How to get and increase positive feedback on eBay

if you’re watching this it’s because
you’re awesome and you’re about to learn something that makes you even more
awesome in this video I’m going to reveal the
secret to getting more positive feedback but I’m going to tell you it’s also the
same secret that helps me keep a top rated seller status and super seller
status at the same time and a hundred percent positive feedback the biggest
clue to what I’m doing is right here in the feedback from the customers
that’s I sell to now you’ll notice there’s a pattern here look at among the the
really nice compliments that they give there are things about fast shipping a
good seller great prices but it’s not the prices that’s getting me the most
feedback great seller fast shipping perfect item quick shipping great ebayer
A+++++ thanks great seller thank you A+++++++ and now
here’s another clue wick shipping quick shipping here as described that’s
another clue right there there’s two things that I’m doing
number one you heard the old adage under-promise and over-deliver well I’m
putting on their regular shipping on my listings now you might say well that
doesn’t that hurt the number of sales that you get well I think I’m more than
make up for it with having a really good feedback score because I’m under
promising a little bit on the shipping and then I go ahead and ship it one two
three day Priority Mail in most cases and then people are very pleasantly
surprised when they get it really fast when they were thinking you know it was
just going to be regular ground as described we’ll see the other thing I
do and I actually got this tip from another youtuber and it made a lot of
sense to me so I of course started doing it before I would not put anything on
eBay unless it was absolutely perfect for fear that I’d get some negative
feedback but then I got this tip from somebody else if there’s anything wrong
with it at all make sure you take a picture of what’s wrong and put it in
bold letters in your description like the first tank thing they see so that
they can’t miss it and so if there’s a scratch or something like that put on
there scratched where the scratch is and take a picture of the scratch and put
that in your pictures and just be upfront and honest about what’s wrong
with the item and then you’ll get positive feedback with stuff like this
where it says as described people like that people like that honesty and they
respond to it very well and the people that that don’t want something that
scratched or dented or something they they just won’t buy it because you put
it up there and then you don’t have to worry about dealing with them because
they don’t buy it now if you want to know how I being This honest and stuff and
you know yes it may slow down your sales on certain individual items how I deal
with that and still get such a high sales rate then watch my next video
because I will reveal there how much money I’m making on eBay and just how
much amount of inventory I have on the bay and what my goal is for in the next
amount on eBay so be looking forward to that video where I reveal all those
numbers and I’ll put it right here on sane enterprises if you like this video
or you want to see a different kind of video or do you want to see more of this
eBay stuff or less of this ebay stuff any thoughts put it in the
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