hey guys Rachel here in my apartment oh
look they’re you anyway I wanted to make this video because I’m
chilling here on the weekend I just wanted to hang out update my youtube so
I wanted to talk about the troops about getting into affiliate marketing I have
a lot of beginners messaging me on Facebook or in my email or an Instagram
saying well how do I get started because I don’t have money to get started and I
don’t have a following like you have so I tell them like the truth you can
technically get started for free because all the stuffers that you need to get
into affiliate marketing such as click funnels mostly for your funnels and then
maybe collecting the emails if you want to use like convertkit for your email
sequences you get a free trial on them you get 14 day free trials so if you
really wanted to dedicate yourself and put the time in you could start being
profitable within the 14 days for most people the truth is that’s not gonna
happen especially if you’re brand new you’re gonna get overwhelmed like
especially if you’re at work all day and then you’re tired when you get home you
might only have like one hour a day to put into your affiliate marketing and
that’s gonna be like learning and then there’s not that much time left for
implementation so you might not get that done in the 14 days that’s okay just
know that you’ll have to like pay a little bit of soft for software’s but it
takes money to make money also it takes time and people say well Rachel I don’t
have audience like you or I’m not like an influencer or like I don’t have that
many Facebook friends or Instagram followers or zero people in my email
list and it’s like you just gotta get started I get free traffic all the time
not because I’m sitting there doing nothing but because I’m engaging on
Instagram and I’m engaging on Facebook so I’m going into Facebook groups and
I’m making new friends in there commenting on people’s posts and
replying to them and sending the messages and I’m posting value valuable
tips and in the group in the different groups on Facebook and on my page and in
my group so you’ll need to start doing that to start getting your following on
Facebook and it’s free to do but it takes time same with Instagram you can
be finding people online with certain hashtags like people interested in
making money online if that’s the affiliate marketing niche that you’re in
and it’s just taking the action of networking with them that’s if you want
to do the free traffic route also for a free traffic route you could do YouTube
you could do YouTube SEO but you’re gonna have to learn how to do the
YouTube SEO I only learned a little bit about how to do YouTube SEO the rest I
still pay a little bit to get it out sourced and get it done properly but the
only reason I do that is because I know that investment is also is going to give
me a return on the investment we’ll make more than I put in so I just want to
make this quick video to tell you guys the truth that okay if you have no money
you can make money still from it with no money but you have to hustle and it
might be unrealistic um timeframe and then if you have no following you’re
gonna have to make a following and study a bit about personal branding and how to
get yourself more perceived as an expert and influence her online so you’ll have
to start making these videos it’s not that hard take out your phone and just
talk posting on Facebook making Facebook groups you can also repurpose
information you can take my information right here things that I’m telling you
take note and make it into bullet points and then put those notes in a Facebook
group actually don’t do that cuz I’m gonna do that I’m gonna do that right
when I’m done with this video I’m gonna be transcribing what I said because I’m
just kind of going with the flow no I’m notes in front of me but I’m
gonna make the notes I’ll put them in my description and I’ll send it off to my
email list and I’ll post it on my Facebook group and
in other facebook groups and there’s just like a lot that you can do with
information and repurposing other people’s information so I do want to
know so those affiliate marketing for beginners what is holding you back I
want to know what’s holding you back post in the comments so we can overcome
it one of the easiest ways to get started I have a funnel it’s a viral
share funnel you download the template it’s all ready to go it’s everything
that you need you watch the training videos it comes with and you switch out
all the affiliate links with your affiliate link you want to generate your
affiliate links and then you start driving traffic and you could do it the
paid way with the solo ads which you’ll get clicks and conversions it’s like a
surefire way or you can do it the free way by making a presence on Facebook I
do both to do both so that link for that viral shared
unfree funnel is also going to be in the link below so leave your comment and
subscribe and I’ll talk to you guys soon bye


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