How to Get Started

[Music] welcome to CJ affiliate and thanks for signing up for a new account we often get the question from your publishers so how do I get started in this tutorial we hope to answer that question and set you up for success this is a great description of what CJ does to support our clients it’s really all about relationships and we act as a matchmaker to connect publishers with relevant advertisers and help publishers earn money for the content they create when we say publisher we’re referring to you the website owner and when we say advertiser we’re referring to the merchant or online retailer that has a shopping cart affiliate marketing can be confusing to simplify the process of getting started we broke it down into five steps we will go over in more detail each step in other tutorials but these steps also explain how affiliate marketing works for all of our tutorials we’re using a CJ test account so you have a new account and you’re ready to get started we are now logged into the home page of the CJ account manager for step 1 we encourage you to spend some time filling out your network profile which is located under the account tab this is what advertisers see when they decide to partner with you so the more information you can provide the better and please make sure to fill out your administrative settings to ensure payment for step two publishers must apply to an advertiser’s program to get started so from the account tab let’s move over to the advertiser tab this is where you’ll be able to pick Verte eyes errs that you would like to promote on your site and apply to those programs why don’t you target maybe five to ten to get started you are now ready for step three from the advertiser tab let’s move to the links tab once you’re accepted into an advertisers program you will now have access to an advertiser’s creative including text links promotions products and banners you have total control over what creative you decide to put on your site now that you’ve decided what create should put on your site that’s actually step four after you posted some links on your it’s now time to see how those links are performing for step 5 click on the reporting tab to review your progress and to see how much you’ve earned in commissions this was a high-level overview of how to get started and how affiliate marketing works for more information related to any topic we covered here today please visit our support center your account manager


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