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hey there my friend Aaron Chen here I
hope you’re doing well if you’re watching this video right now then
you’re doing more research on how to generate traffic for affiliate marketing. This is the best traffic training you will get. Right so you know what affiliate marketing is you’re promoting some sort
of filling offer but you don’t really understand how to generate traffic to
your affiliate offers so over the next couple of minutes I’m going to give you
some strategies I’m going to explain the process to you so you can really go out
there and figure out how to do this stuff yourself okay
so if this is the first time you’re watching my video my name is Aaron Chen
I’ve been online for nine years eight of those nine years I failed miserably but
it was you know last year that I really cracked the code generated you know over
a thousand sales in my business I’ve had 500 read days where I generate 500 leads
in a single day and I’ll talk a little bit more about how you can do that in
your business as well right at any time if you want to spend a little bit more
time with me please click on the link right below this video it’s going to
lead you to my free online affiliate training where I go through all this
stuff in a lot of detail there’s very little that we can do on a youtube video
right here but if you want to spend a bit more time with me I show you how to
do that I show you how I build up my affiliate funnels I show you where I get
my traffic all that good stuff okay so if you want to learn how to you know get
traffic for your affiliate business this is basically the structure of what the
front end of any affiliate business should generally look like right so
you’ve got first of all it begins with your landing page right so this is your
landing page it’s a very simple website I like to use the you know six-pack ads
example so let’s just say your offer is you know an offer for chewing men how to
get men or women how to get six-pack ads right your landing page this is a
website that you own needs to have sales copy on the top that talks about how to
get six-pack ads right so this this this capture page is very very important
because if you don’t have the right message you’re not going to attract the
right people and you’re not going to be able to get people to enter the email
which means your conversion rates on your front end will be very low so for
example it might be something like you know if you want to learn how to get
six-pack ads in 60 days or less without starving yourself
without quitting drinking forever then enter your email address below and I
will show you how to do that now that to me if I want to get six packs you know
six pack pack abs that would be a pretty attractive statement right so I might
leave my email address inside to find out a little bit more okay so once I
leave my email address inside it’s going to lead me to what I call the value
series that’s where you make videos of yourself and you add a lot of value to
your prospects you you teach them one tip every day on how they can get closer
to getting six pack abs okay and then at the same time it their email address
goes into your autoresponder and you start to send them a series of emails
for the first seven days and then after that you can broadcast emails to them
every two to three days this is the best structure that I found that works the
best without pissing off your potential prospects because you don’t want to
email them every day but you want to stay in the mind of your prospect
because otherwise they forget who you are okay now that’s the basic structure
okay so your question is how do you get traffic to your affiliate offers well
what you want to do is you want to send traffic this way right and there are
lots of different sources that we can talk about there’s YouTube there’s
Facebook there’s Google pay-per-click that’s Instagram
and then this solo ads right you know I put solo ads at the end because I think
they’re the worst form of traffic out there a lot of people say that oh you
know you always you know you want to buy a solo ad because solo ads are actually
very easy to buy I mean you could generate a thousand leads today like
that if you wanted to it’s very easy you just go to a solo ad center you give
them a thousand dollars and they will send you a thousand clicks or two
thousand clicks or whatever it is right but the problem with solo ads is that
it’s extremely saturated there’s a lot of fake solo ad sellers out there that
sell bot click so they’re not even real human beings okay so it’s a very very
complex way to get traffic I would I would not recommend solo ads unless you
really really know what you’re doing okay but the ones that I like are
YouTube I love YouTube because I think the quality of traffic on YouTube is
very very good Facebook is very very good as well Facebook it’s a pay-to-play
platform that means you basically learn how to
you know use the Facebook system and then all you have to do is you just pay
for traffic and you run your campaigns so Facebook’s very good and Google
pay-per-click is also very very similar to Facebook but the problem with Google
and Facebook is that because they’re big networks you have to really learn how to
navigate those networks properly otherwise especially for affiliate
marketing they might shut your account down ok so you need to be very very
careful I’ve had multiple accounts shut down I’ve had my Facebook account shut
down three times I’ve had my Google account shut down twice so if you don’t
know what you’re doing then you know the big networks are going to want to shut
you down so you must be very very careful ok but if you can figure it out
these are some of the best ways to generate traffic ok so for example if
you if you know how to do it on YouTube you’d basically make videos like this
you get a camera out you’d make a very value driven you know video like this
you would target specific keywords ok and then you would do some very good
on-page SEO and off page SEO to get your videos ranked because there’s no point
having a video on YouTube if it’s not ranking and people can’t find your
videos alright so once you get a lot of traffic going you want to lead all this
traffic to your landing page right and then it’s very important to that the
traffic that you’re driving is congruent to the landing page and the affiliate
offer that you’re trying to market ok so for example if you’re marketing a
program that teaches people how to get a six pack but the traffic that you’re
driving is about people that want to play golf then there’s a bit of a
disconnect there you know does that make sense right and because the people who
are one a golf want to learn how to make me maybe get
along the swing or longer drive when they get to your website and your
website about you know learning how to get six-packs they’re not going to
because of the disconnect they’re not going to want to enter the email address
inside because they’re not interested in that topic okay so if there’s one thing
that I can teach you today is that congruence for your entire funnel is
very very very important ok so so basically now that you understand
that there are different ways that you can generate traffic what you want to do
is you want to go out there and find information on YouTube Facebook or
Google or Instagram and then lastly solo ads that teaches you how to actually
master this traffic okay I can’t do this in this course you know on this video
unfortunately because there’s just not enough time but each of these topics you
know you really have to learn it and become a master so the whole point of
this video is just to get your you know get your your ideas flowing and to
explain to you this is the actual structure of how you get traffic to your
website and how you should you know set up your your website in a nutshell okay
but if you want to learn how to do this all properly and you want to spend a
little bit more time with me I’m going to show you I would like to show you how
to do that if you’re interested in doing that all you have to do is click on the
link right below this video and you’ll learn how to generate traffic for affiliate marketing. You will love the traffic training. All right click on that link enter your
email address inside and I’m going to take you through my entire process I’ll
show you how I set up my website what I say what my funnel looks like where I
get my traffic from what product of my marketing you know these are all good
things for you to learn and we can spend a lot more time together that way if
you’re interested okay so if you want to do that click on the link right below
this video in the description box opt-in and let me know what you thought of this
video today did this help you out does this help you to understand this the
structure of how to generate traffic for affiliate marketing and how you should build your affiliate marketing business and I hope
you enjoyed the traffic training video today I wish you all the best of luck in your online
endeavors and I hope to speak to you very very soon take care

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