How To Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing (A Must Watch!)

Hey there my friend. How you doing. My name is Aaron chen and if you’re watching this video right now Then you’re doing some research on Youtube about how to make money with affiliate programs, okay? So you obviously know a little bit about affiliate marketing right because you know that word that search term affiliate programs But maybe you don’t understand exactly how to do it and let me just kind of introduce myself again. My name is Erin I’ve been online for the last eight years Over that time I actually failed for the first seven years Really just trying to market lots of different things on the internet had really no idea what I was doing You know it’s in the exact same position that you’re in right now. I went online You know looking for a solution to my problems, you know I hated my job really wanted to leave the corporate world, and so we’re trying to find a way to generate income from other sources Naturally well onto the internet, and you know found things like network marketing mlm. I joined an mlM company I tried to recruit my friends my family You know every you know the three-foot rule. Just basically grabbing everyone I could find it was very unsuccessful with that and then I discovered affiliate marketing You know where you could remarket other people’s products. I did you know push-button software Invested a lot of money and just random it´ll Software’s online I did a bit of e-Commerce try drop shipping selling physical goods and look there’s a lot of different things that I tried Had a little bit of success made some sales here and there, but you know basically Didn’t do very well at all okay, and then it wasn’t up until probably about a year ago when I came back to affiliate marketing and started marketing in a very specific way, and that’s when I Generated my first. You know one thousand over sales in my business online, okay? And so if you’re here you’re looking for a way to to you know generate more income with affiliate programs Then you’re in the right place. I’m going to you know over the next two minutes I’m going to tell you exactly what I did differently over the last year and how you can do the same thing for yourself Okay, so the first thing is that affiliate marketing is probably one of the best ways to get started alright If you’ve never generated any sort of income Online or offline in terms of a business that affiliate marketing is great because you don’t have to create your own products you can basically leverage of what other people have done and just take it and use it for yourself and Market it and when you sell it you basically make a little bit of that commission for yourself And that’s a great way to get started great It saves a lot of time ok later on once you start really you know getting really good And you understand your space? Then you can start creating your own products and you can market those and then you can generate sales that way as well, right? So you can hit to places like Clickbank calm or jVZoo calm these are some really big affiliate marketing website that you can go to you know choose a niche market that you want to market in whether it’s um you know the dog training market or the Internet marketing make money online space market or maybe you know you’re into gardening. You can sell gardening products I mean There’s so many different niche markets that you can choose right so once you get that offer Or once you get that affiliate program I mean even if you wanted to become an Amazon affiliate you could Remarket Amazon product and every time you saw an Amazon product through the affiliate program you get a cut okay now the difficult part is not understanding how to find a product the difficult part is understanding how to Market that product okay, so step number two of this process is really understanding how to build a system a marketing system around your product to market that particular product you see if you were to drive traffic from You know whether it’s Youtube Facebook solo ads you know seo you drive traffic directly to your offer That’s how a lot of people fail, okay, and that’s how I? You know had a lot of failure really because for the first probably five six seven years that I was online I was driving traffic directly to my offer, and I had no idea what I was doing, okay? and the problem with that is that everyone is doing that online so if you’re not creating any value if you don’t have some sort of marketing system in between the traffic and Your affiliate product that you’re trying to market then you’re not going to generate any return on investment, or what I call Roi, right? It’s all about Roi how much money. Do you put in okay? and of that Let me that you put in how much when did you get out if you’re making? Less than what you’ve put in then you’re obviously in a lot of trouble because you’re basically spending more than you’re making right? So the trick here is your roi your investment has to be more than the money that you’re putting in for your traffic Right now the only way that you can do that is if you build a lot of trust with your potential prospects that you’re leading into your marketing system okay, and so your marketing system could be made from I used Click funnels Click funnels is a great funnel builder, okay? And essentially the marketing system is a sales funnel now if you don’t know what a sales funnel is a sales funnel is kind of like you know taking a Gigantic net right I’m throwing it and capturing all of your best Prospects that you want and really permeate okay that’s essentially where sales funnel is now the job of a sales funnel is not only to Capture and and you know you take people in but it’s also to bring them through a very very Systematic sales process that is designed to get your prospects to know like and trust you number one Okay – number two add a lot of value to your customers or potential customers because people only want to buy From people that they know like and trust right so they don’t know like and trust you They’re not going to feel like you’re giving them any value, and they’re not going to want to buy from you Right so the trick here is that marketing system is going to? reap reframe your Potential customers before they actually see the affiliate offer, so if it can you know persuade them and You know influence them into buying that product at the end Which is basically the apart of the affiliate product that you’re marketing then your marketing system has done a very very good job okay, now it sounds very confusing right now because You obviously don’t understand how to build a marketing system, right? But what I do actually I’ve got an online training if you want to you could click on the link right below this video I actually have a live online workshop where I show you step by step how I build out my Marketing system my online sales funnel, okay? I talked a little bit about my pre sales video about why it’s important to have a pre frame or pre sales video in your Marketing funnel it shows you you know why it maximizes conversions, okay? I actually take you through my sales funnel I show you the process of why it’s important how to bill it out, okay? I show you how you can actually create your first sales funnel and as quickly as 15 minutes or 30 minutes right if you know exactly what you’re Doing if you understand how to leverage systems and tools and technology right, and I even show you my my traffic source, okay? So in that interest you at all Right then I urge you to check it out. You can click on the link right below this video But the final step in this entire process So you’ve got three things right number one you choose your offer number two you build your marketing system and number three you need to be able to drive traffic to your Marketing system right and the traffic that you drive It doesn’t really matter where it’s from okay. It could be from YouTube it could be from Facebook It could be seo traffic. It could be solo ads it could be from you know Google Adwords it could be from Seven search as long as you’re driving qualified people To your marketing system that are in the same niche market as the product that you’re trying to market then you’re golden okay That’s very important So you need to match the people that you’re driving in to your marketing system to the affiliate offer That you’re selling at the end So if you’re selling a product that is teaching people dog owners for example how to stop the dog from peeing on the carpet? You can’t send people that are interested in making money on the internet Into your sales funnel it just doesn’t make sense right there’s a bit of a disconnect, right? It’s got to kind of work like that, okay so for example if your product is dog training you want to send people that are interested in dogs and Teaching their dogs how to stop peeing on the carpet into your marketing system And then there’s that perfect match and then your conversions will skyrocket right so no, no you have three things You’ve got your traffic source your marketing system And you’ve got your offer at the end and this is how you start making money with affiliate programs, okay, please? please please do not buy traffic from some solo ad vendor online and send it directly to your sales offer because That’s what’s going to happen. It’s just going to be a smash you’re going to waste a lot of money Just like I did over the last you know seven eight years, and you’re not going to do very well at all right? So I hope you enjoyed this information today Let me know what you thought of this video please comment in the video below Let me know some of the other moments that you had please subscribe to my channel I come up with videos like this on a regular basis you know to teach you how to build a very powerful Business from your home you know from wherever you are in the world as long as you have an internet connection And if you’re interested if you thought this helped you you want to spend a little bit more time with me I? usually hold a live training, Webinar a live Training Workshop all week, right And you can click on the link right below this you know spend a bit more time with me I show you how I? Maximize my sales funnel what I actually do inside to build that you know marketing system that you can use to market whatever Affiliate program that you want. Hope you enjoyed this video today. Take care and speak to you soon


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