Hey guys, it’s MJ from endless RVing. has your dog ever gotten off leash and you’re called and they just didn’t come back Today’s video is getting your dog to come a called. You’re not gonna want to miss it Make sure to stay to the end for some bloopers All right guys how many of you when you say you’re walking your dog your dogs in the yard or you’re at a Campground and your dog gets off leash you’re calling They won’t come back or somebody else’s dog is running up to you and they’re not coming to their owner when they’re being called Today’s video. I’m gonna give you a five-step method to get your dog to come when called. It’s really important It’s a safety issue. This is not the only way to do it This is the way I do it and what’s worked really well for us as a trainer and as an owner So five steps four things you’re gonna need to start this process The first thing you’re gonna need is a long leash a long lead can be you can get 20 feet 30 feet They have all different lengths It doesn’t matter, you know, you can get much longer to work with your dog on the recall The second thing you’re gonna need is a harness. I tend to use a harness that connects in the front you can use back whatever you don’t want to use a buckle collar because if your dog does jerk to the end of the leash, that is gonna Hurt them here Again, really the best thing to use is that harness and you can hook it in the back I tend to walk my dog with the dog in the front if you’re gonna do this and you think your dogs gonna jerk Get it in the back. All right least amount of a chance of being hurt that way. All right So the next thing you’re gonna need this is really important is high value food What do I mean by high value food? Do I mean little training treats that are boring that your dog gets inside the house? No, I’m talking the good stuff chicken hot dogs bacon cheese Turkey, you name it meatball sausage cut up in tiny little pieces This is the good stuff that your dog may not get to often. But we’re teaching them that when they hear that word Come here. Whatever word you choose to use That means come because whatever they’re doing is not gonna be as good as what they’re gonna get when they come to you, okay? also, you want to use something that It may distract them. Okay as we get into the process a little bit later toys tug toys balls I know Ciara our pit bull nuts for a tennis ball So we’re gonna use those later to work on getting them to come with distractions. All right, really important Most dogs will come in the house If you call them is when you get outside on a campground off leash in a park or whatever where it’s harder for them so this is where that distraction piece is really key and then One of the most important things that we’re going to need is to make sure that you start in a low distraction Environment don’t expect to get a young puppy and have them come on called Outside before they learn to do it inside in most cases. It’s not gonna happen All right, people say my dogs not coming home call. Did you teach it to come on call? No Okay They don’t come into the world not knowing how are not knowing how to come when called so you’ve got to make sure that you teach them in a very easy low distraction environment first, so What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start in the house first, okay now our dogs are pretty good about how they gonna call We’re gonna start in the house first, then you’re gonna add some distractions in the house and then you’re gonna move it usually to a back yard is a good place to take it and then into um, you know, A field an enclosed field or something like that on the long lead really really work on the behavior there So we have a lot of clients that say to me. Yeah, my dog will only come when they see food That’s a training error If you’re calling your dog, and you’re showing them the food, of course, they’re only gonna learn to come when they see food so one of the most important things about Doing this is hiding the food. It’s key from the first second You do this the dog cannot see the food as you’re calling them or making a sound Encouraging them to come so you got to remember that that is a really important part of the process So the first step we’re gonna give you five steps number one step is making sure again that you start in your home in a low distraction environment and again, In your home, but not when a party’s going on or not when your kids have a bunch of friends in a quiet The environment that is really really important You can have your dog on leash have one person with your dog on leash Because a lot of times what happens is if you take out food and you put your bag on the dog comes running to you You want the dog away so you can have a partner if you’d like or just put the dog in a stay? if you would like to put the dog in a stay then you just walk across the room and then Do step one there have somebody hold the dog on the leash. If you’re doesn’t if your dog doesn’t have a good stay All right So the first thing your new pair a sound with food, we’re not saying come yet dogs Don’t understand what cum means until they start understanding what the behavior means. Okay, so you can do any sound some people whistle I tend to go a kiss sound you can do a click whatever works for you You are pairing that sound with the food you make that sound your dog comes to you and you pay big We are making an impression on the dog here that when they hear that sound. I don’t care what they’re doing They’re gonna come flying to you and it’s gonna be well worth their time again You’re competing with a lot of distractions once they get outside So you’re gonna feed them. You can take a piece of food say this big break it into three or four little pieces dogs Love quantity and if you good girl good girl good girl good girl, when they come to you give them four tiny little pieces Good do it again do that. Ten times in a row. All right, where they start to go all that sound I know what that sound means and they’re gonna come flying So that is step one Step number two is you are going to be out of sight now Making the sound for your dog to come again. We have not said the word come yet We are strengthening that sound cue that your dog even if they hear that They’re gonna come flying what’s gonna happen now and the third step is weird Okay, we’re gonna throw that word in and see how it works But at this point now you’re walking out of sight your dog can either be held unleashed by a person or you can put them In a stay they have a strong stay walk out of the room make the sound When they come running which they pretty much will you’re going to feed them again feed big feed big Okay, every once in a while too, you know We’re giving them three or four tiny little pieces every once in a while. We use jackpots in which can be really effective Don’t use them too much. All right sparingly they can be wonderful where your dog comes and you drop just a bunch of handful of pieces on the floor where they get this huge jackpot and if you throw those in every once in a while They never know what’s waiting for them when they come again You’re strengthening in that behavior where they’re gonna want to come flying to you No matter what because they don’t know what is waiting for them Step three, you’re going to finally add the verbal cue. All right at this point Now your dog is hearing the sound they’re coming flying again each step. You should be doing Minimum of ten times minimum more is is even better And so you’re going to now add the cube now the Q can be whatever you want. It doesn’t matter you could say, you know Butthead and if it’s paired up with that sound your dogs gonna come so choose whatever word you want You can use calm you can use here. Everybody uses different things I tend to use come that’s what my dogs understand. So you’re going to save the dog again. This is how I do it I say Sierra or Bowser come so named Q Sound you’ll line it up like this that dog knows what the sound means now you just slap in the name in front of it The cue and it’s gonna line up where then they start to go. Oh come means Food, right because that cue has already that net sound has already been established Sierra come She comes and gets the reward for coming All right. It’s a really smooth process and it’s the best way that these dogs learn exactly what’s expected of them So add in that verbal cue again choose what you want and that is step three Step four. This is where we start adding some distractions at this point. You’ve done a lot of repetitions of getting the dog Now with the sound with the verbal cue calm or here whatever now we’re going to start adding some distractions All right. Let me add though. If your dog does not come when you say it Don’t repeat the cue. Okay, we call this cue chanting and your dogs gonna start to ignore. You just like a kid mom Mom, mom mom you’re gonna start to ignore the master-wife you keep repeating calm calm calm calm learning not to come So you’re gonna do whatever it takes to get that dog to come with you if they’re looking at you and they’re just not coming Get on the floor clap your hands whistle roll. Your R’s dogs. Love to come to that. You can’t roll your R’s Sorry, but that’s a really good one, too. Whatever you can you can say their name Just don’t say that Q again because you don’t want to poison that Q So one time and then do whatever else it takes At this point most dogs will be coming if you’ve done enough repetitions up to this point So this neck just the step of is adding distractions, right? This is the key step where a lot of people miss because the dog learns to come inside when there’s nothing really going on But it’s that that outside or when there’s a lot of you know Distractions happening around where the dog has to learn to come you can do this in so many different ways You can start by having two people. You’re gonna take that high-value food One person can hold the food in the dog space So the dog is trying to get it but don’t let the dog have it the dogs licking the person’s hand trying up They’re pulling out and doing whatever they can right. The other person is gonna stand pretty close call the dog to come All right as soon as that dog comes running All right. The person that had the food is gonna follow the dog run up to you and feed the dog So this is what the dog is learning? Yes. There’s a huge distraction here But if my owner calls me and I come I’m still gonna get reinforced for that behavior, right? So they’re learning to come away from what is distracting them? But and we’re showing them but you’re still gonna be rewarded for it. This is so important in this process This is what we call if you’re curious the training buffs will call Premack principle All right Your dog gets off leash at a campground and you start seeing somebody on somebody else’s dog and you want your dog to come back You’ve practiced this distraction step enough that your dog sees the other dog But flips around when you say whatever come and the dog comes back to you because they’ve practiced it enough Don’t forget this step and do it over and over and over you can easily do this step two There’s just so many ways when your dog is eating dinner Right and they’re in their bowl call them away and have something even better waiting if they’re eating there You know their Purina dog food and call them have a piece of hotdog waiting for them. All right? constantly if they’re chewing on a bone call them at home the more practice that you can get with your dog with distractions is Really really important for them to learn to come outside at that campground or if they do happen to get off leash anywhere else step 5 Now you’re gonna take all your hard work and you’re gonna take it outside again. You can start in your backyard We’re gonna show you actually in in an enclosed Park field area But I would start this first in your backyard If you’re brand new to teaching your dog a recall best place to start start there and then take it to a more distracting environment an environment that the dog is not really familiar with Yet so that would be your next step Remember to pay big when your dog learns to come outside with high distractions such as other dogs a lot of people etc Be sure to make a lot of deposits in the recall bank The more deposits you make this is what will ensure we don’t have food or other Reinforcements they will still come They have learned It is such a fabulous thing to come to you that they don’t have to be paid every time for the sake of the video I did pay every time but I don’t with my dogs anymore for every recall But I do throw them reinforcements every once in a while or the behavior will go extinct and stopped completely Bowser loves playing with other dogs, but he has learned the value of coming when called and how well it pays off for him Hey guys, thanks for watching the video I hope you learned some new tips and tricks on how to get your dog to come when called a little bit better Remember rome wasn’t built in a day. So this is not gonna happen overnight. It does take practice Consistency reinforcement and all that good stuff, but just stick with it and no time. You will have a dog coming when called If you did like what you see and you’re not subscribed already to our channel. We invite you to subscribe. Please hit that like button Share the video if you have dog loving friends and campground dog owners that might benefit from taking a look and also We have some products listed below through our amazon affiliate. If you saw anything in here that you think could help you in your Relationship with your dog. Feel free to use those links. So from Izzy Jason Sierra Bowser and myself We’ll see you on the road Hey guys, it is Hey guys, it’s MJ from endless our being and tell me that Jared if you have other dog people that might feel could benefit from watching this


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