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What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel we’re today
guys I’m gonna be telling you how to generate leads using just YouTube now
guys I get the question all the time people want to start with free traffic
and they want to know how can i generate leads by using just free traffic I don’t
want to pay for anything I don’t pay for advertising pay for traffic nothing I
want just free traffic how do I get it and how do I use it to generate leads
I’m gonna tell you exactly it and do that by utilizing YouTube and leveraging
that pretty much the second biggest search platform in the entire world to
generate a ton of leads to potential customers email lists for your business
women time into my computer in just a minute to do that but before we do that
guys if you’re brand new to the channel it’s the first time you’re checking out
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new videos every single day and with that being said guys we’re gonna dive
into my computer right now so I can show you guys how to generate some leads all
right guys we’re now in my computer as you can see we’re on YouTube of course
that’s what this whole video is about and the way I’m actually show you guys
how to generate leads is I’m gonna show you a bunch of other people that are
using this exact method to generate a ton of leads just by leveraging YouTube
just by leveraging this huge search engine this huge search platform we’re
literally millions and millions of people let’s watch hours and hours of
video every single day all we have see you guys is getting in front of those
millions of people get them to actually opt in to our list and become one of our
leads what are we gonna do that is guys the first one we’re gonna have to do is
actually pick an easy pick a random topic so let’s just go with something in
the health and fitness niche I don’t want to just type in like lose weight
fast that’s way too obvious and that’s way too basic so we’re gonna go for
something that more specific we’re gonna go for the ketogenic diet I’ve woke us
up before because I’m kind of thinking of actually starting in myself but I
thought it’d be a good example as well all right guys so the search term
ketogenic diet brought us back about three hundred sixty seven thousand
results a ton of stuff of course and you guys can’t ignore this stuff over here
this is my own – buddy plug-in you guys won’t have this of course it was can
ignore that you guys we’re gonna pick some of the top videos over here that
wasn’t ads we’re not a clip now gonna put that one didn’t really earn that and
then turned the tops probably kind of paid for it that’s fine but I’m just
saying swinging click this first video and then the second video I won’t open
they’re both a new tab and what’s interesting about the bad guys is before
I even like go over to these videos I want
show you got something really fast because like just for the search term
ketogenic diet this guy right here gravity training zone fallows experts
blah blah blah they actually have two videos ranking both the second and third
search result just for this key term alone to show you the bat this guy right
he was doing a great job or actually getting on the search results getting in
front of people because for every single person that comes over and type skier
Jen a diet a lot of them are gonna land on one of these two videos and I only
opened one of the videos but I’m gonna show you guys this person more than
likely as some sort of a filial link or he’s selling something and he’s actually
monetizing this is search time alone he’s making videos with the sole purpose
of ranking for this search term and then monetizing his videos with that I said
the rise I’m gonna go over to the first video which was key foods on a ketogenic
diet I’m actually to play the video but um I just want to show you guys the
description because the course down here guys this were all at the monetization
party BT happens is in the description I got Shay off the bat all we have here is
we have two things we have his facebook group which is I mean getting some into
our Facebook group is kind of like getting them as a lead because not gonna
selling on an email list but they’re in your Facebook group so every time that
you actually post in your Facebook group they’ll see it so that’s just that’s
kind of like just as good me on that necessarily 100% has good cuz I like
direct wall messaging we’re just getting them in there there are other ways you
actually convert them onto him a list maybe in the Facebook group in the
Facebook group itself he has like a pin post and he hasn’t I got a landing page
link there and that’s her ex I’m the opt-in to your email list or what Jabez
down here is his head is on free keto mini course so it’s a free it’s a free
course which I mean you know it usually sounds like a lead magnet like a have to
go bribe we’re just a click on England and what it actually does is it brings
it over to his messenger interestingly enough so what I have over here I’m half
like blur my messages out now this is great but what we have over here guys is
he did not necessarily try to get you onto his email list you should I get you
into his on messenger so of course once you message him it’ll probably give you
like an automated message back alright so I’m not actually a message to my
press get started because I might actually trigger like some sort of
automated like uh yeah I’m facebook Messenger sequence so I’ll get message
from this guy for the next few days but that’s what most likely happened guys
you’d probably get some sort of automatic message back and in the future
I’ll probably promote to you straight to Facebook Messenger that’s a big thing
that’s happening and kind of rising recently and
if a marketing community from at least what I’ve seen a lot of people have been
going away from email and going straight to the facebook messenger because it’s a
lot more direct there of course again millions of people on Facebook so just
it kind of makes sense that’s that’s clear the tact he’s taking with that
being said the guys it was a two links he has just got up top of the
description those the ones she really want you to see I think I see some more
down here just to a ton of sawfish twitter does video blog YouTube blah
blah a ton of stuff guys and all he’s really doing here she’s linking you out
to other places where he’s directly related all this stuff he owns a course
his Twitter his blog his YouTube whatever it is or do you coaching down
here which I’m assuming of course you have to pay for that’s Nair where he
actually does monetize and makes money there’s off there’s one video alone I’m
gonna go over to the next video guys and kind of show you probably the same exact
thing so now we’re over here in the next video again you guys can ignore this
stuff on the right you won’t have that we’re gonna come around to the
description again guys the right at the top with the
description guys again we have two things we’ve the free six-week challenge
maybe a fat loss calculator so we’re gonna do first sort of a free six week
challenge let’s go over to there to that do that brings us and of course guys are
brought us to a landing page no surprise there pretty much what I figured I was
laying page looks pretty okay that’s a video but will for Washington okay she’s
probably reserved for fourteen minutes there forty spots available ace your bet
and this is always just another landing page guys but this person’s obviously
doing is this is how he’s generating leads how is generating sales is just by
putting a list the link this landing page in this video description of course
this video has over three hundred thirty thousand reviews you guys it just like
one percent of people watch this video more and click that link and landed on
this page you’d be getting what about thirty three thousand people over to
this page the last person did was record an eight-minute video uploaded to
YouTube with a nice description title thumbnail all that stuff and he’s put
the link in the description and then jazz I guarantee
okay guys like hanging guarantee but I could almost guarantee he generated a
ton of sales a ton of leads probably sales to just up as one video alone just
from having that link in the description where’s your course guys is huge this is
essentially where your guys are gonna be doing as well we’re sure guys really
want to be doing and aiming for is pretty much just making YouTube videos
on specific topics on specific keywords that you want to rank for this like the
example that I use guys were ketogenic diet where two guys would actually do is
you divorce pick a keyword or a search term in your niche not everybody’s gonna
be in the health and fitness niche and also in line get the ketogenic diet
of course a very specific thing so I’ll just say for example that your niche is
sleep and let’s dive a little bit deeper into that and say that your niche is
gonna be how to stop snoring what you guys and then do is you make a video
maybe talking about your top three your top five tips on how to stop snoring
anything guys in the description of the the video you put something like I want
even more tips get my free ebook on how to stop snoring put your link to your
landing page where they can get your ebook into their email address and that
person is now your lead you can email them maybe make a sale time in the
future and promotes my flavor products them around that niche around how to
stop snoring that is essentially where you guys are gonna be doing you me doing
the same exact thing these people over here we’re ranking for these search
terms over here we’re gonna be doing but you’re gonna be doing in your niche of
course now if you guys have any other questions about this method or anything
more specific about it cuz I did cover this a little bit fast I don’t make this
video super super long I just wanted to give you guys like the general gist of
it if you guys have any more specific questions or comments you’re more than
free and drop them in the comment section down below I’ll answer every
single one I get and with that being said look guys I pretty much wraps up
this video you guys have any more questions like I said drop a comment if
you enjoy the guys definitely drop a like on the video guys if you really
enjoyed them make sure to subscribe right now for brand new videos every
single day and with all that stuff being said guys my name is Anthony villa I
will see you in the next one and I am out yes you


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