about what’s the most important things what some more more stuff you want to
put there and then put them on your back end so a really cool thing about viral
launches you can actually close button move unused terms into the back end but
again I wouldn’t just move unused and be done I wouldn’t think about it so words
that you could use for the back end that you wouldn’t use on the front end would
be things like misspellings right so if we scroll I’m sure there would be some
kind of misspellings in here in mine I’m Eva Lopes right so if Emily like Eva
Lopes you wouldn’t put that in the front end because obviously you don’t want to
have until spelled mistakes but people are searching that right so that’s might
be something you want to think about putting in the back end and then there
is also other languages so people on Amazon might be searching in Spanish and
that might be coming up in your search terms and then you don’t want to
obviously put a Spanish word on the front end just to rank and obviously
that looks like yeah this guy’s just keyword stuffing or maybe this is a
Spanish company or whatever it may be or people watching like what the heck does
that say so you those are kind of things I want to put in the back things that
you know the best of keywords and then keywords that you can’t put into the
front that don’t make sense like misspellings
and other languages and once you figure all that out get that all done you have
created a great listing that is made to sell that’s going to convert buyers
people from clicking onto your listing seeing your listing and then eventually
ultimately purchasing your product so you
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