Hey guys! Katie Melissa here, back with
another entrepreneur related video. Today I want to talk to you about getting paid
on Amazon every day or every 1-2 days
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video helps you in any way. So let’s just jump into this video – how do you get paid
every day on Amazon if you are a seller. The first thing is you have to be
selling on Amazon for at least 90 days and also be grossing $2,000 per month.
Now that doesn’t mean netting, that doesn’t mean you’re actually making
$2,000, it’s just your $2,000 sales mark on Amazon in the last 30 days. 90 days is
equal to 3 months so I know it seems like a while before you can be eligible,
but you guys can do it. You just have to have an active seller account for 90
days. It’s definitely worth the wait and it’s a total game changer in my opinion.
The program and website i’m talking about is called Payability. With Payability you can scale your business way faster and not need to have as much
capital. Generally when you’re selling on Amazon they will tell you you have to
wait at least 2 weeks before you can get paid. That’s the disbursement period. Two
weeks is kind of a long time to wait, at least when you’re doing high sales
volume or if you just didn’t start with much capital. And then you have to factor
in the 3-5 days it actually takes to transfer the money into your
bank account. When I started out selling on Amazon, I thought that Amazon’s
electronic funds transfer would be instant or would be dispersed within 24
hours. Generally it would take three or four days or it may be even a little
bit longer if the disbursment period was on the weekend. A long disbursement
period can really seem like an eternity especially around the busy holidays and
when you’re doing high volume sales and of course all throughout fourth quarter.
Sometimes this waiting period can even make or
break a business! So my experience with Payability has been really awesome. I’ve
been with them for about four months now and I wish I had discovered them sooner
I really have nothing negative to say about them so far. So far the customer
service team has been so helpful to me whenever I have any questions. I actually
send them emails maybe once every other week just asking random questions so I
can learn more about their business and just how everything works and generally
I’m pretty critical of these types of programs. Overall the customer service has
been amazing the staff has been really friendly always answering my emails
really fast. Obviously my favorite thing about Payability is the ability to get paid every day. You can transfer funds to your bank
account up to one time per day. You can transfer every other day, every three
days, just however often you want. I like to do it as often as possible because I
do have a pretty high sales volume, especially during quarter four. One thing
to note is I don’t think they do transfers on Sundays so if you do use
them just just be aware of that. You can also email their customer service team
and they’ll be happy to answer any questions. With Payability I’m super
happy with the consistent cash flow that’s really necessary for my business
and other businesses of mine as well besides Amazon and it really helps me
scale the business. My Amazon business has really taken
off just this whole year in general but Payability has helped a lot in regards
to scaling. So I’m sure you guys might want to see some of my history on Payability so go ahead and take a look into my Payability account see some recent
history recent statements and how often I really do transfer funds into my bank
account. Again, I try to do it every day just because I love that consistent cash
flow that really helps me scale the business. Being able to buy products as often as I
need to for my customers. So I will open up my screen share now on my computer and
let’s dive into my Payability account. Hey guys. Welcome back. I’m just going to
go over how Payability works a little bit before I get into my own account but
you can see here this is before I’m logged in I’m just at
how – it – works and this is kind of what I was saying in my video. You sell
products on Amazon and generally your waiting 2 weeks get to receive your payment
from Amazon that’s not even factoring in the three to five days it takes to
transfer those funds electronically to your bank account, so yeah, two weeks give
or take. With Payability, you can access your Amazon earnings the very next day
as often as you’d like, again, up to once per day. You can transfer funds directly
to your bank account the same day or Payability credit card. I don’t have the Payability credit card. I just use my own bank account and just reiterating cash
flow to grow your business again obviously will help you scale your
business if you can make those daily transfers. Getting started – Sign up for
your Payability account, connect your Amazon seller central account. Again you
have to wait 90 days and have grossed $2,000 in the last 30 days and again
that kind of just states the eligibility requirements right here. Here
on YouTube I’m going to leave you a special link in the description of this
video it will be the very first link and basically when you sign up with my link
I will get a little bit of a commission just want to be transparent with you
guys and honest I will get a commission but you will also earn $100 to be in
your Payability account which you can then transfer. And now we are in my Payability account as you guys can see my daily active balance or available
balance will be right here. I had already clicked transfer and today
as a Sunday so generally they’ll transfer on Monday so this was my
balance I transferred it to my bank account which will take effect tomorrow
these are my pending transfer requests from just a day alone so that’ll show up
in my bank account tomorrow generally by noon or 1:00
PST going into my reports we can see here that um judging by the
dates I do transfer these funds to my bank account nearly every day lately
definitely every day because it’s such a busy time of year so these are just the
balances the pay ability balance the amount that is still due from the Amazon
Marketplace this hasn’t even actually caught up I think it’s because today’s
Sunday so maybe they’re a day behind but when I go into my Amazon Payments it’s
actually 23,000 that they’re supposed to be issuing me or issuing pay ability by
January 3rd but here it says nineteen point six thousand so I think they’re
about a day behind when I go in to pay ability payments these are all the
payments that have I’ve transferred recently you can go in and see basically
everything you transfer these are my daily payouts so pretty good definitely
had a 6-figure about this December and also November marketplace payments you
can see everything but generally I just spend most of my time here on the
homepage of my account because that’s where I transfer funds it literally just
takes two seconds I wish I hadn’t have done it already so I could show you guys
but you just click transfer funds and you select your bank account and you
select the amount generally I will always select all of it I’m just going
never want any funds to be held I just want them straight to go straight to my
bank account anyways guys this is how you get paid every day with Amazon once
you are eligible it won’t take long and it’s completely worth the wait. I hope
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