How to Get More Views on YouTube 2019 – In 3 Minutes

– This is absolutely the
easiest and fastest way to get more views to the videos you’ve already published. (upbeat music) Brian G. Johnson. Brian G. here from
Bryan G. Johnson dot TV. And to grow on YouTube, stake your claim and amplify your message by subscribing. Click on the bell notification
and you’ll be on your way. Improving things like the lighting and editing of your videos is challenging and takes a lot of time to dial in. However, this is so much easier and will result in more views and
subscribers to your channel. Simply upload a better thumbnail
and measure your results. And measure your results. Let me show you just how easy it is. First download the YouTube studio app, then obviously open it up and you’ll see this screen here. Next click on one of
your individual videos and notice the pencil icon in
the upper right hand corner. Click on that and notice in
the upper right hand corner, change your thumbnails
and select a photo album that contains the thumbnail
you want to upload. Definitely not that one. Hey, don’t laugh. Most of you YouTubers
upload terrible thumbnails and it really hurts their chance to grow. Instead, select something
awesome just like this. Now here’s an important note, you see I don’t just think
this thumbnail is awesome, it’s a proven winner. That is, I’ve tested this
thumbnail design multiple times and every single time,
this style thumbnail, it drives more views. You see what most YouTubers
don’t really, fully grasp or understand is it’s the thumbnail that contributes to watch
time or lack thereof. You can’t really succeed
on YouTube in 2019 with a subpar thumbnail. And notice 3.2% click-through ratio. That combined with the fact that this thumbnail has had over
400 thousand impressions in the last 28 days tells me that this video is performing really well. And this is how you can
get more views easily by not just uploading a thumbnail but by testing them out. You see I’ve tested out dozens
and dozens of thumbnails over the last six months
and it’s allowed me to easily increase the views to every single video, I publish. Think about how powerful that is. Let me show you. Now here you can see the thumbnail style I had when I began this experiment. Now notice it says click-through rate here and the click-through rate was 6.97%. Now notice the thumbnail on the bottom, the variation has a
click-through rate of 7.65 and remember when the
CTR number is higher, that results in you getting more clicks. Viewers are clicking more of the time. And this was phase one
of this particular test. It ended on October 19th. And this small change
has resulted in thousands of additional views to
this particular video. And then I tested it again and I took the click-through
rate from 7.89 to 8.05. Now you can split test your thumbnails. You can do it for free or you
can also do it with TUBEBUDDY. Let me show you how TUBEBUDDY works. And I also want to let you know, I’m going to show you
how to do this for free. Keep watching. So, first you’ll log in to the website and then you select AB test then click on Create AB test and you’re brought to this particular page. Now what you do is you select a video you’ve already uploaded and notice I’ve selected my YouTube
Algorithm 2019 video. So, that’s what we’re gonna split test. And by the way, this is a real split test that I just launched yesterday. And I’ll select thumbnail CTR test. I’ll click select and then I’m brought to this particular page. Now I’ve got two options when it comes to the length of this test. First, I can set the
number of days for the test here or I can simply select run until click-through rate is
statistically significant. Now that whole statistically significant, don’t try to say that three times fast, is really important. I’ll explain as we move forward. So, let’s select statistically
significant and move on. And here you simply ensure that the setup is as you intended which
it is and I’ll continue. And you can see here,
the original thumbnail, I’ll simply upload a new
thumbnail as the test thumbnail and then in a few days I’m going to know beyond a shadow of a doubt what the audience likes, not what I like. But what the audience responds to and that’s what’s so important. Now TubeBuddy makes this
really easy to manage. You can have multiple tests
running at the same time. Fantastic. At the end of the video I’ll share how you can get TubeBuddy Legend
for free for three months. Keep watching. Now one of the things
that’s really important to consider is it’s not so much the test. What matters is how you
test, when you test. There are certain parameters, you want to understand. I’m going to explain everything right now. And I’m going to show you
how to do it for free. Let’s jump into YouTube studio Beta and I’ll show you how. So, from inside Creator Studio,
click on try Studio Beta. From here, click on
Analytics and of course it’ll take you to the Analytics page. And then at the bottom under Top Videos, click on See More and here we have your top performing videos and
we can see impressions, click-through rate, views
and average view duration. These are the things that are critical that we want to measure
as YouTube creators. Notice this video here. iMovie Special Effects has a
nine percent click-through rate and it’s had over 100,000
impressions in the last 28 days. That’s a fantastic result. Next, click on Videos and you’ll be taken to this particular page
and next, select the video you want to split test. Oh, and quick bonus tip. You see that where it says Title. If you click and hover
over that question mark, you’re gonna get this
screen here and it says, “A catchy title can help hook viewers. When you create video titles, it’s a good idea to include keywords your audience is likely
to use when looking for videos like yours.” Just wanted to remind
you about those keywords. However, what we want to do
here is click on Analytics. Now you’re brought to this screen and notice that the first thing that YouTube presents is the Watch Time. That’s the goal we want to increase. But we’re gonna click on reach viewers because one of the ways
to increase the watch time is to increase the CTR,
this number right here and you’ll get more clicks
and thus more views. If you start getting more views but you’re alarmed by the fact that your click-through
rate is going down, don’t be, that’s a sign that
things are going fantastic. Now make sure you follow
these best practices, so you don’t mess this up. First, begin your split
test after several weeks. What you really want is
to begin the split test after most of the views coming into the video are from non-subscribers. This is why it makes
sense to wait a few weeks after you’ve published the video. Remember, I mentioned
statistically significant. What that means is if
you’ve got 53 impressions, that’s not anywhere
near enough impressions to get a really good idea as
far as the entire audience and what they like, what they’re going to be incentivized and
compelled to click on. So, do this when you’re split testing, make sure you don’t make any judgments or any changes until each variation of your split test, in other words the two different thumbnails have at least 1,000 impressions. Another thing to consider,
different traffic sources on YouTube say, search,
browse or suggested. Well they have very
different click-through rates and YouTube measures accordingly. So, how do you actually
split test a thumbnail? It’s actually pretty easy. Return to this screen
that I showed you earlier. What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna measure the impressions, the
end click-through rate, the views and the unique viewers for a selected time frame
that you want to measure. So, for example, let’s say
you returned to a video that you published six weeks ago. What you can do is begin
measuring this information from 30 days ago, that
way most of the views coming in will be from
non-subscribers and then you just want to measure and save this particular information. What’s really interesting
to me is what the most successful YouTubers do
when it comes to thumbnails. No matter the niche, no matter the topic, no matter their style. There are a lot of commonalities
that they’re leveraging. First is this thumbnail from Bright Side. And notice how simple it is. Notice how there’s one
solid background color. The colors are very saturated and again it’s easy to understand. And once again, a thumbnail that’s really easy and very clear, that’s the thing you want to think about. And that’s the thing that
so many YouTubers don’t do. Now here’s another variation that’s often used by many YouTubers. This is Linus Tech Tips and what he’s got is two focal points. Everything else is incredibly simple and that makes it really easy to understand what the video is about. It’s about the phone
lasting an entire week. Here’s another great example. Really, really simple. Less is more and this is PewDiePie, arguably the biggest
YouTuber on the planet talking about how to make
really good thumbnails and notice how simple and
clear his thumbnail is. Ethical click-bait, it’s not a bad thing. Dream YouTuber Penthouse and check out this video right here. You can see I’ve more
than doubled my views. And all it took me was just a few minutes. I’ve actually got a free
YouTube Master Class walking you through how
you can do the same thing. Click on the M now to learn more about my free YouTube Master
Class and how you can access three months of TubeBuddy
Legend absolutely free. Thanks for watching. And I’ll see you on the next video. You dig?


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