How To Harvest Flowers – you can Make infused Oils & More

when I got back from a vacation my
garden was full of produce things I had to harvest and this is what the garden
looks like right now I do need to do a little more weeding but it’s so busy
right now harvesting I really don’t have much time to get out here and do a lot
of weeding so the greenhouse is empty I just cleaned it out and took all the
herbs that were drying and I put them in brown paper bags and I have them stored
away today we’re gonna harvest some calendula and some marshmallow leaves
and that we’re gonna dry together because that is going to be for my
healing salve later on in about a month that we will make so let’s go out in the
garden and find some of my herbs so here’s some coal Angela and most of it
is out of my garden so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna harvest the
flowers so what we want is the flowers now a lot of people make oil infusions
using fresh flowers or fresh leaves that never works for me it always molds so I
wait until my herbs are all dried and when the herbs are dried then I make it
infuse the oil okay so let’s go out in the garden and get the rest of them so
even if you don’t like herbs plant to things like echinacea is beautiful do
you see all the monarch butterflies and it helps bring the bees into your garden
and it helps pollinate all of your things the butterflies are beautiful and
they are really really in abundance this year I think this is cuz it’s my second
year of growing echinacea now echinacea was something I gave you
all last year and a lot of you said that it didn’t grow for you echinacea does
not produce a flower the first year it has to be the second year and a lot of
times it will be a small tiny leaf and a lot of people think it’s a weed but
actually it’s not a week so I would recommend you try growing
echinacea again it’s very easy to grow it’s just in the beginning it just looks
like a tiny little leaf here is the marshmallow leaves so we’re gonna go
ahead we’re gonna take some of the flowers and the leads and that we are
gonna dry and marshmallow leaves are really good for moisturizing your skin
and they’re also very good for many different properties so we we harvest
everything we harvest everything but to stem I only want to harvest what I can
use now we will dry these both together
because I’m going to be using them together this is mugwort later this week we’re
going to harvest all of it and I’m going to make an herbal wreath with it so that
is mugwort and it’s about six feet tall the sunchokes are about I have no clue
ten feet tall beautiful now Calandra goes to seed
really quick so I need to harvest all of these seeds so I have them for next year as you know I’m trying to not spend
money and so one of the things is by saving seeds especially of your herbs
like this it can really save you a lot of money
herbs are an in thing right now and so people charge enormous amount of money
for herbs and most of them reseed themselves so I need to get out here and
get these seeds I do plan on next year starting to sell my own seeds
I’m really working on a lot of things with my channel and you guys are gonna
have to wait until next year and we’re gonna have some fun things coming up
with herbs and all kinds of things there is my basil I’m gonna be harvesting that
too hopefully today yet because we have a project we’re gonna use with the basil
my roses didn’t do very well this year and that’s partly my fault
I was not feeding them properly it’s just I was really busy this year without
producing food seem like food was a big thing for me this year so we’re gonna go
ahead and we’re gonna harvest some roses this is all going to be dried together
and we’re gonna use this to infuse once it’s all dried in a greenhouse it
doesn’t take more than a week to dry everything so I am really happy to have
that greenhouse to dry all of my herbs it’s amazing that greenhouse is
absolutely amazing someday I would like to have another one and have it out in
the garden I think that would be so neat all right so this is what we got this is
perfect amount for what I need and we’ll put it in the greenhouse and that
trellis it’s getting very very full so the beans are growing the trellis my
loofah sponges there’s no flowers on the Luther yet oh I always have such issues
with the loop I even started it back in February I just hope my growing seasons
long enough for it all kinds of squash I have all kinds of
pumpkins and squash that I’m growing that way when I harvest my whole garden
I still have the squash it can take over the garden and I won’t have to worry
about weeds so that’s one thing I’m really working on that way when I
harvest everything I don’t have bare ground so the squash is just going crazy
I have all kinds of different gourds some that you can make your own dinner
bowls with to eat out of I have some for birdhouses all kinds of things so I’m
hoping that they do really well so here are my sunflowers one it’s called teddy
bear and I have some of these up here these were all seeds given to me but I’m
gonna save my own seed so I happened from next year and sometimes are so easy
to save your seeds there’s something just about sunflowers are beautiful so I
am really happy to have these everybody said the marigolds are growing and these
are about three feet high and they’ll get taller and it’s actually half shaded
here so everybody’s talking about the marigolds and how they’re growing nice
I’m getting so many photographs of people of the seeds that they got last
year for those of you that are new on my channel last year I had a 10,000
subscriber giveaway I gave away over 700 packs of seeds free of charge because a
generous person gave me all of the envelopes and so I didn’t have to pay
for anything other than the hours that it took to put all of those seeds in
packets so there are 700 people that have gotten seeds from me and someday
I’m going to share with you all their photographs because a lot of people are
sending them in so I’m gonna go ahead and harvest these it’s just more
Colangelo and the more you pick the flowers the
more flowers you get so it’s always important to pick your flowers because
or they will go into seed head even quicker so it’s important to pick your
flowers pick your herbs harvest all of this because the more you harvest the
more you’re going to get we’re watching as it is you start
enjoying herbs a little more and you don’t have to have a garden you can grow
all of these herbs in pots anywhere outside your house where it gets mostly
full Sun I hope you enjoy these little things in life and I hope you start
taking a hobby of working with herbs it’s so beautiful even if you don’t like
making your own homemade soaps and things like that just growing them just
for the visual effect that they give gives you a lot of peace of mind and it
also gives you a hobby that’s something that’s worth doing take care everyone
we’ll see you guys tomorrow


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