How To Get Affiliate Partners – Get JV Partners

In this episode, we are talking about how to inspire other people to promote the heck out of you. Hi there, my name is Max Simon and welcome to the Big Vision Show. This is all about how you can reach more people and thrive financially. So in case you haven’t noticed because you’ve been like hiding under a rock, one of the greatest ways of building a big e-mail list, getting your message out to millions, selling out your products, programs and events and definitely getting recognized as an authority is through getting other people to endorse you and promote you a.k.a. “Joint Ventures” and “Affiliate Partners.” The problem is, that just about everybody I know makes this, oh my God, so freaking complicated and difficult and all these reasons why they can’t do it. And I’m here today to slap that up out of you because truth is, getting joint venture partners is a science but it’s not nearly as difficult as a science as your mind is making it out to be. So, here are the four steps you can take today to start getting people to promote you. Step Number 1: Is get clear on who’s in alignment with you. You see, the greatest partners are people that are just like you, they have similar values, similar beliefs and they speak to a similar tribe. So, make your list of people that are in your circle of influence or in your sphere of awareness that you feel deeply aligned with, even if you don’t know them yet. Step 2: Is get clear on what you can offer them. You see, most of the time it’s just worthwhile to give them 50% commissions and maybe promise to promote them or reciprocate in some way, shape or form. Now you don’t always have to promise reciprocation, but you’ve got to come up with a juicy affiliate offer. So, get clear on what you can give away for promoting you that feels attractive and generous. Step 3: Have as many conversations with potential partners as you can. You see the first thing you’ll realize is that they’re people, just like you. And instead of putting them on this all mighty pedestal and thinking that they got all their *** together, realize that they’re just people trying to do good work in the world, trying to build great business, trying to do something that matters, just like you are. So have conversations with them, talk to them about what’s going on. Talk to them about what they want and share what you have going on. You’ll find just like anybody else, they might get excited about what you’re doing. And Number 4: Make it easy on them to promote you. You see, give them e-mails that they can send out on your behalf. Write what’s called swipe copy so that they know how to speak about your opportunity. Just make it easy on them and the cool part about that is that you can say all the amazing things about yourself and your programs that you always wish somebody would say and then just send it over to them and watch them publish it to the world and the next thing you know, you feel like “Wow! people really respect me” Because that’s your e-mail that you wrote. So, those are my four best steps to get you into the joint venture world today, like right now. Pick up the phone, start calling some people. And I will say this, that if you want some deeper level of training, click the link below. We have an amazing new free training for you about how to get joint venture partners fast. So click that link below, register, it’ll be awesome. And I’d love to ask you our Big Vision question of the day, which is “What have you done to get other people to promote you?” Share that comment below, everybody in the tribe would love to see it. And as always hit the like button, post it on Facebook, Tweet it, maybe LinkedIn. I’ve never even been on LinkedIn, but you go for LinkedIn if that’s working for you. Alright, well thanks for watching. I’ll see you in the next episode. Much Love.


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