How to Grab Links

in this tutorial we’ll be covering how to grab links from the account manager after you log in click on the links tab within this tab you’ll be able to search for text links products banners and promotional offers one important thing to note is you could only pull links if you have an active advertiser relationship when searching for creative you can use similar filter options that you used when searching for advertisers to join including typing in an advertiser specific name or keyword like shoes you may also search by category serviceable area and language we give you transparency into which advertisers offer deep linking mobile apps or have mobile optimized creative if you know what type of creative you’d like to put on your site you can filter by link type banners or text if you’re looking for a particular banner size you can also filter by size another useful way to find creative that works for your site is to filter by promotional type including coupons hot products free shipping and seasonal links if you want to feature creative for a specific event or holiday like Mother’s Day you can search by event or put in your own dates under the schedule option in addition to accessing text and banner links the links tab gives you access to product links when looking for a product you can drill down by advertiser specific keywords like red shoes specific SKUs and even items that are in stock additional filtering capabilities include currency and price once you find what link you want a feature it’s time to click the get code button from there you have the ability to select what type of code works best for you including HTML Javascript and image URLs for products if you are search publisher and bid on keywords the click URL is recommended you have options to customize your link further including a citing as civic website ID encrypt the link hide tracking code set the link to open in a new browser window and even add an S ID once you have set your parameters click update code and you’re now ready to place the code on your site we’ve covered the basic way to grab a link from the account manager but we have some additional tools that will help save you time to learn more check out our time-saving link tutorial we review additional tools we have available for additional information regarding finding and retrieving links please refer to our support center


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