How To Cut A Mango + Easy Mango Smoothie Recipe

this is one of my favorite all-time
fruits eating it raw…lassis… which we’re going to show you how to make a mango
lassi just because look we make friends with neighbors relatives mama has even
mailed these to people there’s so many of these it can start walking back
pretty quickly so we’re gonna have to eat up before you cut your mango you
have to pick the mango to cut this one right here it’s not ready to cut unless
you like eating a green mango which you can camera girls mom makes a mango pie
similar to an apple pie but with green mango and that recipe will be over in
our website various links down below and you can check that out but we’re not
gonna eat this we’re not gonna sliced me because it’s not ready it’s too firm
it’s too green boom we’ll give it a few days to ripen up
hopefully this one right here looks a little better but it’s still too firm
you can tell by the color but more so you can tell by the firmness of the
mango that’s what you want to go by sometimes you can smell it mmm and it
smells more mango II and that’s a good sign too but mostly you want to go by
the touch this one right here boom we’re getting ready this one this one is in
the neighborhood of ready to be cut it’s got a little bit of a give to it be
happy slicing this one but we’re going to definitely cut this one because this
is ready in fact these are all room temperature except for this one is cold
because I just pulled it out of the fridge because I refrigerated it in
order to retard the ripening process because this is where I want I don’t
want it to get overly ripe so I need to cut this in the very near future boom
this one here little past its prime you know if you put it next to it we’re
almost indistinguishable you know this one here it’s a little too soft you know
so this probably should have sliced it yesterday or maybe the day before but
I’m definitely going to slice it today and maybe some of it I’ll throw away but
some of it I’ll be able to use but you don’t want to buy one of these in the
store like this here because it’s uh this is yesterday’s mango man now before
we cut this mango we have to acknowledge that there
is a very large seed in here it’s only about this thick maybe a quarter of an
inch wide but it takes up a lot of space inside your mango so you want to cut
away the flesh of the mango from this seed they’ll almost want to lay on their
fatter side so this here is where the large cheek of mango flesh is and the
seed runs this way straight through almost like a spearhead you want to go
ahead and cut straight along the edges and separate as much flesh from the seed
as you can and that white is the seed and this cheap I’ll cut away on the
other side boom boom boom and I’m cutting pretty close that way you can
see we really kind of butted right up against it so I had a little bit more on
this side right here but this is the big hunks of chunks of mango flesh that
you’re looking for boom but we don’t want to waste the flesh around our seed
either so we’re going to cut it and just follow along the seed like this here and
separate as much as we can and then do the other side as well and we can go
ahead and trim it up around the edges and get as much of this sweet flesh away
from the seat as we can because you don’t want to waste it that’s a good nod
boom boom boom yeah and this here you just kind of know I like a chicken bone
probably better to do whatever a sink mm-hmm Oh Lord the noises I like to cut
it into strips just like this and then just cut it away from the skin just
begin to cut cut it flat separate the flesh from the skin because you don’t
want to waste your mango you know so you want to cut it as close to the skin as
you can boom boom boom that’s how I want to do it now you can also do it this way
you know you can just cut it kind of crisscross do a little checker pattern
you know not all the way through the skin and then just kind of peel it away
like this here so that you can kind of tear your bits of mango off like that
but I don’t like to do it like this because I feel like you leave too much
of the mango on the skin and you can’t look cool eating your mango like that
you just can’t this just
says to the world you know what I’m not as smart as I could be
take your mango boom cut off the cheeks slice it from the skin that’s all you
gotta do and you can freeze it like this or you can go ahead and chop it up at
the little pieces however you want to do speaking of a mango lassi why don’t you make a mango lassi
got it babe we already have three of these in the fridge I’ll cut out ready
to go oh yeah and I think we have like seven of these there were frozen that
we’re gonna use for the lawsuit so weird all these mangoes come from look at this
do count them to dreams I’m telling you mama camera girl has a bumper crop I
want to be here I want to be here three ripe fruit come on
my favorite fruit is in season aren’t you just a little happier life is a
little better so I think yeah it’s um copied it into I had a little bit of
coffee as well but this this almost balances out the mosquitoes that can
carry you away and the fleas then the whatever else so make ourselves feel
better let’s go make a mango lassi the main three ingredients you need for a
lassi are sweet ripe mangoes I prefer to make a lovely with frozen mangoes you
can use fresh a yogurt that you like we’re using a very thick rich Greek
yogurt some people even use ice cream you know but something thick and creamy
and then you want something that if this ends up being too sick you can lighten
it up a little bit we’re gonna use a little almond milk now I will tell you
we are going to add a little bit of cardamom to me a little taste of
cardamon it’s the best from mango lassi mangos came from India Southeast Asia
they lack of the spice we like it the spice so we are gonna add a little bit
of diamond did they come from Italy oh okay camera boy anyway let’s let’s get
to it I’ve got a couple of cups of the frozen
mango but we’re just gonna do it in a blender we’re just gonna throw these
couple of things in here and you can even just start with these two but you
see what’s gonna happen is without any liquids
this isn’t gonna blend so I’m just gonna add a little bit of almond milk help it
come together every now and again I have added banana and coconut milk if you
want sort of a more tropical piece but really I want the mango taste all right
I was a little too stingy especially with the greek yogurt it was so thick so
let’s see if we can get this going that’s nice like something in that’s
what happens when you’re in someone else’s kitchen okay so that is just three ingredients
so we’re gonna taste it and go well with the mango sweet enough is the yogurt
creamy enough or is it gonna be too sour a taste what about that milk is it too
almondy let’s just see no this is really good
hmm now if you taste it and you say number one it’s not sweet enough you can
add whatever sweeteners you want honey it’s nice it’s a great combination with
mango also some people really like to put just a little bit of lemon zest just
to add that sing it does add a really clean taste to it again what’s great is
it’s this simple if you want to try a little bit try it not doing it today cuz
the mango is really sweet and great also let’s pretend you used a yogurt that
wasn’t as thick it’s what we use and you didn’t want to add any more mango if you
like bananas now I know this doesn’t look like a banana anymore but this has
been frozen for just this kind of purpose so it would add a little more
sweet if you don’t want to add honey it also adds if you add it frozen
especially it adds a little more heft to your consistency so there’s another
option it’s ugly but it can be great oh it’s like it’s like mango ice cream I
mean come on that’s pretty incredible one thing I would strongly suggest you
try it’s just a tiny bit of ground cardamom a little goes a very long way
so especially if you haven’t tried it before don’t put a lot like nutmeg if
you’ve ever used nutmeg and baking so there you go some mango lassi this is what summer is all about cheers
to all of you hope you’re enjoying wherever you are so next time I think we
need to make another batch


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