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how to get your affiliate link for a
product if you’re new to affiliate marketing then you are in the best place
to be when it comes to learning about affiliate marketing and making money
online my name is Stacia Kennedy and I am your coach I love teaching and
training entrepreneurs and business owners how to generate more sales and
commissions using affiliate marketing whether you already have a business or
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that you’re new to the tribe and if you’ve been watching my videos thanks
again for coming back today I’m going to share with you how to get your affiliate
link for product and I’m going to show you examples of a couple of products
that I love to promote and how you can find your affiliate link number one I
love promoting click funnels because for every business out there no matter what
type of business you own or you’re trying to build and grow your company
online you’re going to need a software like click funnels click funnels is a
landing page software you can build landing pages opt-in pages what you can
do webinars you can you know sell your products anything really pretty much
everything that you need is going to be available using the click funnel
software if you want to be an affiliate for this product you can simply be the
product of the product and buy the products and it will give you access to
the links or you can scroll down to the bottom of the page which a lot of the
times you actually have to sign up for the product and sign up for the
affiliate product in a different page for different companies but for click
funnels you don’t have to be the product of the product you don’t have to own the
product to be an affiliate so you can scroll down to the bottom of the page
and see it actually will be in the footer so a lot of times companies will
put their affiliate program down in the footer of the sales page so scroll down
to the website all the way to the bottom of the footer and click on affiliates
and you’ll get access to sign up for their affiliate program and in for
instance this is a different signup page but if you also buy the product you will
get access to your affiliate links direct
right into in the back office of clickfunnels I have another video for
that if you are interested in skipping to that video you can click somewhere
above my head and see how to find your affiliate links and kind of navigate
that section for another product I love promoting as well is is Aweber because
you’re going to need to have an email autoresponder let me refresh here you’re
going to need to have an email autoresponder to send out emails to your
customers and your prospects so for a weber it actually you can sign up to be
you know obviously I always tell people be the product of the product but for a
weber you do need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and you need to sign
up for their affiliate program and right here it’s under about Aweber become a
affiliate so a lot of times these products or services you’ll scroll down
to the bottom of the footer and I’ll say become an affiliate becoming a partner
something of that sort and you’ll click on that and sign up and all you need to
do is enter your information how you want to get paid your company
information or if you’re a solopreneur like myself you just put in your social
security number or your tax information it’s very common to ask for that
information because if you start becoming a super affiliate and start
making over six hundred dollars you’re going to have to pay your own taxes and
things like that because you are would be 1099 your Commission’s
okay another product I like as well is called click magic because you’re gonna
need to track all of your your links you’re gonna need to know where you’re
you know good traffic is coming from and if you want to be a really great
affiliate marketing person or affiliate marketer and have a real affiliate
marketing business you’re going to need to know where your business and traffic
is coming from using a tracker link like click magic you can track and optimize
all your marketing in one place so this is another product I highly recommend
getting and it’s the same thing as well even if you buy the product you still
need to go down to the bottom of there and sign up for their affiliate program
way down in the tiny footer print and sign up for their affiliate program
which will send you to a different page to sign up as well so even if you buy
the product and become the product of the product there is a separate page for
you to sign up as a affiliate so that’s how you would get your affiliate links
once you sign up for the further program they will start giving me they will give
you access to your special link another thing you want to do is you can also
google the products plus affiliate program to find the affiliate page
because sometimes they don’t always list it at the bottom of the footer they have
it completely in a different location on how to sign up for their affiliate
program so Google the product an affiliate program to find their page
last tip I want to share with you is you want to create maybe like a Google
sheets or some place where you can save your affiliate links because those links
are very long so you’ll either want to save your the affiliate programs you’re
signing up with your username and logins cuz you’re gonna have username and
passwords everywhere as well as the links I actually use the tracker like I
was showing you in previous videos I use clickmagick to save my links and use
custom links so I can remember just when I’m talking to people I can simply give
them a link just by memory but if you can’t remember you want to make sure you
have a sheet with all of your affiliate links so it can make it easily
accessible to share it with other people and that is my last tip for you tonight
if you want to know the top 7 affiliate offers that i promote then click the
link in the description and i’ll send you over the top 7 offers and then in
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because i’m gonna share with you how to build a landing page to promote these
offers alright thanks for watching this video if you have any questions make
sure to comment below and we’ll see you on the next video
much love and aloha


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