How to Find the Right Advertiser Partners

in this tutorial we’ll be covering how to find the right advertiser partners before jumping in and applying to an advertiser’s program it’s important to outline the type of advertiser you are looking to partner with and how you foresee promoting them on your site a good question to ask is what categories do I cover or already promote for example do you have content relative to apparel travel electronics or finance or do you cover multiple categories once you identify the categories that are fit for you login to the CJ Account Manager and from the home page click on the advertiser tab on the left hand side you have additional filtering functions that you can use to find partnerships including a search bar where you can search by keywords like shoes or by a specific advertiser additional filtering options include content categories status and serviceable area which is the area that an advertiser ships to or does business for publishers looking for mobile international or new advertisers we have options for those categories by clicking the advertiser sub tab to start a new search make sure to clear the filters or you may also save search options you will use again before you apply to join an advertiser make sure to learn more about their program by clicking on an advertiser you can find more information such as their description commission rate promotional policies and their program terms the program term is an agreement between you and the advertiser for the duration of your active relationship by clicking the join program button you’re agreeing to these terms and are accountable to promote the advertiser within the guidelines and policies outline in the program after identifying the best partnerships for your program and applying the next step is monitoring your advertiser status to see the status of your application you can do a search by pending applications here you can determine which applications are pending declined or accepted for offers that have been sent to you from an advertiser that would like to work with you these will appear when you do a search for pending offers you can choose to accept or decline these offers if you decline the offer it will be sent to the declined offers section if accepted it will turn into an active relationship at any time you have the option to expire relationship that you no longer wish to be joined to in which case it will fall under the publisher expired tab if an advertiser expires you it will fall under advertiser expired once you have an active relationship with an advertiser you can now access their creative and start promoting them on your site for more information regarding partnerships please visit the support center


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