How to Increase Blog Traffic by finding a Target Audience

[Music] Hey there! It’s Drew Berman from, and if this is your first time, uh, welcome!
We teach network marketers how to go from hobby income to professional income – if you’ve
been following us, well welcome back! We generally teach on uh, leads, marketing, training, everything
network marketing, uh, to help you with your success. You ever wonder how some people have
a very successful network marketing blog, and others don’t? Uh, well, in this video
we’re gonna give you some tips. So, first of all you want to post good, relevant content,
uh, that you want to be able to answer a question or solve a problem that your ideal client,
your ideal customer, your perfect business partner or affiliate, or new downliner or
new rep, uh, the perfect person that you wanna talk to, as if you’re talking to them one
on one, what id their biggest challenge? Uh, a good way to know that is, well what were
some of your challenges that you’ve had that you’ve overcome? Um, another way is, if you
go into any of the network marketing groups on Facebook or any groups for that matter
– whether it’s horses or Oprah Winfrey or the New York Yankees, or network marketing
– get engaged with the people that are – that you want to target to, right?Some people in
network marketing want to target baby boomers, others want to target athletes, some want
to target, uh, mompernuers. So, associate with people in their groups and just ask,
say “hey, what is the biggest challenge you’re having in business or in marketing?” Uh, and
you’ll start to get a list, and then if you can answer those questions for people you’ll
be a valuable resource and people are gonna wanna come and continue to uh, get your information
and come visit your blog. So, once you post your blog, you don’t want to just leave it
stagnate. Right? You want to make sure that you post it on Facebook – there’s actually
seven places that uh, you want to post it. Uh, google+, Instagram, Pinterest, uh, linked
in, send it to your email list Uh, um, [twitter], of course Facebook. You want to make sure
you get the language right for each of these, uh, each of these separate venues. Right?
So you want to uh, on Facebook you want to “like, comment, and share.” On Pinterest it’s
uh, you know, “re-pin.” Uh, so you want to make sure that you pick the, uh, for the right
language for the right social media. So, you want to share it uh, on these social media,
so that when someone goes to you blog, you don’t see a whole bunch of zeros, right? At
least you began the journey, uh, by, and you might want to join a blogging association.
and uh, you comment on other people’s blogs, and ask them to comment on yours. And that’ll
create a little bit of energy and momentum. Now a lot of this I’ve learned from, uh, through
studying and through paying for some courses, and I actually hired a coach and a mentor
– you might have heard of him before, his name is Ray Higdon, and he actually trains
on how to properly do a blog, how to monetize a blog, how to drive traffic to a blog, how
to, uh, how to get leads to a blog – so if you want more information like this, and you
wanna get the info from the horses mouth, click that link below, and, uh, get the course
that I got. And I know it’ll help you on your journey, attract more leads, develop better
content, get more traffic, and eventually create more sales and more knowledge for your
network marketing company. Alright everybody, this have been Drew Berman from,
and if you haven’t yet, uh, entered your contact information over there, or – where is it?
Over there? Hah. Um, enter your contact information and this way we can send you that free training
on prospecting and recruiting that’ll help you grow your business. alright everybody,
we’ll see you on the next video. Thanks! Bye for now.

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