How to earn on flight tickets – Flight affiliate programs

Flight affiliate programs are the way to start earning online for selling flight tickets You would earn up to three percent of the ticket price The first step to making money is to choose the flight affiliate program Travelpayouts unites three flight affiliate programs – JetRadar, Kayak and To choose the best option, check the details in the dashboard, then join the program for free and get the affiliate tools Affiliate tools promotion is the second step Travelpayouts provides a wide range of tools, including links, banners, widgets, white label, and an API that suits newbies and professional webmasters You can simply post the link in your Facebook page and invite your friends to book flight tickets After reaching a fifty-dollar income, for what you need to sell on average 7 to 12 tickets, you will get paid via your PayPal account Other payout methods are also available Join JetRadar, Kayak, or affiliate programs and Travelpayouts today and earn online on selling flight tickets

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