hey hey what’s up everyone welcome back
to another episode of THE AMAZING SELLER podcast this is episode number 445 and
session number 137 of ASK SCOTT this is where I answer your questions here on
the podcast and I do it every single Friday except for last Friday and
there’s a good reason I took last Friday off from the ASK SCOTT session now you may
or may not have been following along but what I ended up doing was a five-part
series it’s what we’re calling our private label roadmap now some of you
know I do a workshop where I break down the five phases where we talk about how
to pick your product how to source your product how to do a pre-launch how to do
the launch and how to promote that product to continue to get sales all
right so that’s what those five phases are and we do it on a workshop in about
90 minutes well these five phases what I want to do
is break them down and discuss them here on the podcast and to be honest with you
I wanted to keep him at around 30 minutes some of them went as long as 50
minutes I think one of them actually might even be a touch over I invited my
good friend Chris Shaffer on kind of like we do on the workshops if you did
not attend one of our workshops and you wanted to and you wanted to go through
in a 90-minute window you can always go over to the amazing seller com forward
slash workshop all right now this series the audio version of this series that I
did for the podcast can also be found at the amazing seller com forward slash
start now I did this for a couple of different reasons number one I get a lot
of people that still ask me Scott where do I start
I listen to your podcast over 400 episodes and I’m kind of lost and I’m
just you know I want like a plan I want to be able to execute like step one step
two and so on write a doozy and that’s where I started
thinking to myself I probably should create a series and I probably should
have that then located in one area and that is going to be on the website the
amazing seller calm forward slash start all right so I did it for a couple
different I wanted that resource there for you and also I can point people
there that need that you know that resource when they’re starting alright
so those are the reasons I decided to do it and again the workshop we break
everything down just like we’re talking about
here during that five-part series all right so that’s what’s been happening
that’s why I wasn’t here last Friday but I’m back and depending on when you’re
listening to this we’re in December like we’re in December now this is airing
December 1st I believe and a lot of cool things happening one other thing I want
to talk in TAS news is we are still taking submissions for our scholarship
that we’re doing actually we’re gonna give away two scholarships to our
private label classroom and all you have to do is submit your story and just to
kind of give you a little bit of a recap on what that is going to entail it’s
really just you getting on video and sharing how long you’ve been a podcast
listener obviously tell us your first name and where you’re from and then tell
us one thing that the podcast has helped you with what is one thing that TAS has
helped you with since listening that’s it and then once you do that you’re
gonna submit that video we actually show you exactly how to do it if you want to
use YouTube or Facebook and you can get that or all the details there at the
amazing seller com forward slash story all right and if you’re listening to
this before December six seven something like that then you can still submit that
story and of course if you want to submit it later you can you just won’t
be you won’t be entered into our contest all right or our giveaway we’re going
away two scholarships which is a fourteen hundred and ninety seven dollar
value and then some because we actually have some bonuses and stuff that you’re
gonna get as well so that there is what we’re doing and I’m super super excited
to be able to give those weigh-in just listen to TAS your stories I just I love
that whenever we get to a meet-up I just it just fuels me I just get really
really excited and pumped up after listening to those and a bunch of them
are coming in already so it’s super excited to kind of dive into that so
again the holiday season is here we’re in fourth quarter
so lots of cool things happening a lot of cool things that I can’t wait to
share with you that are working in that are not working in the new brand so
really really excited about that and hopefully you’re having an awesome
fourth quarter or again this is another big thing and I get a lot of people that
ask me they say Scott well what if I can’t get in for the fourth quarter
should I not start should I should I wait until next year it’s like no you
should start ray now like why why not like just because
it’s fourth-quarter now for us that have kind of been doing it for a little while
doesn’t mean that you can’t get into the game even though you might launch after
the first of the year I get a lot of people that say Scott well you know it’s
fourth quarter should I be even looking at products yeah you should you should
be and and that’s something else that we talked about in our in our private label
roadmap and inside of our workshop is really like in the product research you
know phase we’re not just looking at the surface numbers we’re looking at like
historical data like we’re not just looking at like the fourth quarter
numbers and a lot of people say well aren’t they skewed yeah they can be
that’s why we’re not just looking at those there’s other ways that were that
we’re kind of going in and looking at the history and also seasonality and all
that stuff but the bottom line is is why not start right now like why not and
that kind of leads me into kind of my thought for this week is uh stop making
excuses you know I’m sorry I I don’t want to be harsh but if if that’s you
and again I no disrespect here I’m totally like telling you this if this is
you it’s because I know I’ve been there and I still make excuses in certain
things in my life and and then I have to kind of correct myself and go wait a
minute Scott why why are you why are you not doing that what are you afraid of
like or what what if you don’t do it what’s the consequences right so I’m
only saying this because I care about you and I care about you know people in
general that are kind of like blocked by fear and afraid that it might not work
or their first product might not be the one right so what I want to do here is I
want to empower you I want to inspire you and motivate you and just let you
know and kind of shake you a little bit and say listen listen like stop making
excuses like make a decision to yourself to just start even if you just give
yourself that listen I’m gonna start for 90 days kind of like a workout program
right if you start a workout program it they’re generally 60 to 90 days why
because it generally takes 60 to 90 days to decide if you even got results from
the workout program and it’s also kind of like scheduled for you
kind of do certain things certain days right and certain chunks of like your
exercise programs like maybe the first month you do more cardio and then you
build up to where you’re doing the second part more weight training and
then in the last one maybe you’re mixing it right it’s the same thing in business
there’s different stages or different phases that you have to get yourself
through but you have to make the decision to just start it’s the hardest
part I know it is but you have to okay and the reason why I say that is because
if you are saying to yourself man I just I wish that I could you know launch a
product or I wish that I could just sell online forget selling on Amazon for a
minute like you may be just saying like I just want some extra revenue I want to
maybe dabble and see if this thing can work for me like there’s other things
that you can do and that’s the other thing I get a lot of people that say
Scott you know I would love to start but Amazon is just too saturated now like
it’s just it’s just too saturated and and I I just can’t do it
right there’s people doing it every single day that are launching products
that are successful right and there’s successful people launching products on
eBay every day and that’s the other thing I get from a lot of people while
eBay you know why would I try eBay it’s got low traffic and you have to ship
stuff yourself again excuses like if you just want to start really really low
risk way go to eBay take your stuff that’s in your house right now and just
do me a favor list that stuff on eBay go through that process set up an account
take some pictures and put them up on eBay like there’s no excuse to not start
something and I promise you if you start something it will continually give you
momentum now I would like to see you start on Amazon because I do feel as
though Amazon is a great place to start it’s a great place to launch and I think
that also you can have part of your business reside on Amazon now you guys
may have heard me talk a lot about well I’m not a huge fan of building your
entire business on Amazon but I do think that you should start on Amazon now
there’s a lot of different ways like I said to start now there’s some people
that are building niche sites sell and if you don’t know in a niche site is or
a niche site you know it’s basically just going after
going after a market and then building a website which again takes time okay so
you might not cost as much money to for inventory or anything but it’s gonna
take a lot of time to get that thing built to get traffic to it to start
getting ranked in the Google search engines and all that stuff and then you
may be able to make some sales doing Amazon Associates or affiliate sales you
might make four to six percent alright or maybe you’re gonna do Adsense which
is basically Google ads like there’s all of these things you can do but
everything you could say well aren’t niche sites like over or saturated now
yeah it kind of but there’s still room there for you
you know eBay can is they’re still successful sellers on eBay yes there are
and there’s people coming on every day is Amazon saturated yeah if you’re going
after products that sell a hundred units per day and maybe you’re in supplements
or maybe you’re in silicon spatulas or something like that that we’ve talked
about not going into yeah those are gonna be saturated is there still room
for you yes there is okay there is so these are to me are all excuses there’s
no reason not to start zero right the only reason to not start is because
you’re afraid and this is your own thing or my own thing when I was kind of going
through this is like because you’re afraid that what if it doesn’t work
right so if it’s a if it’s a matter of money I’m not sure if I want to put out
that kind of money like a thousand dollars I don’t want to test it with a
thousand dollars well then go to ebay and and start there like I get like
again like I said but take your stuff that you’re not using that you would put
into a garage sale and sell that stuff or do retail arbitrage on Amazon where
you can start with as little as $200 and start selling product that way do you
see what I’m doing here I’m trying to get you started alright so again I’m
gonna you might even want to write this one down stop making excuses just start
all right make the decision to just start okay sometimes we need a kick in
the butt sometimes I’m guilty of it trust me I’m guilty I’m not sitting here
saying that I don’t need a kick in the butt every now and then I do and I fall
into this stuff that’s why I know that we all kind of you know we get into this
funk and we get into this thing that we’re
like what if well what if why can they do it but I can’t do it like these
things are normal they’re normal thoughts I want to be here to kind of
give you a little you know a little shake up and say listen listen to me you
know you have just as much of an opportunity as the next guy okay
you just have to understand that there’s no guarantees and that’s okay there’s no
guarantees in anything there’s no guarantee that you’re gonna have a job
next week your company could shut down and fire you or lay you off or give you
an early severance right that that happens every day it happens so that can
happen so it the risk is really no different than if you had a job okay so
all right I’m done with that I wanted to get that out of my system and I want it
to really just connect with anyone that is feeling this way because I believe
that it’s still a great time to start your own online business and it can be
of any way that you want to do it it’s just here we do talk a lot about
starting on Amazon because there’s so many different things that they help us
with in the beginning all right like I said you don’t need a
website you don’t need traffic you don’t need a merchant account you don’t need
any of that stuff you don’t need customer service you don’t you don’t
need it they have it all okay and now they’re rolling out other features like
they just rolled out the new coupon code system or that not even the codes the
coupon delivery where you’re able to now have codes that are going to be
positioned and targeted towards your past customers or different asons like
that’s all new stuff that Amazon is allowing us to take advantage of it’s
part of their system we didn’t have to build that on the back end we didn’t
have to get a plugin for our website to make that happen they’re doing it so
again that’s the reason why we want to start there because they do make it a
lot easier all right so just commit to the process and understand that some
things are going to work and some are not gonna work and it’s okay it’s part
of the process all right so to end that little rant if you are feeling this and
if you just want more structure and more of like just like a roadmap then I want
you to go to the amazing seller com forward slash start or just go to iTunes
and search for part one of our pl it’s labeled pl roadmap so just do private
label roadmap and then just go through part one
and then just go through power fuck you know through the whole series alright I
did it there for you all right now before we jump into today’s first
question I wanted to remind you that if you did want to attend one of our live
workshops our last one for 2017 is going to be December 6th all right and that
will be on a Wednesday and that will be at 9 p.m. Eastern Time all right so
that’s December 6th and what we’re doing there is we’re going through the five
phases and I’m there to answer any questions Chris Shaffer will be there
and that will be our last one which will probably probably be like a marathon
because we generally stay on until we drop for QA but if you want to ask a
question if you want to attend that any of that stuff definitely attend that we
have downloads we have some goodies we have some some bonuses that we have
there we’re gonna be giving away to attendees and all that fun stuff so
definitely go check that out it’s gonna be our last workshop in 2017 so if
you’re at all interested definitely definitely go register all right so
let’s go ahead I know that was a long intro but I had a lot to cover there and
it’s been well it’s been a couple weeks so oh I should remind you too if you
have a question head over to THE AMAZINGSELLER.COM/ASK and record
your question and I’ll do my best to air it on an upcoming show so let’s go ahead
let’s get to it I’ve talked long enough here in the
beginning let’s go ahead and listen to today’s first question and I’ll give you
my answer hello Scott my name is Michael I do
really like you show I got recommended to you show from a guy that I met on a
plane and he told me that you know he was following your advice he made a lot
of money he was living the dream in Thailand he was doing these sales and
having a good time and he was like my only problem is picking my next country
I want to live in I’m not sure which one but anyways I’ve been listening to about
ten of your podcasts so far and yeah thank you very much for doing them and I
do really appreciate them I do have a question though you said when you
getting started you get a sample product so I guess you would get a sample from
different suppliers you know once you’re happy with that you make an order of
maybe five hundred to a thousand units yeah and when that isn’t done you said
to make a launch list you make a list of friends and family coworkers and so on
to give your product – so my question here how do you get that product to your
friends and family because what I understand with those five hundred or a
thousand units you chip them to Amazon so how do you physically get them to
your friends and family and I do live in Australia I have a Swedish accent it’s a
long story anyways so in Australia I like how do I get the
products to my friends and family that would be great
so I can give the product away and then I can get them to make reviews and then
you know you get the pay per click activated anyways that’s my question
thank you very much got and yeah stay awesome hey Michael thank you so much
for the question and that is just an amazing story that you’re on a flight
get talking to someone and then they recommend the podcast and here you are
and I just it’s just amazing it’s still mind-blowing when I hear stuff like that
so thank you for being a listener I want to thank whoever recommended you know
you to go listening because that’s pretty awesome
word-of-mouth for a podcast that’s pretty amazing alright so let’s let’s
dig into this now I do get people that say Scott I know in the past and again
this is why I’ve updated my series alright or my process I’m not a huge fan
anymore of reaching out to friends and family okay I personally don’t do it
anymore I did do it in the beginning and I really only did it for I think my
first two products alright and I still think that you can do it you can kind of
get away with it I don’t think there’s anything really even gray hat about it
as long as you are giving your product to a family member or a friend or a
friend of a friend and you’re asking them for their honest review okay
unbiased don’t have to write anything there or
anything like that it’s actually them reviewing the product and doing it you
know legitimately okay so that’s the first thing if you are just handing it
to him and saying hey could you give me a five star I wouldn’t do that I don’t
suggest that it’s against the Terms of Service wouldn’t do it there’s nothing
wrong for you having a brick-and-mortar store and you say to you know your buddy
hey my friend just opened up a store could you go by there and could you try
their coffee and then could you go you know review their coffee on Yelp or
wherever like there’s nothing wrong with that you can totally do that right
because it’s a friend going in and honestly trying their coffee and if they
don’t like it to put it in there like I’m not telling you not to put it in
there so that’s what you can do you can do that technically I personally
wouldn’t even probably suggest doing that I know that you’re concerned with
because you have people that live in other parts of the world and you’re
asking like how do I get that product to them but before I even get to that point
I don’t necessarily think that you have to go down that road
alright and that’s why I put together this private label roadmap series and
that would be in probably part three or part four of that series or again in the
workshop we cover that and I also talked a lot about launching using an email
list and that can be found at the amazing seller com /a build list that
one I’m a huge fan of that’s the one I recommend to anyone that is starting and
also if you are not able to build that email list and you don’t want to do that
that’s fine then I would reach out to influencers in your space and again I
think one of the tips here is don’t go after maybe someone that has a million
followers go after someone has 50,000 you know something on a smaller scale as
far as social media goes and then this way here they’re more likely to do it um
that would be one way but you’re more or less asking like how do you get your
first set of reviews again if we’re picking the products the way that we
talked about here on the amazing seller we’re talking about finding products
that follow the 10 by 10 by one strategy what is that if you’re brand new you
need to listen to the series but I will give you a little bit of what that is
it’s selling $100 profit per day that’s what we’re talking about how do you find
a product that sells 10 units a day at $10 profit for one
product that’s what we’re looking at if you go down that road you don’t really
need to go and start getting reviews right out of the gate you could probably
turn on pay-per-click or do a little small little promotion and do fine and
then once you do that you’re gonna start ranking the reviews are not going to and
this is another myth that people think that reviews are going to help you rank
that is false the reviews may help you get more sales and then that will help
you rank but the review itself does not so I wouldn’t go at it in the beginning
thinking you have to get reviews what I would do is I’d figure out how to get
sales all right so you got to switch your mind a little bit and start
thinking yourself how do I get sales that’s the only thing you should be
thinking about how can I go ahead and ask people that are in my space in my
market maybe an influencer maybe someone that runs a popular blog whatever how
can you get in front of their audience that’s what I would do right that’s kind
of the shorter version of it I me personally though I would probably build
a little email list I would run a contest I would spend maybe three 400
bucks I’d build a list even if it was only of a thousand of people and I would
launch the product that way and then that way there you have an asset and you
can also do some cool stuff that we talked about in our build list workshop
or you can do some retargeting on Facebook and all that fun stuff but I
wouldn’t necessarily go down that go down that line now you asked also how
would you fulfill those items it’s very simple you would go into your account
and manually fulfill those or if you have some in your possession you can
just mail people those you can also give out a discount code to those people and
then they can go buy it and then go through Amazon to actually get those or
you can just again like I said you can go and create a manually fulfilled order
where you would go in and you would just enter their other information and you
would ship them one I mean people don’t realize that like if you if you listed
one on eBay and you had some in inventory in inside of Amazon you can
manually fulfill that to go and and send it to the person that bought it on eBay
Amazon is also a fulfillment center like they will ship it wherever you want you
just have to tell them where to ship it so you can do that so there’s options
there for you but I personally would go down the road
not even targeting those people in the beginning I would go after how can I go
after people that don’t even know who I am and then the other side note here is
if you do want to start going after feedback and reviews which I do think
you should then I would use a tool to do that or you can manually do it but I
would follow up with those people and ask for honest feedback and reviews
after they’ve purchased again that’s a way to start getting organic reviews but
understand this the more sales you are generating through even if it’s a
promotion the greater chance you have of starting
to get feedback and reviews it’s just the way it works right it’s a numbers
game all right so that’s what I would recommend it might not be what you
wanted to hear I’m sorry but I’m not a huge fan of friends and family
anymore like I said in the beginning I did it for like one or two products and
it was really only like a handful it was like maybe 10 10 people that I reached
out to and I just told them that I had a product I’m gonna be selling on Amazon
and if you do me a favor if you want one I’ll give you a discount code and just
give me your honest you know feedback and review that’s it but again I don’t
even think I would do that now I actually I know I wouldn’t do it anymore
because now we’re building email lists and all that stuff so that’s my
long-winded answer for you Michael again I appreciate you listening I appreciate
your your passenger there on the plane that recommended the podcast so thank
you so much keep me posted on your progress and and what you end up doing
I’m really curious and I wish you all the best alright so let’s go ahead and
listen to the next question and I’ll give you my answer
Lou Scott uh my name is Melinda I love your podcast I’ve learned a lot from you
I have a question about launching a new product in a new category that we’re
entering you used to root we’d refer viral launch but now it’s not on there
and I looked at fat wallet and fat wallet is no longer available so what
are you recommending to launch a new product in a new category without a
mailing list let me know thanks Scott bye-bye hey Melinda thank you so much
for the question and I wanted to answer your question right after Michaels
question because it does go hand-in-hand with what we just talked about we talked
about like using either a deal site but then also influencers
and stuff like that I would probably do exactly what I said to Michael but if
you’re looking for even a little bit more of a shortcut there are you know
deal sites out there some of them have kind of converted from where they were
based from a review kind of site where you would get discounts in exchange for
a review like people would sign up knowing that if they purchased a product
they could and they would get a discount but there they would be obligated in a
sense that they would have to leave a review that was kind of part of it and I
know some wording on the sites were like well you don’t we didn’t really
necessarily say they had to but we encouraged it and in these things I like
to stay away from those now there’s nothing wrong with some of these and I’m
not gonna mention any names right now because again my my thought is this
these these different groups are building an email list that’s exactly
what they’re doing okay they’re building an email list and it doesn’t matter if
you’re using something like slick deals slick deals I think is like one of the
biggest ones out there right now I have not used them personally but basically
they’ve done the same thing over the years they’ve built a database of people
that are hunting for coupons all right so yes you can go ahead and and request
to have your deal set up there or have someone else share it there that’s
already been approved I know it’s from what I gather you know there’s quite a
process to get yourself to the point where you can just post deals all the
time and maybe someone else knows I don’t cuz I don’t use them but from what
I from what I heard is is it takes you know having a little bit of history on
slick deals you can’t just open an account and start posting deals because
there’s spammers on there and all that stuff so you got to be careful so you
might have to find someone that could post it for you um yes you’re right that
wallet has closed I wasn’t aware of that but now I am so fat wallet was another
one but again if you look for just a regular deal site that would be where
you could go and post your deal I’m not sure how effective that will be because
it is it’s random meaning that people that are there are raising their hand
just for deals not for your specific market so yours may do really well and
it may not do well at all and that really has to do with a lot of
these lists out there that are better being built for deal sites that’s why
I’m a fan of going to the market creating an offer that we can give to
those people as a contest offer and then people raise their hand that are in that
market to me it’s more focused it’s more dial then that’s what I like to do but
yes it is a process to do that so I would again suggest the same thing I did
with Michael is find an influencer in that space or reach out to a blogger
something like that but again you can still try deal sites if you want to but
going back to how we pick products if you are picking products that follow the
ten by ten by one that and also that meet the criteria as far as low reviews
we’re not going after these really high competitive products you don’t need a
ton of sales out of the gate to start getting some movement then you can just
start up pay-per-click and have eyeballs on your product and you know maybe just
even use the coupon area where you can now give maybe 20% off or something like
that for you know when your competitors Aysen can show up you can show up for
that so there’s a lot of cool things that you can do not just you know
putting your offer on a deal site I would say spend the time build your own
list or go out there and find someone else that’s already done that and then
go after that inside of that market not just at a random deal site that would be
like you know kind of like throwing mud at the wall and seeing if it’s ticked
you can try it but I don’t necessarily think that that would be the approach
that I would take or that I would recommend but you can do whatever you
want but that’s just my thoughts on it good luck to you and keep you posted on
that I want to know how you make out all right so let’s go ahead and let’s do one
last quick question I’ll answer it we’ll wrap this up and you guys can get on
with your weekend and with your well with your December because we’re in
December now crazy right let’s go ahead and listen to that question hey what’s
up Scott this is Alex first of all thanks for all the work that you’ve been
doing on this podcast is it’s been so helpful as I started my Amazon business
about a year ago in fact because of a number of things I’ve learned on this
podcast I’ve been able to build my business to the point where my family
and I moved to La Paz Bolivia earlier this year
my wife got a job working for an NGO and I now have the flexibility to work
anywhere in the world well provided they have good internet but but on to my
question so I’m launching a new product that has
two variations a set of four and a set of two now obviously the set of two is
less expensive but the set of four is more profitable for me and I would love
to hear your thoughts on a launch strategy for these products these two
variations should I focus on ranking the set of four or the set of two or should
I equally distribute the sales of my launch promotion between the two of them
one other note on this most of my competitors rank for the set of four but
they do have a set of two variation available as well so so yes I’d love to
hear your thoughts on this Scott and and hey if you ever decide to do a meet-up
in Bolivia let me know and I’ll take you out for lunch
take care hey Alex thank you so much for the question thanks for being a listener
and congratulations on launching and also congratulations on having some
variations love variations I’m actually experiencing this now in our new brand
we launched a product that has four SKUs and you know the cool thing about
variations is things like you’re saying like you can do some really cool stuff
and you also are able to give them more options which in most cases will appeal
to a wider range of people so if they don’t like the red they might like the
blue you get what I’m saying so that’s really cool about that and if you’re
doing like you’re doing bundles like a two pack and a four pack the cool thing
about that and this is something that you have to test alright so I’m not
gonna have like an exact answer that’s going to perfectly work right what I
would probably do my approach would be this you’re saying like you have a
listing and you have two different SKUs underneath that listing I think that’s
kind of how I heard it so you have a two pack and a four pack the four pack
obviously is a little bit more expensive but it’s a better value and the way that
that should work depending on how you’re doing this if that two pack is going to
cost $20 okay or let’s just say $10 let’s say the two pack cost you $10
that four pack would would be of $20 then well you don’t want that four pack
to be $20 we want that to be like $15 or probably the way that you would want to
work this is let’s say that the two pack was 15 95 or something like that right
and then normally the four pack would be $31 ish something like that right not to
get crazy here with math on the fly but the four pack would be $20 all right
that’d be a great deal so that’s the cool thing about doing a two pack for
pack type deal because you’re gonna be able to have a better offer so what I
would do is I would test it I would run pay-per-click to the the lower priced
item to get the interest it’s kind of like your lead-in offer and then from
there I would let them see by going into listing they’re gonna see that the four
pack is a better value okay so that’s what I would do I would
probably even put something in the description somewhere that we can talk
about you know the 2-pack versus the four pack type thing and I know there’s
some Terms of Service type stuff there so just you know read that make sure
that you’re following that stuff I mean you’re not gonna be in there like
putting in like huge promotions but you can also here’s another cool thing that
you could do is you could on the four pack you could run some type of
percentage off and that could be something like buy one and get the
second for 20% off or something like that and then from there that is how
again you’re using that front end product listing or the product SKU to
get to the listing and then once they get into listing they’re gonna see that
stuff inside of there and the cool thing with the new coupon thing that they just
rolled out if they land on that one product or even if they’re searching for
another one but that’s it for another discussion but if they land on your
product they’ve kind of been cooking in a sense as we call kind of in like the
retargeting world and the affiliate marketing world it’s where they they
know that you’ve been there and then if they haven’t bought they could get
presented with an offer which is pretty cool that’s pretty cool stuff but you
have the opportunity to do that with a 2 pack or a 4 pack because you have this
you know one priced item and then a better value in the 4 pack I think
that’s kind of how you have to position it so I think what your question was now
that I’m rambling here a little bit because there’s a lot of
things you can do with this now is you know should you run traffic to the
4-pack or should you run it through the 2-pack and again I’m gonna give you you
know the answer that’s probably not going to be the best is I would test
right I would go ahead and I would run paid traffic to the more expensive one
because number one if you make that sale you make more money so maybe that helps
your a cost in in pay-per-click but again in something like this I think
you’re gonna do better if I was to guess I think you’re gonna do better if you
drive to the lower-priced one and then from there it’ll lead them into the more
expensive one but again we got to test it it’s the only thing that we can do
here but I think you’ve got a lot of great things you can do here and I’m
excited to hear how it works for you and yeah just let me know I’m curious to see
how that works for you so hopefully this helped hopefully I didn’t ramble too
much but yeah I would leave people in with the lower priced item and then I
would more or less kind of upsell them to the other one and and then go from
there if you’re building an email list you could even on the 4-pack just run a
coupon maybe 30 percent off and then that way there that will spike that the
other thing I should mention this I said I was gonna end this but I got one more
thought here this is how it happens when we sit down for coffee we just start
running through these scenarios here’s the deal let’s say for example you
wanted to run a 30% off coupon you know with your list and so you know I’m
saying that you have a list here let’s say that you have a list and you want to
drive traffic to the 4-pack now why would you want to drive traffic to the
4-pack well that would help you show up in search generally when you are ranking
when you have different variations and you have colors and stuff like that the
reason why a certain SKU will well rank is because that’s the one that’s getting
majority of the sales that’s the one that people are buying so if you kind of
want to rank for the four pack because you know you make more money on the four
pack then what you’re gonna want to do is drive traffic and sales through the
four pack all right now again that’s another thing to test but just another
thing to think about it that’s your goal to rank the the four
pack then that’s what you probably want to do alright so that is gonna be the
end of that that thought I hope here yeah that’s gonna be it alright so
that’s all what happens guys we sit down for coffee and you just never know where
the conversation is gonna go we just keep kind of going back and forth and
it’s crazy because I don’t have anybody to go back and forth I was going back
and forth in my mind of what we could do pretty cool alright guys that is gonna
wrap it up a little bit of a longer ASK SCOTT here I apologize but we did skip
last week so I had a lot on my mind there in the beginning about not making
excuses guys just start you gotta just do it alright and I’ve already created
that resource for you the amazing seller com forward slash start so go check that
out of that five-part series or you can just go to your podcast app and you’ll
see them in order and and then from there if you want to attend our last
live workshop of 2017 I wouldn’t recommend showing up for that live
because I’m gonna be there live with Chris Shaffer we’re gonna answer any
questions you have we’re gonna go through the five phases there in about
90 minutes alright so this is gonna be a workshop we’re gonna give you downloads
and checklists that you guys can go through really it’s it’s the step by
step way that we are launching products now currently and the way that you can
launch them to all right so that’s the amazing seller com forward slash
workshop check it out register I’ll see you there and you can get ready for 2018
which is almost here which is crazy all right guys that’s it that’s gonna wrap
it up remember as always I’m here for you I believe in you and I am rooting
for you but you have to you have to come on say it with me say it loud say it
proud take action have an awesome amazing day and I’ll see you right back
here on the next episode let’s go get on

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