How to Earn Money on Youtube with Amazon Links

Hey there. Today’s video is going to be a
really quick video, but I wanted to share what I’ve been up to today with my video
camera. And I’m actually making a review video for one of my other channels. And I
do that relatively often. I do it on this channel too if it’s if it’s
video equipment. But today I’m reviewing this compost bin that I got on And I liked it so I decided, “hey, why don’t I make a quick review
video?” so the other can people can see the features of this. And also I get a
small commission from Amazon if people use my link to buy. And so I’ll tell you
really quickly. I’ll provide a link down below actually if you want to get into
that Amazon affiliate program. You earn between say four and eight percent of
their purchase if they purchase within 24 hours of clicking on your link. The
beauty is you get everything else that’s in their cart too. You get 4 to 8 percent
of those items – it’s not a huge moneymaker for me, but it is something
that just builds up over time. So every month that number goes up as I post one
or two new videos. So I’ll just show you really quickly how this works. So over
here on Amazon you’ll see the item that I purchased and you can go up to the top.
You can install this banner across the top once you’re an affiliate. And click
on one of these buttons. So this is the one I use to put in the YouTube
description. I’ll just cut and paste that down in the description. And then people
can click on that, go over to Amazon, purchase that product and I’ll get that
little bit of a commission. They also offer images if you’re going to put it
into your blog, text and images together. So they’ve got a lot of options. This is not big money, but it is a little bit of money. It’s helpful to people to see a review. People love video so why not let them
have a video review. So that’s really it for this week, but I make videos like
this every week so if you want to know more about this one know more about Amazon
affiliates, I can do a video about that just leave me your question down below.


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