How to declutter when you’re feeling overwhelmed!!!

Hello and welcome back to Call Clutter
Fairywhere I help you get clutter free so that you can live stress-free! This
week I want to talk to you about one of the most common things I come up against
when I’m meeting new clients and that’s the feeling of being overwhelmed by your
clutter! I’d like to ask you a couple of questions… are you avoiding an area in
your home because every time you walk into it it’s completely overwhelming or
have you gone looking for something and you can’t find it?
Worst yet, have you bought something that you know you have but since you can’t
locate it you need it you spend money on that item again?? If you answered yes to
any of these then this week’s video is just for you! So let’s go… The very first
thing that I want to say is it is so normal and ok to feel overwhelmed. These
marketers spend billions of dollars to encourage and entice you to buy these
things that you think you need! And once you get them home you don’t always have
a home for it so it just gets set in the first open place that you have. It’s okay
to feel overwhelmed it’s so normal and I want you to know that. The second thing I
want to say is if you’re ready to tackle an area – set the timer! I am a broken
record with this but it’s so much easier to tackle something if you’ve already
committed to a set amount of time. It gives your brain that knowledge that I
only have to do this for X amount of time and then I’m done! So set that timer
for 15, 30 minutes and tackle it! Once you’ve set that timer start small.
I always start organizing by picking categories… so when you walk into that
area that’s really making you feel overwhelmed pick one small category.
whether it’s junk mail, empty boxes, old electronics, photographs, etc., keep going through that area and just look for that one thing. It
helps you to stay focused and once that whole category that you have found is
isolated it’s so much easier to make decisions on what to keep and what to
get rid of! So as you’re going through this area and you’ve started breaking
down your categories one of the things I know you’re going to come up against are
gifts and what I want to say about gifts that you get is how many gifts do you
remember giving to people? do you remember every single thing you’ve ever
bought for someone? my guess is your answer is, no! And what that leads me to
is ‘it’s okay for you to get rid of things that have been given to you’!
oftentimes this the person that’s giving you items really just wants that gesture
they want you to know that they thought of you on this special occasion that
they care about you and in doing so they might have given you something that the
thought was wonderful but the item wasn’t an exact hit so acknowledge the
gesture and give that item to someone who might find better value in it it’s
okay to give away gifts that you’ve received that you don’t love this is a
hard one but I want you to think about that feeling of being overwhelmed right
now as you’re looking at things that you’re keeping for the future generation
if you’re holding on to your grandmother’s China and you feel
overwhelmed with it but you don’t want to part with it just in case your niece
or your grandchild might want it ask them a quick question right now and if
they’re already in their teens and they’re not showing any interest in it
let it go it’s pretty easy to replace patterns these days but if you are
planning on giving boxes and boxes of your great aunt or great-grandmother’s
items really all you’re doing is passing on the stress and feeling of
overwhelming to the next generation keep that in mind as parents if you’re
keeping all of this paperwork for your kids and you’re already thinking good
gosh what am I gonna do with all of this that’s the feeling that you’re passing
on to your kids pick a few of your favorites take digital copies and that
way it’s not such an overwhelming amount for your future generations to get they
could still look back at the digital copy and go wow that was really cool and
if it’s a really unique diorama that they made and you have the room for it
go ahead and save it but it’s okay to not keep every item this is my greatest
tip and it’s probably the hardest one for most of you to do but if you’ve got
an overwhelming garage storage room office commit to not shopping for any
new things until that room is done and here’s why if you’re already struggling
with where to put the items that you have and you’re adding on new items and
buying new things you’re just further complicating and overwhelming your
stealth so what I recommend is once you have that area completely organized and
you have a home for everything then you can go ahead resume shopping
but I suggest going in with the ruler amount of items that you bring in that
are new that equal amount or more needs to go out so if you buy three new items
of clothing then before you put it in your closet three items need to go away
this keeps a balance and prevents you from ever getting overwhelmed and over
cluttered again so as you’re going through your items you might be coming
across things going oh I might need this someday or gosh what if I what if I
regret getting rid of this later here’s my answer to that if it’s an item that’s
easily replaced don’t worry about it get rid of it if you do decide oh man I
could have used those scrapbook supplies it’s so easy to replace those things now
let it go don’t take up that space if it’s something that’s harder to
obtain again and you’re really not sure I suggest making a time capsule get a
bin put that item in with a sticky note on it or pin a piece of paper to it with
a date if it’s a seasonal item give yourself a year if it’s just a
miscellaneous item set a date within you know six months to two years at the most
and when that date comes up if you haven’t used that item it’s further
proof to go ahead and get rid of it my last tip for you guys is be realistic I
know it’s so easy to watch these shows on TV and to go online and see all of
these wonderful organizing groups and Pinterest is a wealth of amazing
pictures you know I’ve got my office back here and it looks wonderful but if
I were to show you the rest of my area in this garage you would see what real
living is and I’ll show you a picture look at that so give yourself a break we
live in our homes we have active lives and we have other people in our families
that contribute to our daily habit so cut yourself a break not everything can
be picture-perfect all of the time but work on setting up realistic systems for
you and your family and tweak them as often as you can so that you can make it
work for you you guys that’s all I have for this week’s video
I sincerely hope that some of these tips helped you to face some areas that might
be overwhelming you if it did please comment below on which tip you liked the
most also don’t forget to click that subscribe button I do put new videos up
every week and I’d love to see you on each and every one until then see you
next week you


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