How To Get Your Trackable Affiliate Link in ShareASale

– I’m gonna teach you how to get your trackable text link out
of the ShareASale network. (uplifting classical music) We’re gonna start here in
the ShareASale dashboard, this is my Affiliate
account, so I’m gonna show you how to pull those links right now. We’re gonna go to Links, Get Link Banner, and we’re gonna pull up
one of my oldest clients, and that is Flirty Home right there, the domain is And I’m gonna click Get Links. And so there’s many different types of creative in here. There’s text links, there’s banners, Create a Custom Link, we’ll talk about that, there’s deals and coupons, there’s a data feed,
there’s a product showcase, Make a Page, we can talk
about those in other videos. Right now, we’re talking
about just a text link for each program. So there’s different types of test links. We have in here all
different landing pages. And if you look, and
especially in my programs for the default text, that’s gonna go right to the homepage. So this is the Flirty Aprons
default text link, watch this. So I click that link, and it’s gonna go directly to the Flirty Aprons homepage. And that’s a great way to promote it, but I don’t always want you to think about promoting the homepage, I want you to go back and start looking at the different landing pages. So if there’s a particular product or a category of products that you like, choose those text links, as well as the default link. You can say if you want
to go to the homepage, click this one and then
in a different text link, you go to a specific page. So I’m gonna look at the men’s aprons. So this is what the
Men’s Aprons page looks like on Flirty Aprons, see there it is. So I’m gonna go back here, and I’m going to find men’s aprons, and I’m gonna click Get HTML Code,
and this is your code, this is your trackable link. You can also select the URL only, that’s gonna take out the HTML part of it. Now let me show you something
real quick about this. The first number in this trackable link, 203592 is the Deal ID. That’s the Deal ID, right
here that you can see, every different text
link has a different ID. So the Deal ID is the first number, the second number is your Affiliate ID. And the third number is the Merchant ID, so 24717 is the merchant
ID for Flirty Aprons. Every single ShareASale link is gonna have that same structure, and so you have to make sure you copy all of this including the equal sign at the end. So just remember that,
Deal ID, Affiliate ID, and then Merchant ID. So if I wanted to, I can put this in any of my blog posts, but if I wanted to put it into Instagram
or a social media post, I would want to create a custom link. So what I would do is I’m
gonna go to Men’s Aprons, this is the landing page. And I’m gonna Copy Link Address, and there’s probably an easier way to do it because that’s how I would do it. I copy that link address
to the Men’s Apron page, I’m gonna go up to Create a Custom Link, and this is the Custom Link
Generator inside ShareASale. I’m gonna paste that URL, there it is, and I’m gonna create a custom link. So this gives me access
to get a short link. And there it is, so
there is my short link, this is what I would put in my Instagram homepage and other types of social media. So you just copy that, and
that is your trackable link for the Men’s Apron homepage. If you got any questions, we can answer them and we can do plenty of videos, so if you’ve got
questions, please ask them in YouTube, and we will get
back to you immediately. So we’re gonna be doing
more of these videos. Thanks for watching. (classical uplifting music) If you have any questions, we will answer everything here on our YouTube channel. Our job is to teach affiliates how to be better affiliates, and how to promote the programs we manage. Please click the thumbs up on the video and subscribe to our channel. If you’re interested in joining our programs on the ShareASale network, click the link to visit our website.


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