How To Get 400 – 500 Leads FAST & Make Money With Affiliate Marketing In 2019

– Super excited to shoot this
video for you, because I just started a brand new campaign
from complete scratch. And you guys can see here,
that I already have 497 quality leads in my GetResponse account. If you are not familiar with
what leads are, they’re simply email addresses that are
logged into a database. The database that I’m
using here, is known as GetResponse and it’s actually
a free trial to sign up. And you’ll be able to capture
names and email addresses and then follow up with those
names and email addresses. A lot of people are struggling
with trying to convert people, convert leads
into sales and they expect to just send people through a product or a system and they expect them to buy. Well that just doesn’t happen like that, you need to build a
relationship with these people and that’s the purpose of
building an email list. So, don’t expect that somebody’s
going to buy your product right off the get go, right off the bat. You need to make sure
that you’re continuing to deliver quality
content, just like this. ‘Cause you just don’t meet
somebody for the first time and then get down on your knee
and ask them to marry you, right that would be crazy. Sometimes it takes a few days,
sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes it takes months. So what you need to be
doing is demonstrating that you’re an actual
expert in your field. Okay, that’s one of the key
components when it comes to email marketing or any type
of social media marketing, you need to show people
that you’re actually there to help them. So this video is a perfect example. What I want to do is I
want to walk you through exactly how I built
this list of 497 people. And what to do after you build that list, to start to kind of build
a relationship with them and get them to eventually,
buy your products, okay. The flow is going to
look something like this, the first thing that you’re going to need is you’re going to need traffic, right. Traffic is the life
blood of your business. Yada, yada, yada, you’ve
heard that before. But, it couldn’t be closer to the truth. You need traffic, you need
eyeballs to your websites. So for those of you that are
newer, traffic is just simply eyeballs to a website,
eyeballs to a landing page. So in this case, what I
did is I went out there and I got 497 leads, I
actually purchased these leads from what’s called a solo ad provider. And a solo ad provider
actually owns a large database of emails,
sometimes they’ll get there emails from like YouTube
ads, from Facebook ads, from a website banner ads online. And then they’ll go on and
they’ll resell those ads to you. Now what’s cool about
this, is a lot of quality solo ad providers will lead people through a qualification process. A process in which they
actually won’t send you the lead, until they
know the lead is interested in whatever product or
service you may have to offer. In other words, they send
out a survey to these people and they will go through this step by step question’s process to
the point where they’re either a qualified prospect or not. What most quality solo
ad providers is they will take the quality prospects
that pass this little survey test and they’ll pass
those leads on to you. And that’s exactly how I
got this 497 active leads. And so what will happen is
when we take these people from the solo ad provider,
the solo ad provider will send an email out to their
list, their database of people that are qualified and then
these people will click on the links in the email and
they’ll go to a capture page. When these people fill out
the capture page, they’re then logged into your email
database in which they will receive email follow up series. Now you’ve probably received a few emails from me, three to be exact. So many of you have received
it, maybe you haven’t received those emails and if you
haven’t that’s totally fine. Because what my goal is, is to
build a bond and relationship with you guys, to the
point where hopefully you buy one of my products or services. If not that’s okay too, I
hope you enjoy the value that I’m giving you in this video and that I continue to
give you, because I know that it will benefit
you one way or another. And so after they fill
out the capture page, they will then be sent to
what’s called the offer page. The offer page could be
a sales video, it could be a webinar sign up form,
it could be whatever product or service the sales page of
what you’re trying to sell. So, what will happen is
most people won’t buy on the first go and that is exactly
why you need an email series that is being sent out on your behalf. So, what’s really cool is
a lot of solo ad providers will pre-make emails for you. Even a lot of system providers, where they will actually
have done for you traffic, they’ll have emails that are
pre-loaded for you so then you don’t have to worry
about any of the copy. Until you kind of start
generating your first few results and maybe even your first
few sales, then you can start to learn how to build
your own email series. And even build your own capture pages. What a lot of good solo
ad providers will do, is they won’t even make
you write out or create your own capture pages. So you want to be sure
that you pick the right solo ad provider, you want to
be sure that you’re selecting the right product, and
you want to make sure that you have the right follow up series so that you could build that
bond, build that relationship. And hopefully, eventually,
get people to buy your stuff. So, if you want to learn this
kind of stuff in complete detail, you’re really serious
about building a business online, I would highly
recommend checking out the first link in the description below. That’s my top recommended
system, for starting and growing your affiliate
marketing business. Now essentially affiliate
marketing is selling other peoples products and
then earning a commission off of the sales of those products. So what’s really cool is
you set kind of this half right here or again have
somebody set it up for you and then the offer page
and the actual product is created by somebody else. So when you make a sale, you
get part of the commission. And there’s some products
that pay anywhere between like 50% commission all the
way up to 100% commission. So again, if you are
serious about learning how to build an online
business with the affiliate marketing business model,
selling other people’s products so you can travel the
world, so you could do more of what you love with
the people that you love then go ahead click the first
link in the description below. And we hope to see you on the other side. If you got value from this video, please give me a thumbs up. This is Josh Elder the Authentic Marketer always keeping it real raw,
authentic, no fluff, no filler. And don’t forget to
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upload, when I upload them. 497 leads guys, I’m looking
forward to seeing how this campaign rolls out and how it evolves. I will keep you guys updated, take care.


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