How To Find A Niche That’s Profitable In 7 Easy Steps

Hi This video is about How To Find A Niche
That’s Profitable In 7 Easy Steps Herman Drost
Many online marketers make the mistake of falling in love with a specific niche only
to find out later that they couldn’t generate any profit from it.
So how do you find a niche that’s profitable? 1. Choose a target audience
Ideally you want to find niche you love and also that there’s a demand for it.
So create a list of things you feel passionate about and have an interest in and then priortize
them according to the ones that you love the most.
2. Narrow your niche If your niche is too general people will lose
interest because you won’t be able to cover all topics they’re interested in.
Narrowing your niche makes it easier to decide what products to promote.
3. Research the popularity of your niche One of the best ways to determine popularity
is to use the free research tool called WordTracker. For example If you enter “running” into WordTracker
it will show you the number of searches per month for 100 related keyword phrases.
Here are some other ways to find communities where people are talking about your specific
niche Google Plus Communities
Facebook Groups Forums
The Amazon Market Place Blogs
4. Do market research to determine profitability If there aren’t any products that people are
willing to spend their money on then you’re not going to build a profitable business within
your niche. Find the products that people are addicted
so they’re willing to spend their money. Here are some places you can check
Google Ads Enter your main keyword in the Google search
box then look at the ads displayed on the top and right side of the page.
Amazon Enter your main keyword in the Amazon search
box to look at the number of products and books, etc that you can sell in the Amazon
Market Place. ClickBank
This is a great place for promoting digital products in your niche.
For example if you enter “youtube marketing” in the Clickbank market place it will generate
a list of affiliate products you can promote. Commission Junction
Find high paying affiliate programs by visiting the publishers section of commission junction.
5. Create a free offer to get people on your list
Ask yourself “what free offer, ebook, video or report will get people to opt-in to your
list”. 6. Create a series of follow-up emails
Before someone is ready to buy you have to contact them several times in order for them
to trust you. Use a professional autoresponder service such
as Aweber to automatically schedule a series emails out to your list.
7. Create an inexpensive product to sell Offer your subscribers an inexpensive product
before recommending a higher end product. Once you’ve set-up a marketing funnel scale
it up by choosing activities that generate new customers.
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