How to do Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

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hey my friend this is OLA coming to
your live for myempirepro’s studio right here temporarily in Ohio today’s
topic is how to do affiliate marketing on YouTube stay tuned all right so hey what’s going on I have
an email that came in on today’s topic we’re going to talk about affiliate
marketing and how you can do successfully on YouTube with YouTube
marketing ok specifically so let me get into the question and then we can
digging a little bit deeper until how to do this ok hi hola have been studying a
lot on self branding and online sales self branding so when I came online for
the first time in 2009 self branding you incorporated brand yourself be the
leader be a person of value in the marketplace those were big big big
things today it’s a little tone down because obviously since then a lot of
opportunities of kamma online people are now looking for quick money they they’re
back to quick money like before that people would join MLM so join up tear
deals and they look for quick money but when companies like mlsp when they came
online in 2009 2008 9 they started to teach self branding telling a story
build a self brand build a leadership brand because people follow leaders
right people kind of calm down a little bit and here’s what I want to tell you
right now some of the people that lasted long online that are still around today
are people that are student of self branding self leadership branding so I’m
gonna tell you right now if you’ve been studying self branding that’s a good
thing now if you on top of that learn some sales learn some sales tactics
learn some sales strategy learning how to ask the proper quality questions in
order to close a deal in addition with self branding leading with value
attraction marketing that’s a very very dangerous okay
dangerous combination you become unstoppable okay
and you become a person that attracts money okay so kudos to you if you’re
studying self branding and online sales but he continues so he says I’m scared
shitless I’m scared of the camera so now he’s been studying it but it scared of
camera I mean I’m looking at just a black dot on my phone right now so I
don’t know why you’re scared of a camera I don’t know why you’re scared of a less
of a camera all you have to do is look into the lens and and just share what
you’re learning you share what you learn to share what you’re learning right so
the formula is il DT that I always share with the investor learn and do and teach
and when you teach you learn twice right so if you’re always if you remain a
student of the game and you’re sharing what you’re learning then if you think
of it in terms of sharing then there’s no reason why you should be scared about
the camera there’s no reason why you should be scared of a camera because
you’re just sharing something you’re passionate about so again providing
you’re passionate about it and you are sharing something that you are a student
of right and you’re passionate about it it becomes very natural
sometimes you don’t start off natural because I can understand you can be
maybe a little bit nervous here and there in front of a camera I get it but
you gotta get started okay so then that’s the point where I get to and I
tell you just gotta get started okay never mind that you scared everyone is
scared elem I was just watching a video of Elon Musk saying that it’s not like
it’s not scared it’s not like he doesn’t have fear we all do it’s just that some
of us take action regardless some of us act in spite of fear
that’s what said that’s what separates the losers from the winners that make
sense so he says I’m scared of the camera all the Guru’s are saying that I
have to brand myself and that’s becoming an obstacle so here here here’s gonna be
a little twist I’m gonna share a little twist with you okay if it’s becoming an
obstacle then I will step back okay I will step back not quit on yourself but
I will step back and really really make sure that I can’t that you can’t do it
okay you want to make sure that it’s absolutely something you can’t do but
I’m telling you if you can brand yourself and gives you an edge over
another person but it’s that the end of the road if you absolutely feel like I
absolutely will not get on the camera there are absolute people there
absolutely people like that and that’s what I wanted that’s actually the topic
of this video which is learning how to do affiliate marketing with YouTube so
I’m encouraging you yes you do want to brand yourself on front of a camera
learn some new things and share it with the world and build a niche market
around that that’s that’s gonna give you an edge okay over approaching the tent
however if you absolutely feel like you don’t belong in doing that that you
don’t you’re absolutely not gonna do that then it’s not the end of the world
okay so so I’m not gonna tell you that it’s absolutely you can make money if
you don’t do it there are people that are making tons of money without putting
their face on anything okay and that’s the purpose of me of this topic today
but he continues all the gurus are saying that I have to buy myself and
that’s becoming an obstacle so don’t allow you to be an obstacle what if I’m
selling other people’s products as an affiliate okay so in case you’re not
familiar with the affiliate marketing affiliate marketing is very simple okay
it means you don’t create a product it means this is not your product but you
grab a special link from a company that’s selling our product to give you a
special custom link just for you as an affiliate and when you sell when you
bring people through that link if you send traffic through that link and
people purchase the track Commission’s back to you it records Commission for
you that’s how you make money they can pay anywhere from 10 percent up to 100
percent commissions so it’s like you just become a sales person online but
you’re not necessarily selling you’re just driving traffic through a special
link that’s affiliate marketing if you don’t know what a free marketing is
right so this person is saying what if I’m selling other people’s products as
an affiliate issues an affiliate he’s just gonna sell the product he’s gonna
figure out how he’s gonna get the right type of traffic or leads in front of
that special link he gets fishier affiliate link
gets us an affiliate from a company that said on the product right so he wants to
know can he just do that would you two video can I use so he
hands it here I say can I use YouTube marketing to do that and would you mind
sharing a workflow for that alright great so like I said as an affiliate
marketer you you create an account a lot of time is free sometimes there are
companies that they charge you a fee for being an affiliate if it’s legal or not
I don’t care it doesn’t matter to me bottom line is that you can make
Commission’s off of all the peoples product by simply sending traffic
through the link okay so the workflow is this okay if you were doing that I would
not just send traffic through a link okay I’m gonna tell you right now so yes
absolutely you can use YouTube videos okay as a matter of fact this doesn’t
this or I think it’s called contact samurai it’s either content summer of
video samurai put a link right down below in the in the description box of
where you can create videos that doesn’t have to be your face attractive and
engaging videos you can create things like $10 a month or something like that
try it out I think they have a free trial and you can create videos on
YouTube that that’s compelling enough for people to watch and they can at the
end of it go to a link to purchase your affiliate product a special link that
that’s that’s designated for you right it’s a customized link for your name for
your account where you make commissions for simply doing that so absolutely as
possible and that’s the workflow just share with you record videos videos of
value okay teach something cool learn something cool about the niche of the
product that you’re trying to sell and create a bunch of topics come up with
different topics topics surrounding questions that people already have right
questions surrounding problems that people encounter in this arena and
create answers for you see me doing it right now I’m doing it right now see you
Ray I’m creating an answer to a question right do q and A’s question and answer
just give a ton of value at the end of it you give a call to action for people
to go to a special name for more information okay so when they go to that
special link if they decide to purchase you make money as an affiliate marketer
and you can do that all day long what you want to do is you want to create a
ton of videos but not in one day you get one per day maybe once a week maybe
twice a week maybe three time wherever you can do that’s comfortable for you
been in your lifestyle right now depending on the niche your aim you so
make sure you’re doing it periodically and you are consistently putting out
videos those video will continue to work for you long after you’re done recording
and uploading them and publishing them right now what I’m going to tell you
right now is you’re better of optimizing those videos for the search engines okay
that means when people search for certain terms you want your videos to
pop up in the search engines of either YouTube or Google or Yahoo or Bing any
of the search engines and you want to learn how to do search engine
optimizations for your for your YouTube video okay so that your video becomes
evergreen and continuing to work for you what do you think I’m doing here that’s
exactly what we’re doing this channel will continue to put video that helped
people and eventually some of them a percentage of them become a customer and
we help serve them even more and we make money from that and we help that helps
us keep the lights on okay all right so um that’s that’s the model right there
you record a video value you send a link to an affiliate link now just sending it
directly to an affiliate link you can do that and just build your subscriber base
on YouTube but I actually personally like to build a list okay
so you can build a list by offering something of value to the audience that
are watching your videos and you can give them a link and that link takes
them to a place where they enter their email address before they land only on
the affiliate link right that’s actually selling the product why do I do that
because then I captured their email when I captured the email I’m able to follow
up on follow up with them automatically and by email broadcasts and things like
that okay so the formula there is you create you capture you convert create
capture convert so you create content and okay on YouTube using again the two
that I’m gonna share with you okay and then you capture if you capture
contact information email address phone numbers for text messages everything you
can capture so you can continue to follow up with people because an average
person will not buy from you on the first encounter not the second Nadi an
average person will buy an average buyer actually buy after the seventh encounter
with you okay so you just want to pay attention to that that’s why you want to
capture the contact information because if you’re not capturing you’re losing a
lot of people back into the world and then you have to pay money or record
another video or another video have to capture them before the capture so the
idea is to capture contact information you’re capturing the audience you’re
capturing their attention okay and the third thing is you want to convert you
wanna convert them to a lead and then convert them to sales and all of that
stuff if you’re giving value up front converting to sales should be should be
effortless it shouldn’t be a hard thing to do and that’s the workflow right
there for you if you have any questions and you want more details about that you
simply want to go through my free masterclass you can reserve a seat with
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about this this topics okay thank you very much for
hanging out hopefully you’ve been enlightened and educated and I will see
you on the next one peace

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