How to Day Trade in Stock Market for Beginners Ft. Ricky Gutierrez!

– In this video, I am
joined with Ricky Gutierrez and we’re gonna talk about how to trade stocks for beginners. (upbeat electronic music) – [Announcer] ODi productions. (car engine revving) – Hey, what’s up everybody? I’m joined here with a
very, very special guest. This is Ricky Gutierrez. Most of you should
probably know who this is, if you’ve seen any
videos related to stocks, I mean, this guy’s all over recently on YouTube, on Instagram, and it’s been a long time coming. We’ve been talking for some time now. I met you a few months ago? A couple months back?
– Yeah. – In Orange County and then
finally Ricky came to my home to visit me.
– Yep. – Hey, not a bad place. (laughs) – That’s what you said earlier. (laughs) Thank you, appreciate it and today, I just want
to get him on my channel because I know a lot of you ask me questions about investments and one way to invest is the stock market. – Definitely. – So, who better to learn from, from mister learn, plan, profit. (laughs) Ricky Gutierrez over here. – Boom, boom, boom. – Mr. Boom boom boom. – Yeah. – Alright, so Ricky, if you could just introduce yourself a little bit. Just like, maybe like, a little
bit about your background. What you do and, what you’re about. – Yeah, so my name is Ricky Gutierrez. I’m 24 years old. So, I almost said I’m 23 but now I’m 24 now and
I’m born and raised in, from California, right, so– – South Cal. (laughs) – Southern California boys over here. – Uh-huh. – But, yeah, now I live in Arizona. I’m mainly known for
investing in the stock market. Really just a lot of day trading. I have a huge focus now
in day trading ETF’s. It’s not something that
I’d recommend for everyone, but it’s worked really well for me. And ultimately, I’ve been
able to not only, like, invest in the stock market
and do well with that, but I’ve been able to really diversify. I bought my first house at age 20, and now I’m 24, I’ve had the blessing to own six properties
and invest in a multiple series of different life,
businesses, start ups, and now recently got
into, like, being a funder for, or a lender for hard money launch, so I pretty much now fund those specific types of projects. Just look into, I think
the really cool thing about this is like, one of
the reasons I’m over here is to learn from talented people, right. And someone like yourself
that’s very gifted in a specific niche, I
think that’s really the beautiful thing about, like, networking. It’s not only just always
trying to know the most about everything, but just
being really niched down and then always in your
closed group of people, being there with people
that have amazing talent in certain areas, that
you can always kinda refer back to, so that’s kinda where I’m at. Now I run the largest
YouTube channel for those who day trade in the stock market. We have a little bit
over 560,000 subscribers, a little bit over a 110,000
followers on Instagram, so woop woop.
– Yup. – And we have one of the most successful and largest trading
groups for those who trade on the stock market. – How many people are there? – So, we have over 208,000 members. – Wow. – but they’re our free Facebook
group TechBud Solutions. – That is insane. Talk about community. That’s awesome. – Yeah. – You built that from the ground up. I remember, like, because
I’ve been following you for a while online, like I subscribed to your YouTube, and I remember you
mentioning, like, Techbuds, and I joined the group, and just the number just kept
getting bigger and bigger and now you’re at 200,000 which is just. – And also the largest
private Facebook group for those who trade in the stock
market on Facebook, like. It’s just so crazy to
be able to see, like, I was watching different,
it’s how I learned everything from like, YouTube university, right? – Oh, okay, yeah. – And being able to see how
these other people were able to kind of like, really shape the way of how everyone really got started. But then after a while, I just,
not for teaching purposes, but really just wanted to kinda I made a video when I bought
my first house at age 20, it wasn’t anything special, I
was a true believer in having a stable income and use that
stable income in the seas of different other things
I was doing on the side to supplement my, like, savings
account which then I was able to leverage to put a
down payment on the house, and then when I bought that house, I bought my neighbor’s house and after that I bought two condos, and then after that I bought
the house that I live in now, now I’m funding up a house in Glendale, and it’s just been really,
this, like, amazing journey where nothing started
with the sole focus of, like I started making
videos because I wanted to become a YouTuber, but
I did it because, like, I always found it sort of interesting to hear people’s stories and I was just like, I
just thought it’d be cool to be able to share my story
with other people and hopefully one person would see value in
it, but now we’ve been able to pave the way for 208,000 amazing people and we’ve only
been growing from here, so. – That’s insane, congrats man. That’s awesome. Man, so, I wanna talk about
getting into stocks, okay, and a lot of people,
there’s a lot of beginners who are looking to start investing and as
people get more educated, thanks to YouTube channels like yours. – Yeah. – That basically spreads the
word and education on how to like, invest, and invest
in yourself, and be able to make income outside of
the traditional means of, like, a job and just
the traditional system. – Yeah. – So when it comes to, beginner getting into stocks, and I know a lot of our
philosophy, like my philosophy with affiliate marketing, like long term thinking and branding and just really focusing
on sustainability. – Yeah. – So what are some tips
that you have for anyone who’s trying to get into stock trading? – So I think that because the
stock market is so accessible, that people think that I offer like, with an LPP, alright,
which is Learn Plan Profit, on live trading sessions, so
every morning I trade live at this group and they think that, like, oh, Ricky’s trading with
a certain dollar amount. If I have that dollar amount,
and I can see him trade live I’m gonna copy his trade and I’m gonna do just as well as him. That’s not how it works, and that’s, if that’s the reason that
you’re gonna join our team don’t even bother enrolling
because we’re here to, just like with your team as well, you’re here to teach people
to become self sufficient investors, entrepreneurs,
affiliate marketers, right? Same thing when it comes down to trading, I’m not here to tell people what to do, I’m not here to hold their
hand, I’m not gonna make it any easier for you just
because you enroll. I’m gonna provide the
guidelines and the foundation in which you can build off
of, but it’s still gonna dedicate time and hard work,
which is not something that everyone’s gonna be willing to do. But one of the biggest things that I would first ask yourself, instead of asking how much
money do I need to get started to make a certain dollar amount,
because that’s always what people ask, there’s a huge
learning curve in this market, there’s a 90% failure
rate, like in this market. What is it that 90% of those
people are doing wrong, that only 10% of people do correctly? And it’s, they understand
what it is they have to do and it when it comes down
to buying and selling cars, a perfect example, it’s like, when you buy and sell a car,
how can you make sense that you’re buying a car for a
good deal, in which then you can later sell it for a profit. People sometimes don’t
believe that you can do it but with all my cars I’ve had, I’ve had a McLaren MP4-12C, I had it for three to four months and I bought it for a 105,000, sold it for a 115, or 120,000, I’ve had multiple GTR’s, I’m on my fourth one right now, I haven’t lost one penny off– – Yeah. – Ownership on any of them. And it’s just this, like,
it’s not this secret of the system or anything like that, it’s just, like, understanding
what something is worth, dedicating time to be able
to determine that value in your area, and then
all it comes down to is you shooting your shot
and you shooting your offers until someone accepts it. If they’re a distressed seller or they really don’t care
enough about the car, that they’re just willing to get rid of it at a much lower price point
and because you’re able to negotiate and, make
those tiers of offers you then came across
this deal that you were able to take advantage of, enjoy the car, either break even or make
a profit and then so be it. Stocks are no different. It’s like, they’re so intangible
that people think that, like, I’m just gonna buy it
and hope that it goes up. It’s like, if it was that simple, 90% of people would not fail. So I think that the same way
that we do things with cars, where, with like affiliate marketing, you have a very specific, like, niche within affiliate marketing that, you don’t say that you,
like we were talking about, you don’t like to just
focus on SEO and ads, but you like to do a
mixture of both, right? – Yeah. – That’s your specific way
of doing it, and method, but there’s so many
different life variants of how to do it, same thing
when it comes down to trading. There’s, different niches
within the stock market, of OTC stocks, penny
stocks, momentum stocks, swing trading, ETF’s, there’s all these different areas, right, you’re having to focus
on the technology sector, having to focus on
pharmaceutical, cannabis and then each one of
those specific niches have different factors that drive the price up and drag the price down and
it’s very overwhelming, right, to take all that information,
to understand how big and diverse the stock market is, and try to understand all
these different factors in different catalysts,
and then as a beginner, to feel like, okay well today
I’m gonna trade cannabis, and stuff like that. It’s like, why not just, yeah, as time goes on, test out these
series of different niches. See which niche within the market you resonate the best with, what makes the most sense to you and which one you have the
highest success rate in. I have a huge focus on ETF’s. I do it extremely well. Right? Does that mean that every
single trader’s going to just as well as me with ETF’s? No. We have people that are
wired in different ways, that can do extremely
well with momentum stocks, OTC stocks, and that’s
why I think that our, group has done so well,
because we’re not closed minded and saying that, hey,
you enroll in my group, you’re gonna be successful and I teach you exactly what you need to
know to be successful. Because I understand it
like, if you don’t find my information on YouTube
informative, or helpful or useful, you’re probably
not going to find my course informative or useful or
helpful because it’s still me. Right? So I’m making it super clear that, like, look, it’s gonna take
time for you to understand and find your niche within the market, but what’s most important
is that you see value in it, that you understand that
you can make a profit, you can make money in this market and that you dedicate time to
simply, like, let that like, the only way you can be
successful in any market I think is due to experience. And how do you gain experience? Due to effort and practice, and how do you gain practice? Well, you have to dedicate
time to that market. So those that are trying to make $10,000 a month in the next six
months, I’m sorry but probably the stock market isn’t for
you because it’s going to take time for you to build up confidence. It’s gonna take time for
you to build up experience, it’s gonna take time for
you to build up capital and then after all that,
there’s the emotions side when it comes down to trading, which is a whole other kind
of like, learning curve in which you’re going
to have to formulate. Again, if these creative
markets that we excel in were so simple, then
everyone would be successful. It doesn’t mean that it’s
impossible, it just means that it dedicates and takes hard work, that consistency aspect and
for you to be self driven because no one’s gonna hold your hand for you to be successful. So that would be my thing of like, understanding that there’s
so many different components and different factors and
areas within the market and once you understand that
and once you find your niche keeping it simple enough, that like, you understand that you’re
getting something for a good deal and how do you determine that based on patterns. I have a huge focus on technical analysis, and it’s just like a lot of information and even just in this video– – Yeah. – To take in, that I would say, my number one piece of advice is, I think the most beautiful
part about trading in the stock bracket right now, are the concepts that you can learn, and how accessible it is. And you can start trading
for free, right now. You guys can search it up,
you guys can Google it, it’s TD Ameritrade, they
offer a paper trading or similar trading platform. They’re not only the, they’re
not just the only platform that offers that, there’s
so many ones out there that’s just the one that,
like, we’re aware of, and I used TD Ameritrade,
when it comes down to like, my real accounts, so
whenever it is that you prove to yourself that you can do well with simulation trading, you can make the fluid
transition to real money. Right? But it’s until you prove it to yourself that you can grow your account, and you build that confidence
and that experience, that then you make that
transition to like wow, I actually understand what I’m doing. Now let me utilize my funds
and make this actually happen, not just like, oh shoot, I have $10,000, now I’m gonna take a swing at it. – Okay, awesome points. I agree with, like, a lot
of what you said about stock trading you can apply
to affiliate marketing, like when you said that when people want to make like $10,000 in six months with, like,
no previous experience or background, it’s
probably not gonna happen. – Realistically, yeah, it’s just– – Realistically. – Yeah. – It’s possible, but it’s not realistic. – Yeah, and I think
that it’s very hard for a lot of people that are
always searching for, like, the quicker easy way out,
but then to understand that, I don’t want to say that
these markets are easy, but I feel like the way that
you do become successful in a lot of these creative markets, are with very simple things that the average person doesn’t do. It’s accountability,
discipline, structure, and holding themselves,
well, just accountable for what it is that they’re doing, and unfortunately, someone
that has no, either, business background or overall experience, that’s gonna be very hard for you to even understand that or the
importance of that, so I think, I’ve said that multiple
times, I’m a big believer, a strong believer in, there’s
the small things in life that can lead to big results. But unfortunately, people
don’t give it time for that to kinda nurture itself,
to grow to what it can be. – Yeah, all right. So for the people who do
have the right mindset, coming into this, and they do want to start
investing in themselves, investing in stocks, to maybe grow or maintain their wealth. – Yeah. – How much money do you
need to be successful with stock trading and
how much money do you need just to start? – I would say that, like, if
I was someone that was just getting started right now,
and practicing and everything, like you’re gonna learn it, right, like what it is you’re doing, I can’t come up with a figure, like what do you determine, like, the right amount cycle for
some person who would be, like, $100 a day, making that would be just fine, but for someone else, they might need $500 a day, right? So it depends also on your approach, if you’re just doing this
for like, passive income, or just long term growth, swing trading, which means
that you hold the position more than just one day, and
invest it in something like right now, C-O-K-E, which is
Coke, had aggressive sell off, offers at 6% margin, has
a very consistent option, it’s a multi-billion dollar,
kinda like, high corporation and it shows a very potential
sign for a recovery. That’s something that,
like, isn’t super aggressive in return or anything like that, but maybe after a month it can grow, or two months, grow 6%, which can be great, if you can make an extra $600 or $1,000 every two or three months, maybe it’s really just for you to prove it to yourself that you can
make money in the market. Ultimately, that takes
time for you to determine what your edge is on the market. So I would say start simulation trading, if trading with fake money
isn’t real enough for you, find this middle ground
of trading with enough that you feel like you
have some skin in the game, but to also not be trading with so much that you end up feeling like
there’s so much emotions tied to like, where you’re
really just trying to make money. Something that we talked about earlier, that if you’re learning how to trade, make sure that your
account value resembles someone that is learning, right. That you’re not trading to make money, that you’re trading to learn. So if you’re trying to trade at $10,000, and you’re trying to make a profit, and you’re super focused
on maximizing every trade, you’re going to make mistakes, you’re going to discourage yourself, and ultimately, one of the
things I’m doing now is I’m now trading with $100,000, right. But the only way that
I got here is because I built experience, right,
I built my confidence and I built my capital. I would have never got to
where it is that I am today if I aggressively day traded, right, and tried to maximize every position and traded with everything in my bank account to try to
make the most money, not have a, again, the success
rate is not in my favor, I lose all that money
and I get discouraged, and then I never want to trade again. So I’ll never get the
five or six or 10 years down the road, where I
could have traded with $100,000 dollars, right? But the only way that
I’m gonna get there is if my vision aligns with my goal. So if I want to do this 10
or 20 years down the road, I need to understand
that my best practices and my habits that I’m implementing today align with just that. So if you’re, again, someone
that’s just getting started and you’re learning how to trade, you’re not trading then to make money, you’re trading to learn, so make sure that when it
comes down to your entries, your exits, locked in
profits, your cut and losses, everything is revolved around
the idea of learning to trade. Not to make money. So if you make $100, great, but who cares? Because $100 isn’t really gonna be a big factor when you trade with $100,000 that 1% correlates to $1,000. We were talking about
it earlier, that even during pre-market hours, they can be up one or $2,000, and again, it’s so mind boggling
that if people would just have such a open mindset for what can, actually happen if they give it time, is we have just have
too many people that are so focused on like, well
I want to make it now. – Yup. – And it’s the now generation, so, yeah, I think patience is definitely a virtue especially in the stock market. – Awesome. Okay, I agree with
affiliate marketing I’m in, it’s pretty much the
same sort of fundamentals and like mental, like sort of foundation, like, you gotta be in
this for the long term. Like, if you’re looking to get rich quick then I mean that’s an easy
way to basically fail. – Exactly. It’s just, I think, another perfect example could also be
like very successful people are people who come from
very wealthy families, why do their offspring or their, kids, end up doing, usually,
a little bit better? Because they have such a relaxed approach when they’re creating businesses, because they’re not so, like, rushed to make the businesses work out, right? – Yeah. – And it’s that patience, it’s that time, and that whole aspect,
that laid back approach that they’re really
just learning they have the luxury of that, yes, not all of us have that luxury. But it just means we
have to give it time and be a little bit more patient. What that meant for me is, I was a full-time student, I was going to ASU, I
was a full-time worker, so I had my normal job that allowed me to qualify for my house,
and on top of that I was doing all the
different things on the side, in which would allow
me to build up capital to then qualify for a house, and build up these series of skill sets
that when I had enough capital that I was able to trade
on the stock market, and make more money there. So again, I was working twice, three times as hard as the average person, because no, I didn’t have the luxury of my dad had a multi-billion dollar company, and I was able to, take that from him. My dad was someone that laid down tile and he would always remind me that if I didn’t want to do that
for the rest of my life, I needed to make sure that I worked hard in whatever it is I did. For him that meant going college, I ended up being a little
different and dropping out, but altogether, things played
out the way that they did. But it’s because of hard
work, time and understanding the long term vision. – Yeah, I mean, it sounds like you hustled during the college years, and even today. – Yeah. – And like, I think people,
they see your YouTube and they see the McLaren,
they see the cars, they see the houses and they’re just like, oh wow, Ricky just like, got lucky. – And it’s also because
we’re so young, that– – Yeah, there’s that too. – Ah, well they make
YouTube videos, whatever, their case in, people will come up, and then you’ll see, and
even this comments section, those that come, and, like,
we talked about it earlier, those that are doing better will never subjugate others that are doing less than they are. It’s those that criticize
other people, that are either just jealous, that’s very common, but also just regretful
in what they’ve done and that they weren’t able to do it, like if what I’m doing is so easy, then frickin’ do it, right. But guess what, you don’t. You just spend time, wasting
time and all that stuff, it’s like, those are the
people that you want to avoid, the people that you want
in your inner circle are the people like these guys that we’re surrounding ourselves with today. They’re here to not just have fun, and have a good time, but when
it comes down to doing work, that, we do it to the best of our ability, not that we’re the best
but that we do it to the best of our ability, we’ll
do that every single time that, we get put up to the plate. – Yes sir, agreed. Alright Ricky, thank you so
much for your time today. If people want to learn more
about you and your brands and your company, where
can they find that? – I would say I think a great resource, would just be, first,
our free Facebook group. We have a little bit over 280,000 members, I think that would be, it’s called Techbud Solutions. That would be the best way, and then the YouTube channel, to stay
connected with me on that, and then Instagram. After that, whatever it
is, if you guys watch a couple of my videos and
you find that effective, then maybe you can look
into that a lot PPT, but if you have not dedicated
time to watch my content and see what I’m all
about, it would just be a bad investment decision on
your part to just be like I’m gonna roll right now. So take time, learn about what
it is that we’re all about, if you like it and you resonate
well with the material, I’d love to work with you closer. – Okay, I put links to
all of Ricky’s websites and everything, down in
the description below, if you enjoyed this
video, make sure to hit the like button and to comment below. Let me know if you want to
see Ricky back on the channel for some more stock trading content. – No, no more, no more. – (laughs) Alright, I appreciate it Ricky. Hope you guys have a good one, we’ll catch you next time.


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