How To Get Targeted Free Traffic To Your Website or Affiliate Offer

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want to check it out now let me go back to the topic there are several ways in
which you can actually drive traffic I don’t mean targeted traffic to your
website okay I know that sometimes people say like hey you need to go
all-in and you need to start paying ads paid ads are great but if you are not
sure of what you’re doing if you don’t have some kind of experience you can add
I’m losing a lot of money and I don’t want you to do that by the way I know
people write including myself that start with free traffic onto the we reach
central levels and then they make the transitions to go with pay traffic
that’s okay but you need to have the right mindset you need to understand
that whenever you’re going with free traffic you need to invest time okay
nothing is completely free okay you’re not gonna be putting money maybe because
you don’t have the budget to do so maybe because you are not sure if this is
something for you on your ones who get sorry with free traffic because you have
other things that you need to invest on that’s okay but again remember it that
you’re gonna be invest in time and at the end of the day this might
have on snowball effect okay you need to have that clear and you need to have the
right mindset you can get traffic from Cora Cora don’t come that’s a website in
which you’re gonna be answering people questions and depending on your how your
layout your answered you can drive them to a YouTube video you can add drive
them to your website or you can drive into your field offer I know that
nowadays Forest forums are not that popular but you can do that as well okay
and you can do videos okay you can do YouTube videos maybe you are not a
youtube person and you’re like okay I want to have quote-unquote instant
results okay if that’s the way you want to go I
suggest you to go with Facebook why because Facebook’s you have a lot of
groups and nowadays Facebook it’s you know taking or giving more importance to
groups than before why because at the end of the day Facebook is a social
network and the full intentions people’s Facebook what’s you know to have the
opportunity or to give the opportunity to people to me to have an interaction
so that’s why they’re bringing back or that they’re putting more attentions to
Facebook group now than before okay let’s say that you’re in the weight loss
industry as you can see you can make a search here with the keyword weight loss
you don’t have to everything about this and then you’re gonna click here in
groups for example I have this one weight loss and diet tips okay eight
hundred and eighteen thousand members 135 K here on the weight loss support
group fasting for weight loss 91 K and I again thrilled and I’m pretty sure I’m
gonna be able to find more cups one’s bigger than the other this one 973
this one is getting sorted this one it’s 289 so you can see we do have a lot of
Facebook groups but you are gonna join them and you’re not gonna be start
spamming your link okay that’s not the way to go what you’re gonna do is that
you’re gonna start interacting with these people so they can recognize you
as an expert if they have a question right and you have a product that it’s
gonna answer that questions go ahead and suggest it first of all free tip please
make sure that you’re gonna be reading the Facebook group rules okay some of
them do not allow too little links but there is always a way around in which
you’re gonna be attracting those leads and they’re gonna be reaching you on
facebook Messenger okay they’re gonna be reaching you on
facebook Messenger so that’s something really really really important the other
thing is that please try to interact with these people right a boy typing
something like maybe if you want to know how to do this type info that might work
in certain groups but again that’s gonna depend on the rules of the of the groups
so as you can see you have a lot of people who are gonna be interested on
weight loss products is what I like to do and my suggestion is like okay don’t
go to broad with weight loss because they’re different you know different
product says it’s too broad what I will like is I will go S or something like
this for example I put keto diet right and again I click here in groups and as
you can see all this groups are related to keto diets for example I have this
one keto for beginners 1.2 million members okay
Kito on low cards received four beginnings 895 came okay so this is
gonna be way more targeted and with that says I will know like okay maybe I’m
gonna go to clickbank I’m gonna find some kind of Fred look that it’s gonna
be related to keto diet and I know that I’m gonna get people who are gonna take
action because this is more targeted traffic okay remember that whenever you
are offering a product as an affiliate marketer or yourself you’re offering
your own product or services your product needs to solve a problem okay no
one is gonna be there buying something because they want okay
they are gonna buy it because they need it because they have a problem sometimes
it’s a problem that they have not identified the problem so maybe people
are here you know bouncing with the keto diet they’re not taking action because
they don’t know how to get started maybe they are in those groups are keto for
beginners right and maybe you have a product that says like okay this is the
beginner god of keto diet do not over complicate it with your keto diet here
all the receive that you need to follow every single day I don’t know I’m just
making it up okay so if you took let those people know in a pose or there is
someone asking like okay I’m interested in to keto diet how do I get it started
and you’re told them like hey this is the beginner manual if you want to
really be successful with it they’re gonna buy it
also if you make a post and you let them know like hey you know what I have a
great product or I find out the taquito the Kido manual for beginners something
like that or you create your own lead magnet so you can start interacting with
them on email so can they can recognize you as an expert that’s gonna be even
greater okay so this are some strategies the other thing that you want to do okay
this is a little bit more expert it said you can create your own Facebook group
okay you can create your own Facebook related to your niche again and I forgot
to sign something really important is that you can interact in your or in
different Facebook groups as yourself or as a page as a basis is something that
just gets sorted if you ask me like the ANA either/or it’s actually depend up to
you of what you really want I don’t have any special preference I still using my
facebook profile because that’s the way how I get started okay I don’t want to
have too many things but you can create your own Facebook group once you already
have like an audience that you’re ready build because you’re gonna find out that
these people are gonna start adding you as a friend they’re gonna start
interacting with you home facebook Messenger and if they find out that you
have your own Facebook group they’re gonna join because they they’re gonna
trust on what you have to offer okay then recognize you as an expert so
that’s the next step and a little advanced strategy here for example I
have my facebook profile is that okay on the cover you can provide something for
example I have my free affiliate marketing training here on the cover and
in the future image you can see that I let them know like hey you can join my
free free affiliate marketing training but also you can direct them to a
product that you have like do you want to know the best again the best manual
the best receive if you’re getting struggle you don’t know how to get
started with Kadota you click the link below or you can guide enter your
Facebook group that’s gonna depend out to you but as you can see there is a lot
of traffic on Facebook alone if you say you ask me like hey I really want to
good go to this go with it go all-in by the way if you want to know more about
this I have a free training in which I think all my affiliate marketing says
training my all minefield marketing secrets so if you want you to check it
out it’s gonna like the link below it’s 100% free I think teach these train this
information more in details and I cover all your affiliate marketing strategies
okay so if you have some comments if you have some questions live in the comment
area and it’d be more than happy to answer them do not forget to subscribe
to this channel and hit the notification bell and this is it for this video and I
see you on the next video

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