How to Fire Your Boss & Generate an Income Online How to Earn Money from Internet Tutorial 2019

I’m gonna show you guys how you can get
potentially to get paid from multiple directions and dude we we’ve we’ve been
testing something out literally over the last three days officially testing
something out over the last three days you know with this this whole concept of
how do you get paid as a marketer right if you’re if you’re if you’re a marketer
over here you know you’re building your business online you’re promoting doesn’t
matter if you you know in affiliate or you know building a team or doing your
own stuff right most marketers have just one income flow right with just one
income flow and that can that that in most cases are dependent on that one
income flow right whether there’s a a product that they sell could be their
own product right it for the most people for most of us it’s it’s like products
that we sell for other people which is really cool we don’t have to create it
we don’t have to customer service said right I happen to you you know to be
doing all of these right but the problem with that the problem with that is one
income flow what happens if that goes away just like can anybody relate to
that I mean you were you were like promoting one thing and you were so
hoping that one thing would work for you and and just like maybe it works for a
little bit and then just vanished just like that and your income the entire
thing just kind of you felt like your your your your rug that pulled down from
underneath you right so you don’t want that that’s what a lot of people are
doing okay in our marketplace I want to show you today how you’re gonna have
this multiple sources of income and I’m like dude how can we I mean I I you know
I can do this for myself gurus big-name gurus can do this you know people who
understand marketing very very few people have this by the way if you look
at any any entrepreneur on the internet any marketer and this is this is a
little thing that most people don’t understand any marketer online all right
that is a true entrepreneur somebody who is not just a pretender there’s a lot of
pretenders out there you know but somebody who is really really truly
successful and they can prove it I guarantee you guarantee you without
exception all of those people have multiple streams of income coming in
okay some of them have three four five some of them have fifteen twenty and
more okay so I’m gonna show you how you can take this concept and you can apply
it to yourself and it doesn’t matter if you just got started online yesterday
because after this point it was virtually impossible it was virtually
impossible to pull this off for a complete beginner for a complete newbie
today it’s possible and we have proved it and I’m gonna show it to you all
right I’m not gonna guarantee you any income whatsoever look you can make you
can make as much as you want you know for me personally testing this concept
with a brand new campaign went from zero okay set up a demo account demo campaign
I’m gonna show you exactly where the income came from and everything like
that here on this webinar but it went from zero to get me on track to forty
six hundred dollars plus per month recurring income within first twenty
seven hours okay is that cool now I did not have to do any personal selling
whatsoever I didn’t have to do any personal selling okay that’s the really
really important thing here is is removing the human component away from
the sales process this gives an average entrepreneur an average Joe an average
marketer right somebody like you know I don’t know many of you guys by the way
how many how long you been online how long you guys been online here for tell
me you know throw out the number how long you know six months two years five
years you know yesterday you got started right how long you been online for it
doesn’t matter because it removes the human component out from the equation
okay and it gives a you know an average person a real shot at success okay so
we’re gonna talk about that I’m going to show you specifically how we do it and
I’m gonna show you something what I call the sales and marketing ecosystem again
after this point it has never been possible for a real average everyday you
know guy okay we want to take people you you know if that’s what you want but we
wanted to shift the landscape in a little bit do what we can okay we’re not
able to change the entire world but we can we can impact and influence people
that we serve okay and so our vision is what can we do to help affiliate
marketers people who promote other people’s products network marketers
people who promote you know and build teams direct sales people to really help
them get this thing called results okay not necessarily informational more
information there’s plenty of information out there you need
information that’s don’t get me wrong I’m not gonna say that you know this is
you don’t have to do anything just hit that button become rich that’s a lie
okay anybody who tells you that they’re lying to you but you
the right kind of information okay and with the right kind of information even
first and foremost man is you need to get results okay why do people I do most
people profile is because this guy he just joined right and I don’t know if
you can see yourself here or not but he just joined okay and he’s got this one
income flow coming in you know maybe he’s you know this is a network
marketing company that he’s promoting a product with maybe it’s somebody else’s
product that he is trying to promote maybe it’s his own deal he just put out
there but he’s scared he’s never done this before he tried all these different
things before okay maybe he tried this I’m gonna represent it with dotted line
maybe he tried this and none of these things worked for him right so he’s like
failed failed failed and he has a a track record of failure okay no results
and his sceptical spouse is like is that another thing you’re gonna try right
what is that doing to his self-confidence right yeah his
self-confidence is going down do you think he would he will do what needs to
be done to make this work okay absolutely not and so and he’s got
pressures from home from spouse from you know bills piling up from you know car
payments and house payments and and and and information from all these different
marketers out there on the internet what this guy needs man is he doesn’t need
more information he’s got enough he’s got plenty he needs to cut down on the
information he needs to get the right kind of information because he’s
focusing on the ninety you know ninety-eight percent of stuff that may
be produced two percent of the results he needs to flip that around focus on
the on the handful of key elements and key activities that going to produce 98
percent of the results okay and that’s exactly what gonna talk about today at
the end of the day he needs to get resolved as soon as I came here I can
get him okay if I can help him realistically truthfully honestly
genuinely okay help this guy even with this income stream help him generate I
don’t know a hundred bucks okay how many of you okay how many of you would be
thrilled to see your first hundred dollars earnings as a result of
promoting a real product not pie-in-the-sky not like you know selling
air or anything right not like an opportunity to where you’re just
tricking people into buying the same thing that you just bought and so you
can promote there’s there is no value there’s no product people just selling
compensation but a real product or a service and you
you right you got pay your first $100 and you can you knew how you’ve done it
so you can do it again but most importantly what if that could
lead to you know maybe $200 here maybe this is gonna pay you $3,000 a month
okay maybe this income stream is gonna pay you $4,800 you know a pop okay per
sale maybe this income is gonna pay you I don’t know 20 bucks a month okay and
you have all these different things going around and they’re all it’s like a
a well-oiled machine right it’s what I call the ecosystem of marketing and
sales and you don’t have to do any of these sales would that be awesome okay
tell me that way about be awesome right so this is the this is the vision you
guys this is what we’re trying to do here in the industry with the 4% group
and I’m gonna tell you how that came about okay so Rick step number one is
the the secret magic formula to making anything work and sell anything okay
number one is you gotta have a good product to promote you cannot make a
good product or service okay okay you gotta have you gotta you gotta
exchange now for those guys who are selling out there and of people that are
out there they’re selling basically nothing there are selling compensation
they’re selling you know pansies right you know it you joined because you can
you can you know promote the same message you can get other people to join
as well okay but what’s the product no there’s no product any product is
useless nobody would buy the product nobody would buy the product if you take
away the opportunity right never do that that’s bad okay that’s bad again I’m
getting pitched every single day I got at least you know probably five
opportunities right now sitting on my desk people are like hey man you should
promote hey I was offered I you know a seven-figure signing bonus for one of
the deals that and I said I’m not I’m not gonna do it because I don’t resonate
with the product I don’t promote anything that I don’t use myself period
and I know my I might be weird but if I’m not using it dude I’m not gonna
promote it why because when I’m using it that means I own it and I have something
called moral authority when I look at you in the eye and as I get it and I
have full four a hundred percent moral authority
because I know I have it you know what that energy transfers over so make sense
so having a good product to promote or service is key for me I don’t promote
you’re not gonna see me promoting anything that I don’t personally use and
I didn’t personally pay for out of out of my own pocket I’m not getting calmed
for anything I don’t accept companies that
compensated products or like free positions into into deals or like free
review copy you know I know some marketers out there some gurus you know
they come to me they’re like Vic I would like to promote your stuff can I get it
can I get a free spot in in whatever you’re like you can get a free copy of
your program or product or get a free you know membership into the four person
I’m like dude no no don’t do that because you don’t have you have zero
more authority you can’t look somebody in the eye and say you know and expect
anybody to buy it if you don’t own it it just doesn’t it just it’s just crazy
it’s just ridiculous right number one so have a good product number two nothing
it’s not a rocket science but this is where a lot of people miss out okay
number two is you gotta have a power full system powerful system of promoting
that product because guess what if I have a product here right let me tell
you a couple things about the product what I’m looking for in a product is I’m
looking for a product to be super competitive okay I don’t I don’t need a
product that has no competition that nobody promotes why why would I promote
something that nobody wants to buy or nobody promotes right I’m looking for
product that is good that has a lot of competition competition it’s a good
thing because what I’m going for is and I’m not playing the competition game I’m
gonna have a powerful system designed for domination I was you guys who were
my beta group right you guys know what we talked about we talked about the D
word okay somebody somebody tell what the deep that the D word is okay we’re
talking about the D ward man okay we’ll go for domination and we don’t worry
about competition okay we don’t worry about competition at all I’m gonna show
you how and in just a minute here okay number three I never promote the product
directly ever okay if you guys already writing take a note down never ever ever
ever ever ever promote a product directly that’s what your competition is
doing you don’t want to compete competition domination you got it
neither competition is is is great but you don’t want to be in that come
competitive pool okay because you will try to compete man I don’t want to
compete man I want to dominate you know what I mean one time I was promoting a
product it was this is when I had my biggest breakthrough man it was of 2010
and I was promoting a Clickbank product a product that I owned at the time I
don’t I don’t use it anymore right now so I don’t endorse it now but it was a
product by a Charlie Paige great guy director of easy okay I think they’re
still around I’m not sure how good it is or not I’m not endorsing it right now
you know this is just what I did in 2010 so in 2010 I was promoting that product
on Clickbank I didn’t have to create it I didn’t have to service it I just
promoted and for a commission right 50% Commission and it paid $100 everybody
and their dog was promoting that product man all the big name gurus all the big
legends the the names that you would know if I told you okay of the industry
at that time everybody was pushing that products through syndicated content
through email marketing through just blogging about it I mean it was crazy
everybody’s conversion was like 2% only $97 product and people were stoked man 2
percent on a ninety seven dollar product conversion rate it’s pretty awesome you
know well what I did is I had a little I had this right here and it was it was
not anywhere as nearly as powerful as what we have now you know in the 4%
group but I had a system and I was getting 22% conversions as opposed to 2%
everybody else was getting and then I and I systematized the process and I
gave that process to to this guy right here who was a complete beginner and I
said hey man plug this to this system see if is gonna work for you and was
deprecated able write this down systems work people fail okay systems work
people fail I’m gonna take a look at the comments here make sure you guys are
here okay and this thing does this resonating with you guys okay tell me if
this stuff resonates with you yeah let me see I want to dive into the I
want to dive into the into this right here okay yeah yeah it was 48-hour cash
machine hey Lana you got it yeah you remember it some of you guys made a
bunch I mean something some of these guys were here went on to create you
know to promote that product they didn’t have to sell right but they you know
they promoted a marketing system for the product not the product directly but
marketing system for the product right and you know people were people who had
never made a dime before three hundred bucks a month seven hundred bucks a
month fifteen hundred bucks a month twenty thousand dollars a month it was
crazy and then ever since that time I always applied and use this principle
okay powerful system promoting a product now then you need to have good no not
good okay good is not good enough you need to have super targeted targeted
traffic okay you need to have super targeted traffic you don’t need a lot of
traffic man we used to mean there used to be a big buzz and then look you know
I’m known as a traffic guy I mean I have since 2006 seven or so right I made a
conscious commitment and decision to become permanent or recommendation right
he says look Vic traffic is the lifeblood of your business you don’t you
don’t you don’t depend on anybody for traffic dude you don’t you don’t want to
depend on any one traffic source you don’t want to depend on any one traffic
provider you want to make you want to know how to dig your own well okay when
it comes to traffic make sense because if I can generate traffic at will okay
and I can convert that traffic into sales for whatever it is that I’m
promoting this is irrelevant okay this is important but this can be anything as
long as I provide as long as I believe in it right I can target and if it’s all
the formula for me is list I use traffic send traffic to the system okay and
system promotes whatever the product I wanted to promote very very simple now
up to this point you guys this is the formula that I have been using if you’ve
been following me around you know for you know for any period of
time you have seen me do this every single time I never promoted the product
directly including my own okay now when I teach this concept to a complete
beginner he would be like dude I get it conceptually but how do I do this right
how do you do this okay do you know how to create up a powerful system that
converts do you I mean do you know how to pick out the structure you know how
did the program I develop it right and there are some tools that make it easier
psychologically what do you talk about how do you position it all this stuff
see a complete beginner I can teach him until the cows come home man but he will
not be able to do because it’s information that he does not know how to
apply okay it’s overloading him okay make sense so what’s the solution here
okay what’s the solution here well up until this time if you apply this model
right which which works in which which is exactly what I used one thing that I
did not teach okay publicly because I know this would practically be
impossible but something that I was also applying and I told you every successful
entrepreneur who’s truly successful those top four percenters or top two
percenters or one percenters right these guys have multiple streams of income
coming in multiple okay they can be you know syndicated income streams that can
be something that they can recommend but it’s all synergistic and it works
together now what if what if there was a way for us to do that step number four
to this you know a super equation here right and where we add M s I write
multiple multiple streams of income okay now multiple streams of income this
right here my friend is something that’s really really cool because it takes this
concept this doesn’t change but it changes your the whole paradigm the how
you how you market how you you know how you do the business it changes changes
everything here’s here’s what it does okay here’s
what it does if this is if this is your bucket right here okay this is your
bucket and your income goal once and give me your yeah but Procter talks
about multiple streams of income yeah tell me what is your income goal per
month okay we’ve got to have goals you’ve got to know what you’re going for
if you don’t you’re gonna end up somewhere if you want more money I’ll
give you a $1 more you have more money okay be happy right
you gotta be very very specific okay tell me what is your income target
income goal per month where do you realistically want to be not like I want
to be I want to make a billion dollars every second okay that would be I mean
you know that would that would not be realistic although it could be right but
you know I mean from from zero to a billion a second right at least that
would be impossible so one hundred thousand five thousand million okay
violin borghini ten thousand a month two thousand a month okay all right some of
you guys are for forty thousand okay twenty thousand ten thousand so okay so
let me let me just kind of summarize let’s be very very simple you don’t say
ten thousand a month okay ten thousand a month let’s say this is your income goal
is 10,000 a month this is your bucket okay every single month you have to fill
this bucket with rocks rocks representing your income your
commissions because this is this is who we are man we we get paid for producing
okay now yes there is leverage there is recurring monthly commissions and all
that good stuff I don’t count that I count that as a bonus okay save that up
for taxes or save that up for going on your you know dream vacation or
something like that save save that up for you know whatever but every single
month have a mindset of you know what I’m starting from scratch every single
month and so and this is how you can get big really really quickly on the
internet is so you don’t live based on your you know what you’ve done yesterday
you wake up today and your thought is like how can I be awesome today
how can i how can I better my results from yesterday
today zamak cents if you live by that man you will explode and you will rise
yourself up to the top half of 1% in this industry with the right information
ok so check it out if this is my bucket every single month I have to fill it up
to reach 10,000 with rocks rocks representing different income
commissions ok a lot of people focus on these little pebbles okay they’re
getting $2 Commission’s $5 commissions that kind of stuff you know they’re
doing cpa marketing whatever it takes a lot of these little puppies right to
fill up the bucket make sense some people focus on $100 commissions
okay I’m gonna get $100 okay um it takes about 100 100 conversions
per month or 100 sales to get your $10,000 right now what you want to do
the fastest way for you to fill it up is you gotta identify your big boulders
let’s say this is gonna pay you I know one of the income streams we have
available here pays you up to forty eight hundred dollars okay it could be
two thousand dollars but you know it’s a big chunk right you throw one of one of
these guys in here BAM see you throw another one of here 4,800
bucks BAM you’re almost at that right you throw another one now you’re
overflowing okay so I’m saying three is a lot less than you know 50,000 of these
pebbles paying you or 5,000 of these pebbles paying you two bucks per
conversion my cents now some people would be like okay I’m just gonna go for
the big boys over here and that’s right you can do that but considering this
metaphor though if I throw just a big just two big boulders in the bucket
right yeah that’s gonna get me to my goal but I’m missing out on so much
because look there’s gonna be gaps man see this bolt over here and that this
guy isn’t done on top there is still gap over here you see this metaphorically
speaking why don’t I fill it up with commissions dude I’ll be foolish right
if I can so I can have this thing be filled up a hundred percent does this
make sense you guys okay make sense so what I want is I want to have all
these three types of rocks going into my bucket because those I want the little
pebbles I want the smaller commissions and then I definitely want the big
boulders and here’s the thing I want for this guy to be able to do this even
if he is completely new okay how do I do this there is no way in the world that
he will be able to set it up by himself or I guess well let me just trace it
back again okay very very very very few people very few people who are complete
beginners can do this and set up this to work in an ecosystem to where he doesn’t
really have to do much selling it’s not about it’s not about just grinding every
time you grind to build something great and then you want to automate it right
you want to automate it as much as possible so very very few people in the
world understand how to do this the only way I can help this guy is if I
can do it for him okay if I can do it for him you guys agree with that so what
if I had a what if I had a whatever I’ve developed a system that does that for
anybody I want to you know I want to plug you know plug this into you okay
that the only thing that this he would need to focus on is he would need to
focus on the four percent of this first of all it would remove the human
component from the sales process okay but it would this is what’s called a success triangle
you guys okay it’s not a pyramid it’s a success triangle okay he would focus on training okay the right kind of training
what what does he need really what does he need okay he needs to focus on a
handful of things number one he’s traffic but he doesn’t need to focus on
the 96% of the of the traffic you know stuff that that’s been that’s floating
out there okay he doesn’t really need that he needs to focus on the 4% traffic
okay okay then he needs to understand how he got the conversion okay
initially okay there is there is there was three things here okay there was
three things there was marketing training and then there is something
called mastery slash freedom okay now ultimately he wants to be here
but see the thing is is like this we gotta go like this we got to go this way
clockwise okay we got to go clockwise we start from the left corner here because
I can teach that guy but unless he has the confidence to take the right kind of
actions he will run into brick walls okay now what I need to do is I need to
plug him into something that will help him produce results fast okay so you
guys what we’re doing right now okay is this right here is something called the
four the four percent triangle okay here’s what we do
we said you know what we’re gonna take that guy we’re gonna help him out as
much as we can okay let’s see what you guys talking about here can this be long
term absolutely Sonia okay I will tell you okay I will tell you I will tell you
exactly how this will be long term just a minute here okay so check it out
here’s what we did we said look we know what works we tried it you know we
mastered it we use it I use it all the big gurus use it these kinds of systems
right but for the average guys it’s virtually impossible okay how can we
help that how can you help the guy so we’re helping by first of all focus on
getting results okay that’s what that’s why we created the four percent group we
said look we wanted to have the four percent group represent an identity okay
we wanted to represent I’m gonna talk to you a little bit about that but what we
focus on is we will focus on a few very very key things okay we first of all
focus on marketing okay and this is first of all the in order for me to help
this guy sell whatever it is that we’re selling okay I’m gonna tell you how you
know how this whole thing is structured here but the only way I can help him is
if I can get him plugged in to a done for you okay done for you marketing
system done for you sales system if you will okay to where he doesn’t take he
doesn’t have to present he doesn’t have to talk about the product he doesn’t
have to sell the product to his prospects does that make sense
what if the system did that for him okay you said well okay what will be his part
is this like buying a franchise okay it’s not a franchise model it’s not a
business opportunity model but this is what’s called leverage okay it’s called
leverage and so that’s what we focus on is we focus on helping him sell now this
is done for you for that done for you Sales System right it already has good
products that are identified right and that he doesn’t have to worry about okay
what do I promote okay what do I promote it’s already done for him okay it’s
really good stuff legitimate products from other companies it’s not selling
air but it’s done for you sales process okay now next we focus on multiple
sources of income for him immediately see if I can help him generate I don’t
know you know hundred bucks and permissions okay or forty eight hundred
dollars in commissions right here where I help him generate an extra thousand
dollars a month okay his confidence is gonna go through the roof and then he
you know his skeptical spouse would be like honey I love you I love you I
always knew you could do it and then these guys be like man this thing really
works he’s confidence now he can talk to
people when he when he talks when he now applies the trainings over by the way as
I get him plugged into the marketing and selling I teach him the four percent
traffic I tell him exactly where to go and how to target the right kind of
people that would that are already looking for what what the system is
selling for him that make sense so this is where he’s part comes in but I get
him plugged into the four percent training not just the ninety eight or
ninety six percent of the garbage that’s out there see I’m saying so we’ll focus
on the handful of things get good stuff you know the healthy stuff and then as
the system is selling for him I’m teaching him how it does and why it
works so that he gets the concept he’s like hey I understand this because I now
teach him the four percent conversion part simultaneously s he is getting
results you see I’m saying this is a big big big shift in our industry because
nobody’s doing this you see I’m saying here guys okay so
then what we do okay he’s getting results and now he’s able to you know
get the cooler stuff right now as he is training right he goes on to become
what’s called magnetic entrepreneur okay my handwriting is horrible you guys I
it’s not about being fancy over he’s about getting the message across okay so
we trained him how do you become magnetic entrepreneur what does this
mean it means that people chase you down instead of you chasing people down how
many of you love to chase people okay how many of you love to just like nag
people and hey you gotta join my duties I joined my dealer I joined my dad
you’re right now man you wanna have people come to you that’s the best way
to do it how can you position yourself you don’t do this this doesn’t come
naturally man this is something that you acquire by doing the right kind of
things by getting the result so you have the you have the proof you have the
backup you have the authority right in the marketplace that’s the only way I
can help this guy succeed for the long term
that make sense now this marketing side of things right here right it also
allows him to create not to have something called sales and marketing ecosystem
okay and it gets him results fast somebody says hey is this a
get-rich-quick thingy depends how you look at it you want to get rich slow
nothing wrong with making a lot of money man nothing wrong with with with making
you know whatever it is you’re selling look if you’re if you’re earning a
commission by selling a real product do you want to sell it slow you want to
drag your time if you go to dentist right and you want to get your tooth out
do you want him to you know there’s a joke you know one day we went to the
dentist and and you know the dentist pull the tooth out in like you know like
five minutes right and the guy is like and then he purrs and then the dentist
presenting him with a bill and the bill is like I don’t like 500 bucks okay and
and the the patient is like did you crazy took you five minutes to pull the
tooth out man come on you want me to pay you 500 bucks for five minutes
he’s like brother I could take five hours to pull that tooth for you you
know so that’s what I’m saying you know you don’t want to I mean if you have if
you can get a result you want to get that results slow or do you want to get
that result by by just like you know cutting down your tongue condensing your
timeframes right does it make sense so all right so this is this is this is one
side of the four percent of the four percent group you guys okay this is one
of the things that we have now we simultaneously teach people the really
key elements the four percent all right that really produced ninety-six percent
or better of the results quickly okay that’s what we do now as you go through
this your goal is to become magnetic because that will lead you to becoming
master or to truly have your freedom okay to where you can promote anything
you want to promote you have your own well to drink out of right your fresh
water to drink out of you don’t have to depend on anybody you know how to make
it work with any company any situation promoting anything and you never ever
have to depend on anybody for traffic for converting that traffic for you you
get that you become the hunter hunted instead of the hunter make sense you

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