How to Do Affiliate Marketing

How to Do Affiliate Marketing. In affiliate marketing, online merchants pay
independent parties – called publishers, to promote their products on the publishers’
web sites. The basic steps for becoming a publisher are
described here. You will need Your own web site Web site visitor
profiles E-mail addresses of web site visitors and affiliate marketing program. Step 1. Determine who visits your web site. If your visitors are interested in cell phones,
for example, plan to run affiliate ads for cell phones. Affiliate marketing programs can automatically
generate ads that are precisely targeted to your site and your site content. Step 2. Set up a way to capture visitors’ e-mail
addresses on your web site. Using ads in e-mail campaigns is yet another
way to earn affiliate marketing revenue. Capture e-mail addresses by having a sign-in
page, offering special memberships, or having a guest book. Step 3. Launch more than one web site. The more traffic you attract, the greater
the amount of affiliate marketing revenue you stand to earn. Step 4. Keep the content on your web sites current
and accurate in order to keep visitors coming. Step 5. Sign up with an affiliate marketing program. These programs, which are listed in online
affiliate program directories, supply ads for nearly every imaginable business. Did you know Did you know? Major internet retailers earn as much as 2
percent of their revenue through tie-ins with other web sites.


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