How to earn money in Lazada affiliate making videos on Youtube and Facebook Tagalog

In this video I will teach you on how you can have income in Lazada Affiliate Marketing in Youtube or Facebook using videos Is it your first time to be here and wants to earn extra income online? Click on the Subscribe button and the bell to get notified for new uploads This is part 4 of Lazada Affiliate marketing videos where you can earn in Lazada by just selling items or products from companies You don’t have to shell out any amount You will only sell other people’s item here If you remember my video with Boss Jewa He is earning extra income monthly from Lazada Let’s listen to what he said again James: How do you sell items in Lazada? What are the ways? Jewa: I am sharing links through social media like Facebook and Youtube James: He’s putting the items he used in the description In this video we will focus on using videos in selling items from Lazada like in Youtube or Facebook The item that we’ll use is the mic that I recently bought I bought it from Lazada Why is it better to sell using videos? Just short clips, it doesn’t have to be long It doesn’t have to be very nice what’s important is for you to show what’s in the box and the performance of what you bought When you go shopping in Lazada You’ll only see pictures Picture of the microphone or of any item You’ll see different kinds of pictures sometimes they’re just the same The problem sometimes is the sizes and weight They cannot show it here Not unlike if you do a video, or mini review They can see the actual item You’ll have extra income if ever they use your item’s link You’ll see in this sample video from Boss Jewa He unboxed an item from Lazada You don’t need to have a lot of views like for him, he only have 180 views in this video but he’s still earning monthly from Lazada He is just including the link of the items he used or that he is showing Make sure that when doing this kind of video you’ll show in your screen that the link is in the description below that’s important You can also post a video in Facebook It’s free to upload in Youtube and Facebook You don’t have to pay for your video to be uploaded In the first part of your video it is very important that you show that it’s from Lazada or any affiliate marketing that you’re using or whoever the distributor is or any online shop that you are an affiliate marketer So, they would also buy from there Since this is where you bought it, that’s where they would also buy It’s important to show that This is from Lazada Just do a basic unboxing just utilize whatever you have then show on the screen that you are opening it from packaging that it is really what you bought so they would have trust that that’s really the item and it really came from Lazada It’s not necessary to make a very long unboxing video you just need to show what’s inside the box You should also show the actual item in the package Just like this microphone then the microphone holder USB and also the stand Show the quality and what it’s made from Tell them how heavy it is What are the buttons and plugs Just the basic You don’t have to be techy for this I am also not an expert in microphone but I am still able to do that It’s just volume up and down then the microphone plug Just like that Your explanation doesn’t have to be too technical It’s better if you can show in the video on how to assemble it just like what I am doing Does not know how to assemble You can also include kind of like showcasing or showing the whole item in your video and last but not the least You can also show the actual quality check of the microphone The use of it This is what I unboxed earlier and now I am using it The audio that I am hearing is the same audio that will be produced if you buy it The only difference is I think my laptop is broken it has like a built-in statics like a current that I can hear If ever your laptop is better and does not have static sounds, it can produce better sound I just added puff filter This is not required in this kind of video but I bought it anyway so, if ever my saliva slip out, it will not go directly to the microphone What I can advise you if ever you’ll do this, just buy the product that you will really use that you plan to buy so, if ever it doesn’t sell it’s just fine because you’re still be able to use it and you really plan to use it it’s like the item that you will really use you’re creating a chance to earn from that item just like the audio technica ATR2500 I really need to use it and I will make a review so you can see if ever someone liked the same microphone it’s okay to buy it if ever you don’t like the review or the microphone it’s just fine because I really need it anyway Another way to promote your unboxing video is too create a review on the actual item that you bought just enter your review and how many stars then just put your honest review the title of your review and in the description of your review, include the link of your video If the buyer read the review and saw that you have a video, they can watch it and they can buy the item using your link Just to be clear, you don’t need to have a lot of followers in YOutube or Facebook to upload these kinds of videos For example ATR USB Philippines I am looking for reviews that was made from the Philippines Once you search for that, When I searched this term there’s almost no review result of ATR2500 Philippines This is the only video that is made from the Philippines If you upload a video about this product There’s a higehr chance that you’ll be on the top page because there’s no competition You just need to be specific in your title just like Audio ATR2500 review Philippines You only have a few competitors Just like this one with only one competitor If ever they watch your video, there’s a chance that your item will be bought you might also be able to earn from advertisement and be known in Youtube Lazada unbos therapy of Philippines If you want more videos like this extra income online Click on the Subscribe button on top If you want my previous Lazada videos, it’s on my left Thank you for watching see you next time


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