How to Find Keywords for Blog Posts on Amazon Affiliate Website

hey guys how’s it going Jeff here from and I’m back again with another helpful video for you
this time what I’m going to be showing you is how to find keywords for your
blog posts this is one of the questions that I get the most is Jeff you know
I’ve got my blog up and going and I’ve got something I want to write about
but how do I actually get ranked in the search engines for the content that I
publish okay and so one of the biggest factors in getting ranked in the search
engines like Google Bing Yahoo all those is the keywords that you target and so
you want to be going after keywords that people are searching for so to do that I
use a really helpful tool called video marketing blaster Pro alright and what
this tool allows me to do is not only find keywords I can rank for in search
engines like Google but I can find keywords for my YouTube videos very very
quickly I can spy on my competitors see what they’re going after and use their
same keyword phrases and find out which ones are going to get the most traffic
and be the most profitable for me very very quickly so what I thought I would
do in this video here is run you through this video marketing blaster keyword
tool that I use and then show you an alternative way that you can do it as
well of course this video marketing blaster
is a piece of software it’s gonna cost you a little bit of money but trust me
the investment is well worth it and if you want to check it out at any time
I’ve left you a link in the description of this video so you can go down there
in the description and just click on that link and it’ll take you over so
that you can check out video marketing blaster pro okay but what I’m gonna do
is actually run you through how I look for my keywords for my costume deal site
that we’ve been working on that way I can find some keywords to write some new
blog posts on and show you how the tool works as well so what I’m going to do is
I’m going to start this bad boy up and working for us and then I’m gonna pop
over and show you the alternative method and then I’m gonna come back over here
after it’s finished going out looking for the keywords for me okay so this is
the dashboard that you’ll come to and it has the popular searches on YouTube
these are popular on YouTube right now these would also be popular if you had
like a news site or something like that of course a sports site because football
is big right now here in the US but you can also look in other countries as well
see there’s a ton of countries listed here so you can see what’s trending over
in the UK right now you could see what’s trending in Japan you can see Mexico
just any country that you want to okay at the click of a button but we’re not
really interested in that right now what we want to do is find our own keywords
that relate to our own niche okay so what I’m going to do over here in
main keyword is I’m gonna type in Halloween costume okay because that’s
what I’m looking for Halloween’s coming up in about a month so I need to really
get the ball rolling on my site here so that I can start getting visitors over
to it and getting people to purchase their Halloween costumes from my store
okay so what I what I had the option to do here once I put my keyword in is fine
competitors I want to do that because I want to see who I’m competing with then
I can get the search results I can generate video details this is all very
very cool stuff and I’m gonna show it to you here in just a second whenever we
pop back over here I’m just gonna let this thing go to work for me and then
the last option I have is to research from suggestions okay so I’m gonna do
that and then I’m going to click on research keyword okay so it’s gonna go
out and you see this little bar here and it’s gonna start working for me so while
it’s doing that let me pop over here to a nifty little site you may have heard
of called Google and what I’m gonna do is the same thing over here I’m going to
type in Halloween costumes okay and so what that’s going to do is first correct
my spelling and then it’s going to bring up you know top story
other keywords all that our other sites that you can visit local sites all that
stuff but down here at the bottom it’s going to have searches related to
Halloween costumes so now I can see Halloween costumes adults Halloween
costumes for girls Halloween costumes for kids couples you get the idea so I
could easily just click on one of these and say okay Halloween costumes adults
okay and I can keep breaking down these key words because at the bottom now I’ve
got more key words to work with Halloween costumes adults ideas
Halloween costumes for adults only Halloween costumes adults couples stuff
like that okay so I can break down those if I want to right I can just keep
clicking this and break it down and what I’m looking for is something really long
tail like last-minute Halloween costumes for adults that would be a keyword that
I would want to target okay because that is somebody who doesn’t have a lot of
time Halloween is almost here they are looking for Halloween costumes
that they can probably purchase already put together something that they could
get from Amazon right and then have it shipped directly to their house so this
is probably a very busy person so something that they could get shipped
with Amazon Prime that would arrive at their house in two days would be
excellent there’s also room for anyone who knows anything about DIY costumes or
something like that you can combine keywords so you could say last minute
DIY Halloween costumes for adults the ideas are limitless right so you
could just keep breaking down these keywords until you find one that you
want to target and then once you do you just put it on a list okay so you would
just take this and say copy this and then open up a text pad here and you
could just add that to your list okay so what you want to do is you want to
generate a list of about 10 or 20 of these keywords because you’re gonna
write a blog post about each one of these keywords okay so you’ve got
last-minute Halloween costumes for adults then you can see the drop down
here gives you even more ideas okay last-minute homemade costume ideas
last-minute costumes for guys Halloween costume ideas DIY
okay so you have a ton of different things that people are searching for and
when people start typing in these things like if I was if somebody started typing
in last minute Halloween then you you want to see what comes up first okay so
for adults Halloween costumes make up streets stuff like that okay
and these are things that people you know are not gonna finish typing in
they’re just gonna choose from this list right here so you know even this is a
good one last minute Halloween costume ideas for college students okay but what
your goal is is to get ranked up here at the top in these first three or four
results and that way when people type in this keyword they come to this page they
see oh here’s what exactly what I’m looking for over on Jeff’s site here I
can click on this and just gonna have me some ideas and then of course I showed
you before I’m not sure if I showed you the completed posts that I did or not
but you can see an example of what the blog posts will look like once people
click on it so somebody was if my post showed up for Women’s Halloween costume
ideas 2018 and it was at the top over there in the search engine whenever I
put in that keyword then they would come to my post and you can see here that
I’ve got my post linked up to my store okay so people can click on the links
inside my post and they’ll go over to that specific costume in my store and
the way I did that was I just copied this link up here in the browser and
then I went over to my blog post in the editor section in the the back end of
this on your WordPress dashboard in your blog post where you create a new blog
post and I just highlighted this text click on the link button and put that
link in okay so as you can see down through this post I’ve got several links
that are all linked over to my store and for each one of these costumes so it’s
as simple as that and this blog post ended up being probably 1,100 word is
long or something that’s about the ideal link that you want to have about a
thousand to 2,000 words per blog post so that’s kind of the idea of the content
that we want to generate okay that we want to crew
is blog post around each one of the keywords that we add to our list so I’ll
go ahead and add this one to our list even though I don’t know the search
numbers I know that people are searching for it and I know that it’s a longtail
keyword which means in our original example of Halloween costumes that would
be just a base keyword that’s just that’s not something you want to target
because it’s not specific enough okay you want to be targeting keywords that
are very specific like this one for for college students or for adults it tells
you more of who you are talking to in your blog post okay so with just the
keyword of Halloween costumes which is something that you definitely do not
want to rank for because you have no idea of you know what the people are
searching for you’d rather have a targeted blog post
that speaks directly to that person okay because you’re going to be able to
provide that person with the information or the products that they’re looking for
to really get them to purchase all right so your chances of your conversion rates
going up increased dramatically whenever you focus on longtail keywords all right
so our software is still working over here we’re at a hundred and thirty-five
results right now at a four hundred and one that it’s searching for so it’s
finding us a ton of keywords so what I’m gonna do is pause this video right now
and I’m gonna come back once the software is done shouldn’t take it but
another couple of minutes you can see it moves pretty quickly here but I’m gonna
pause this get my voice a rest for a second so I can hop back in here with
you and finish showing you the video marketing blaster Pro software alright alright so it’s all finished up here and
you can see I’ve got a nice long list of keywords that the software went out and
found for me you can see the keywords over here on the left you can see where
they came from right here under the source tab and you can see what is
called a ranking right here and if we click on this little bubble that says
what is rank it explains to you that the ranked column is an internal number it’s
calculated based on how many so specific keyword is used by your
YouTube competition we do not recommend choosing the first two or three keywords
the ones with the top ranked okay so that’s like before what I was telling
you the ones with the top ranked are Halloween costume and Halloween costumes
those have the highest rank but they’re not very specific so you have no clue
who you’re talking to you only know that they’re looking for a Halloween costume
you don’t know if they’re looking for one for their self or their kids for a
man for a woman for a college student a teen whoever right so you want to be
focused more on you know long long tail keywords that give you a better idea of
who it is you are talking to okay so what we will do from this point is we
would go down through here and we would just select some of the keywords that we
want to target right so last minute Halloween costume for teenage girls
let’s see here Halloween costumes for best friends sure
that’s a good one easy last minute Halloween costumes DIY Halloween
costumes and on down the list okay so most popular Halloween costumes 2018
that’s a good one all right and then once we’re done we can either copy to
clipboard or we could save to a file but what I would do like I said is go down
through there pick me out about 10 to 20 keywords and then save them to a file on
my computer now this keyword list will also stay in your saved list on your
software so in case you don’t you know save these specific ones to a file
you’ll be able to pull up this entire list later on and you will be able to
you know go back in and find more keywords or other keywords that you may
not have spotted before or something like that
now you can also take one of these keywords and you can plug it in back up
here and get some more ideas even further ideas okay so like I said there
are four hundred and something keywords that this thing went out and found and
analyzed for you it tells you where they got it from so
from YouTube suggested search which is similar to the Google suggested search
where people start typing in a keyword into the YouTube search bar and it comes
up with keyword suggestions okay so these are things that people are
searching for and if they’re searching for them in YouTube I can promise you
that they’re searching for them in Google and Bing and every other search
engine out there okay so these are keywords that are definitely worth
targeting all right so the next thing that you’re able to do with video
marketing blaster is get video details from your competitors okay so I could go
over here to my Halloween costume keyword and I can get a title
description and tags generated for me that I can use in my video title
description and tags section when I upload it or I could just use these as
blog post titles I could use these you know I could use the descriptions in my
in my blog post like I could go to suggested phrases so I could go here and
get some phrases if I wanted to to use in my blog post this helps with ranking
your blog post okay so that here’s some tags that you can use in your blog post
right here okay tonne of those all right now you don’t want to use all of these
like I said you just want to select a few of them alright so once you’ve got
that all sorted out and you can also change all these up you can click on
this Settings tab right here to click copy to your keyboard you can spin the
text you can get a new title so if I chose get a new title I can do that very
easily if I wanted to spin the text I could spin the text I can keep hitting
get a new title as many times as I want to and it’s gonna give me new titles for
my videos okay alright so I could say spin and copy to clipboard and then here
I can get new tags and stuff like that okay all right so the next feature
you’re going to have is the niche analysis all right so what
that does very very cool is it goes out let me just pick my keyword here let’s
see here we go over here under your history you would just pick your keyword
so ours was Halloween costume all right and what that’s gonna do is bring up all
of the top Halloween costume videos okay for that for that Halloween costume
keyword now like I said before if you were to go back to your keywords list
and you found a long tail one that you wanted to use like Halloween costume
ideas DIY college or something like that and you plug that back in and then you
can go over here and you’ll see the top-ranking videos for that keyword okay
so this tells you how many views the top videos have it tells you how many
comments likes Facebook shares YouTube shares channel subscribers the upload
date of the video and it also gives each video a score okay so it tells you where
you can capitalize and outrank these top ranking videos so it says very bad title
description and tags all right then here it tells you very good title
just description and tags okay so on top of that it will also give you a
competition analysis that will allow you to see what you need to do to get a to
rank up here with these videos alright so you can go to your ranking report up
here at the top and you’ll be able to see that you need eighty four thousand
three hundred seventy-seven views twenty-two hundred likes 225 comments
one hundred and sixty thousand subscribers Facebook shares blah blah
blah all that backlinks and then it also gives you places that you can get
backlinks from so these are places that you can go out and leave comments and
get backlinks to your videos at all right alright so it’ll tell you this
keyword is pretty hard you might want to pick another one in and that’s what I
suggest as well so you would just like I said pick out one of those long tail
ones run it through the saw where and then come back to this ranking
report and see what you need to do to ranked at the top now you would do the
same thing for your blog posts okay so if I were creating a blog post then I
would I would want to find a keyword that is easy to rank for so I would just
keep looking at my keyword list until I found one that is easy to rank for all
right then I would pick that one and write some content around it like that
like the example that I showed you okay and then the other thing you can do is
if you are doing videos you’ll be able to put in you know your video details
here and then it’ll keep track of your video rankings for you okay and you can
update these and it’ll refresh and run you through each time so I haven’t ran
these and forever probably since I first put them in here and it’ll run through
and it’ll show you where each one of your videos is ranked at and it will
keep you updated with you know did it increase or decrease or you know did it
go up or down or or which way did it go you know and it’ll tell you exactly the
factors of of your YouTube and Google rankings okay so it’s a very very handy
software for you know so you don’t have to go back and say okay where is this
ranked where’s that ranked it’ll automatically just keep up with
that for you so you can see here I’ve got a ton of number one rankings now
that I’m updating everything and it’s going through and analyzing each one of
my videos and seeing where they’re ranked you can see just using this
software and just following what I just showed you I was able to grab a ton of
number one two and three spots for the keywords that I’m targeting okay so that
is video marketing blaster Pro in a nutshell as you can see the main thing
that I use it for is the keyword list because it does come up with a ton of
very valuable keywords for you that get a ton of search traffic every single
month so that is what you are aiming to do like I said you want to get
your posts ranked up here at the top and this is how you do it you just pick a
keyword write some content based on that keyword use that keyword and the related
keywords that you find in the software and and just put those throughout your
blog post and if you really want to get a good idea of how it’s all done then
just head over to costume which is the store that i’ve been
building for you are live right here on my channel so that you’ll be able to see
what you need to do for your own store okay so that’s all I have for you for
this video I hope that you see now how easy it is to go out and find a ton of
different keywords for your for your blog post that you want to put on your
WordPress blog I hope that this tool is extremely valuable to you just like it
is to me and I hope that you’re able to find some really really good profitable
ideas alright so once again I’ve left you a link to video marketing blaster
pro in the description of this video all you need to do is go down there click on
that link check it out for yourself and then grab yourself a copy and start
putting it to work right now and start getting those number one rankings for
your content so that you can start getting visitors over to your site that
will visit your blog store and purchase products through your store ok so that
you can start getting those big Amazon affiliate commissions I’m super excited
for you and I love the comments and feedback that I’ve been getting on the
videos so far keep up keep those coming and make sure that you’re subscribed to
the channel if you’re not already give this video a big thumbs up and I will
see you very very soon


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