How to Define Specification of eCommerce Product with MoreCustomersApp

Hello friends ,welcome to the youtube channel of MoreCustomersApp in the previous video we have seen how you can add product to your online store from desktop admin pan-ale Now , in today’s video i will explain you Some more feature to manage the product saction So,let’s go are MoreCustomers Application This Application i have already login so ,here directly you can see my dashboard. i will go in product section and from here if i am selecting my product red saree so this are the basic details of the product
i found for to add More So this are some four to five features here you can see first one is variant management then specification management, inventory management courier charges and seo tags So, today i will discuss specification management Specification management is something like if you want specify something about your product particularly if i see if i want to specify something more the saree so what i specify is about the fabric of the saree , what is the work in the saree what is the length of the saree and if any thing which i need to high-lite about it is a totally about specification so now lets manage it from here as of now there is nothing added now if i want to add a specification i will just added from here select specification and if is not there in check list you will mention other So in description i will writing fabric so in value what i write Georgette in depends and the first product to product now i will just save it now if i want to add some more specification i just added from here others and i will write length so length i can mention 6 meters and then save it according to your need you can add specification as of now i am adding here work so what kind of work it there embroidery and i will just save it now we will just check on are website that how the specification section looks i will just click it over here this is the product which we have add it so , in the above section you can see red saree the price of the product in the description which i have mention and below that you can see the specification which is been high lite here in fabric you can see Georgette length 6 meters and work embroidery this is how you can add specific things about your product so there the customers is easy to understand and it is high lighted also hope you all understood about it now lets go back to a dashboard now same way if i am writing up something about the other product in my list so if i writing something about see this Kurti so here what i write in specification i will write if i want to mention about the fabric so i will write cotton and if i want to mention about the sleeves or the pea-tan of the kurti that i can also specify it the first product to product hope you all have understood about the specification management and all other option of the product management will be explain you upcoming videos so please just stay tune with us and do like and subscriber a channel and if there is any quary or anything related to a video please let is know in the comment section Thank you so much , have a nice day

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