How To Find Winning Affiliate Marketing Products On ClickBank

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you guys back to a brand new video here on the channel where
today guys I’m gonna be going over and showing you guys how to find winning
offers and winning products on Clickbank guys I’m gonna show you how to find the
best offers on there that way you guys can make the most sales possible make
the most money that you possibly can online and show you how to do that guys
I’m gonna dive into my computer in just a minute but before we get into that
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the description and with all that stuff being said guys we’re gonna dive into my
computer right now and start this video off alright guys we are now my computer
as you can see of course we’re gonna be on
and of course guys we need to go over to the affiliate marketplace it’s obviously
find ourselves the winning products we’re looking for here with that being
said guys of course is this the marketplace if you have an account on
Clickbank it’s super easy to sign up guys it’ll take you like 5-10 minutes
and it is completely free to make a brand new account so definitely go ahead
and do that if you guys don’t have an account yet but assuming you’ll do one
of the first places you’ll find yourself is gonna be on the Clickbank marketplace
guys so I’m gonna show you two different ways to actually find yourself some
winning products with that being said guys if you don’t have any shit you’re
not really sure when you looking to go into but you’re just looking at
different product just browsing around looking for different product and then
you’re gonna see what needs gonna go into later a great way to actually
search through and look at every single product on Clickbank without actually
going to one specific niche or category is really simple guys go over here to
the find product search bar just click in there and then all sort of press the
little hours at the magnifying glass to search so what happens guys is when you
actually leave this box empty what clicking actually does is when you
actually click search it actually goes to and finds pretty much every single
product on Clickbank so as you guys can see says displaying results one of 10
out of 4,000 872 total results guys so that’s of course like the thrills and
total products that are on Clickbank right now and it’s pretty much showing
us all of them and of course guys it’s sorting the results by popularity so
guys if you were having Nisha and you were looking for products at first this
is a great way to actually go ahead and look at every single product on
Clickbank without actually looking into
one specific niche no guys if you already have your knees picked out you
know what market you’re going into that is of course even better guys because of
course what you can go ahead and do you just come down here to the categories
and it’s picked the exact niche you want to go into that we can find products
directly dedicated to that with that being said the way I’m gonna show you
guys how to find winning products today is gonna be specific to one niche course
guys as method works every single niche but for today’s video just for the
example I’m gonna be picking a product and showing yourself I’m winning
products in the health fitness and wellness category where that being say
guys we’re gonna go over here impress health and fitness so of course
guys now it’s showing us displaying results one of ten out of thirteen
hundred and twenty four results that are just in the health and fitness category
again guys it is sorting the results by popularity that is completely fine of
course guys you can sort with a few different things average sale initial
sale average percent me bill total stuff like that guys you guys can sort a
course sort with a bunch these different things but for the sake of video we’re
gonna leave it on popularity guys because that is completely fine what
popularity really means guys it’s pretty much showing us the products that are
making the most sales day-to-day so it’s pretty much showing you in order this is
the number one selling product and health and fitness this is the second
most selling this is the third most selling which is of course great guys
because this is already gonna show you a bunch of products that are already
really successful and are doing very very well already guys because of course
these products up here are easily clearing tens tens of thousands of
dollars in sales every single day I can almost guarantee that guys with that
being said to actually find a good product you want to look at a few things
guys of course the first thing is gonna be the product itself the landing page
is the sales page go through like their entire phone guys and make sure it’s a
solid product overall where did that in just a second but the second thing you
guys are gonna look at is gonna be the stats for the actual product itself on
Clickbank and of course guys when you go over that in just a little bit later
like I already mention guys the first thing we’re gonna look at is actually
gonna be the product itself and the funnel and that probably actually is
using so for example guys we’re gonna go ahead where does that pick a random
product I’m not gonna choose like the top two or anything let’s go to the
fourth one guys so what you wanna do we just click this link right here and
it’ll bring you to the actual sales page hopefully doesn’t plug a video anything
okay it’s a video sales page which is of course good alright guys so this is
pretty much gonna be the landing page where the lean belly breakthrough for
this product right over there they shave a pop up when you gonna click off the
page just exit out hi guys this is a pretty simple video
landing page of course as video converts really really well so it’s actually
really good actually a video landing page all this stuff looks pretty good
guys do this simple 2-minute ritual to lose one pound of belly fat every 72
hours that looks good of course guys I’m not gonna watch this entire video but
I’m assuming as soon as it gets like maybe halfway to the video some button
will pop up here that’ll say by now or something like that through that being
said guys’s landing page looks great it all checks out of course just be careful
with that pop-up like I mentioned before that pop-up that that we got some
websites and specifically like Facebook ads and Google advertisements they
actually don’t like that little eggs pop up see Mike in trouble with them if
you’re actually a link directly to the site of course guys in their affiliate
tools they’re probably have like two separate links anyway one what to pop up
more without eight so I would definitely go ahead and use one without the pop-up
if you guys can find it with that being so guys be able to go back over to
Clickbank know like I mention guys now we look at the landing page on the
product itself it all looks pretty good what we’re gonna do guys is we’re gonna
look at the stats guys because the only real information that we have on these
products and how well they actually they sell is the stats that Clickbank gives
us so we want to completely take advantage those guys of course I’m gonna
scroll back up to the top actually started this off and let me actually
zoom in for you guys here and really zoom into this into the stats when your
guys who are we looking at guys these stats that are right down here most of
these stats are going to be pretty self-explanatory so right there guys
like initial sale that’s pretty self-explanatory average percent sale
average people total of course like oh that’s some pretty self-explanatory guys
I’m not gonna go into too much detail explaining what each of these stats mean
because I don’t make the video way too long but the one stat that I will
explain is gonna be this one right down here that says graph which is gonna be
short for gravity so pretty much guys the gravity of this
product right here is gonna be 76 points 17 so whereas if you do not know what a
gravity is I’m not explaining why now guys pretty much the gravity of a
product is pretty much a number that Clickbank makes up based on how many
affiliates are actually promoting that that product at that current time
successfully so guys with a gravity of 76 that means that there are a lot of
other affiliates promoting the same product but it’s not like an insane
number guys in my opinion anything over like a hundred gravity is gonna be very
high that’s probably gonna be where you want to keep your cutoff point for
actually picking products with a high very high gravity the reason you guys
don’t want to pick a product with an insanely high gravity is because yeah
there’s gonna be a lot of competition any product with over a hundred gravity
is gonna have a lot of affiliates also promoting that same
Zach product we’re just gonna create a lot of competition for you and yes guys
competition is good because that means the product is good and that it will
probably sell well but guys too much competition will definitely hurt you
especially rear beginner it’s gonna be very hard if you compete against these
other guys or much bigger budgets and a lot more tools and a lot more experience
overall so guys you guys want to pick a product
with a gravity of probably somewhere between like 20 to like 80 and that’ll
actually give you guys a really good range for products that have some
competition which means they’re selling pretty well but not going way overboard
and picking a product with a ton of competition because like I already
mention guys that will definitely hurt you with that being said guys that’s
definitely gonna be the best way to ensure you got a good winning product
without having a product that has way too much competition with that being
said guys you should all should be looking at all these other stats of
course guys these come down to more personal preference of course things
like average sale and initial sale that really is gonna depend of how much you
actually want to make up front with the initial sale so of course guys if you
want to make like $50 bra per sale you’re gonna need to choose a product
with an initial sale at least $50 so of course it has its own etad the top right
here we’re doing has initial set of $40 you guys might not want that one what
you guys would probably rather go for the organifi one that has an initial
sale of $72 this one also has an average rebuild of 136 dollars guys so pretty
much saying that you’ll initially make $70 on that first-time sale but if that
customer actually stays on to the next month and they get rebuild you’ll
actually make 136 dollars as like as a commission which is of course really
really good guy that’s really high and of course cuz that’s a great way to
actually stack up your income if you sell a lot of these products you’ll
eventually start making passive income just off the rebuilds guys which is
another fantastic way to actually stack your income and make even more money
online with that being said guys you guys can of course come over to these uh
these filters down here and actually mess around with some of the filters to
actually fit your personal preferences like I already mentioned guys I pick a
product with a gravity of probably between I said 20 and 80 we’re gonna go
ahead and actually bring these down to 80 and then of course guys like I
already mentioned before but you can also do is you guys can actually mess
around with the average sale the initial sale they have a dreamboat total so if
you guys wanted a product that it has a rebill you guys kind of course just
change the average rebuild total it’s like nine dollars and that’ll go and
I’ll give you guys every single product that actually has a rebuild with that
being said guys one of the last things you actually want to look for when
looking for winning products Clickbank is gonna me to make sure that
the product you actually choose has some sort of affiliates tools page
hi guys with that being said we’re gonna scroll down right here to the three week
diet they have enough late page right here guys as you can see I’m gonna click
that link now a lot of these products actually if you sign up to get actually
to get access to their affiliate tools which isn’t very hard guys I have to do
is press yet yes I want to be your affiliate and just enter your name and
email I’m gonna definitely fast and that way you askin actually get access to
their full affiliate tools page alright guys so I’m just putting my name and
email and I entered that and now I actually have access to their full
affiliates tool page guys so what this is is it pretty much has a ton of stuff
it’s gonna be able to help you promote their product better so with that being
said guys you better create your links page some coupon codes you have some
banners so imma show you guys some of these things right now of course you
guys used some banners reaiize could actually use and some of your
advertising use some ads you guys could use to run stuff like this guys which
will help you promote the product let me show you guys some other things they
have some videos makeshift email swipes so I have these email swipes you can
pretty much just take copy paste them to EEMA and just send them out to me my
list in order to help promote this product as well guys but that means that
it gives you a bunch of different emails and subject lines you guys can use to
actually promote the product only affiliates tools pages is a bunch of
different tools and things that the products company actually gives you guys
in order to help you promote the product better so when you’re looking for a
product you definitely wanna make sure they have an affiliate tools page that
will definitely help you guys out a lot you guys can use these email swipes or
banners videos whatever you guys need they’ll have a lot of the stuff right
there with that being said guys that’s the last thing you want to look for when
you’re actually looking for a winning Clickbank product so of course guys when
it comes to anything definitely do your research under a lot of this stuff
before you actually pick one product of course guys if you’re in a niche like
health and fitness or I’ll make money online online business you guys can
definitely pick like 3 or 4 different products you can kind of promote on
rotation so of course guys we’re just pulling the same product over and over
and over again that might not do that well because not every product is for
everybody guys you have to trying different products for different people
so I choose like three or four different products all in the same niche you can
time promote to people on a rotation of like once a week one maybe two weeks
stuff like that guys with that being so there’s I pretty much wraps up this
video so if you guys enjoyed definitely be sure to leave a like and if you guys
really enjoyed definitely make sure to subscribe for brand new videos every
single day and with that being said guys my name is Anthony Villa I will see you
guys in the x1 I am out peace


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