How To Find Relevant Affiliate Programs on the ShareASale Network

– I’m gonna show you
how to find new programs on the ShareASale network. (soft music) I’m Greg Hoffman with Apogee. I’m gonna show you first
how to find the programs that we manage and that’s
gonna be on our website, And then we’re gonna click
over here to Our Clients. Now right now, all of our
programs are exclusive to the ShareASale network
and so all you have to do, is just go to this page and scroll down and find each program that we manage. You can learn more. We’re gonna go to the
Sears Parts Direct page and then you can join right here. So this is gonna take you directly to the ShareASale network and
this is our log in page on ShareASale. Now, let’s get back over
to the ShareASale homepage. This is my affiliate account
and I’m gonna show you how to find merchants in ShareASale. So right now we’re gonna
click on merchants. We’re gonna click search for merchants. And then that’s gonna
bring us to this page. So we could look for
merchants many different ways. And I’m gonna show you three
different ways right now. And that’s looking for new programs, looking for them by the power rank, but most importantly,
looking for them by category. Now I’m gonna stress
this so much right now. I want you to look for
programs that are relevant to what you like to what your theme is to what your website it all about. I don’t want you to just join programs because they’re at the
top of the power rank or that you just think
you’re going to make money at some point. Join the program that you
think you’re going to be able to impact immediately. That’s me as an affiliate manager, because I have to approve
and decline applications all the time. So let’s start looking for, first we’ll look at new programs. Let’s look there. So I’m gonna click new programs. And what I want you to do
is I want you to look at the programs over the last 30 days. And then over here I want you to look at their, either their seven
day EPC or their power rank. We’re gonna lool at power rank first. So these are new programs
on the last 30 days and how they rank in the network. And some of them are
actually starting to rank. You can see that. 47Brand, well that’s a pretty good brand, I do like their hats and their jerseys, they’re already ranked 544 and let’s see a little
bit more about them. Let’s see when they joined. They joined October 17th, 2018, that wasn’t too long ago. And doesn’t look like
they have any information about who manages the program, but they do have some
good statistics so far. They’ve got a 45 day average sale, $2.43 for average commission. They’ve got good EPC. Sub day cookie, that’s not great, conversion rate 3.5 is not too bad. This is gonna be a big brand, this is gonna be a big program in 2019. We can come back and look at that, but that’s how you look
for the new programs. You look at them through
30 days, or seven days, and you look at their power
rank to see how they’re doing. And you scroll down a little bit more, and you’re gonna start
to see that a lot of them are 1000 plus. That probably means they haven’t
earned a lot of money yet. So, we can keep going but these are the new programs. And they’re worth checking out
but don’t join all of them. So let’s go back over here
and look at merchants. Search for merchants, and then we’re gonna look for power rank. Now power rank is going to — oh look, fanatics is number one right now. Good for them, good job Wade and Joe. So they’re number one,
that is, the power rank is an algorithm that ShareASale
has that is based on how much volume is going
through the program, how much they’re paying affiliates, and how much the network actually earns. So, I don’t want you to
just join these programs. Yes they work, but they also
have to be relevant to you. If you got sport sites, or
you’ve got sites that are relevant to the Fanatics brand, then yes, join that program because obviously other affiliates are
making money from them. But scroll through here and
just look for the programs that are relevant to
you and that you think you can make an impact in. And there is my friend
over at Jane Affiliates. They’ve got a good program in the top 50. So it’s not a guarantee
that you’re gonna make money just because they’re in
the top 50 or the top 100 or even the top 1000. We do have some programs
that are in the top 1000 that affiliates are
making a lot of money with but they’re not the greatest
programs in the network. Now this is how I want you to look. I want you to look at, um, the categories. So where do we wanna start? We wanna start at
automotive because I know we’ve got some in automotive. So number one, right here,
there it is, Eckler’s Corvette. That’s one of our programs. So if you are in the automotive industry, if you are a gear head, if you
like these type of programs, you like this type of
product, you have buyers that are ready to buy Corvette products or car covers or scroll down,
even Recon Truck Accessories. That’s another one of ours. If you’ve got customers that
love those type of products, this is where you find
those type of programs and then you look and you
see how well they’re doing. You look at the percentage of sale, you look at the EPC, you
look at their power rank. And you see who manages them. And I think that’s the most important. If you don’t see anybody
managing the program, if there’s no signature there, maybe they don’t have a management team, maybe they don’t have anyone in charge, and you might not have
the greatest success. I feel you’re going to
have the best success with managed programs. So, that’s just a quick little update on how to find programs. I’m always here to help you
find the right programs, especially if they’re
our programs over here on (soft music) If you have any questions,
we will answer everything here on our YouTube channel. Our job is to teach affiliates
how to be better affiliates and how to promote the programs we manage. Please click the thumbs up on the video and subscribe to our channel. If you’re interested
in joining our programs on the ShareASale network, click the link to visit our website.

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