How to Increase Cash Flow

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we’re going to talk about cash flow and I’m gonna go over a little a few of the
basics and I’m then I’m going to give you a lot of different strategies so
that you can increase your cash flow at the very end of the video if you’re
watching to the end I’m going to share with you a secret that eighty percent of
population doesn’t know anything about that can immediately increase your cash
flow without you asking for a raise without you having to work extra hours
or anything like that so let’s start by talking about what cash flow you know
the obvious is that your cash inflows are those ways that you bring money in
and typically you’re then that’s going to be a job or some people have
investments like rental income stocks and bonds I may come from that side
hustles anything that you know if you sell something anything that brings cash
to you and of course your cash outflows are going to be things that cause you to
have to separate with your cash so that’s going to be your expenses it’s
going to be debts it’s going to be you know just anything that it’s that would
cause you to have to pay for something or have to give money out for something
and so what you want to do is you want to basically take an inventory of what
your cash flow status is from month to month so are you running a negative cash
flow or do you have a positive cash flow and a positive cash flow is when your
your cash coming in because more than your cash going out and then if you’re
running a negative cash flow on a month-to-month basis that means that
you’re spending more than what you’re taking in so that means your cash
outflows are larger than your cash inflows and so
the importance of having a positive cash flow is so that you you can invest in
other assets that will create income for you so it’s very it’s very important to
have a positive cash flow from month to month you don’t want to just be in a
position where you’re just you know bringing everything that you’re bringing
in is and you’re going everything that’s going out and you’re not taking any
having any money left over to pay off debt or invest in the business or invest
in an income-producing asset so cash flow is very important it’s the
lifeblood to your your entire financial portfolio and it’s going to determine
whether you reach your financial goals or not so you know that’s the obvious
that cash flow a positive cash flow is extremely important so let’s talk about
the ways that you can increase your positive cash flow and so I’ve got a few
notes here so bear with me because I wrote a few things down that I don’t
want to forget so the very first thing you know I’m always going to start with
your mindset and if you look at my videos I have a playlist and it talks
all about mindset and why is my setting it’s so important because your thoughts
determine your feelings and your feelings determine your actions and your
actions determine your results so if you don’t have the right mindset about your
money about your cash flow is going to be difficult to be able to identify
those things and be honest and have the discipline to do what you need to do to
increase your positive cash flow and what the I would say that the most
effective mindset to have is a mindset of gratefulness and I’m not I’m trying
not try not to preach to you but I just want to be honest with you in terms of
the thing that I found is that’s the most effective for me so let let me let
me give you an example so like today I have a have a coffee mug and it doesn’t
really keep my my coffee warm I had another mug and it was a lot more
expensive and I lost it and so I just grabbed this other mug not realizing
that did have the same properties of the more
expensive mug that I had and so it wasn’t keeping my coffee warm and my one
had cold things it wasn’t keeping it cold the other mug it kept things high
it kept hot things hot and cold things cold and I was thinking to myself oh
shoot you know maybe I’ll just run out and find the other one and I just get it
and then I had to stop myself I said no you know I’m gonna be grateful for what
I have if I’m grateful for it I have that read that eliminates my urge to
want to go out buy something I really don’t need right now so you have to if
you want to make sure that you have a positive cash flow you always have to be
mindful of what of identifying I want verses in need and I always start with
the basics food clothing shelter do have food clothing and shelter and do I have
the other necessities like you know you gotta have car insurance and stuff like
that other than that yeah my next Police subscription going out to eat getting
clothes hanging out and getting got I don’t drink but I know some people you
know they hang out and they go out for drinks and stuff like that so don’t want
to say that you don’t ever want to have any fun but I’m gonna tell you what my
advice is my advice is I love to eat out and so I could eat out every day for
lunch and what I’ve done is I said you know I counted the money that I’m
spending eating out and I was like you know I could save you know a couple
hundred dollars a month just by not eating out every day and so what I did
was I said okay I don’t want to totally deprive myself of something that I
really enjoy so what I’ll do is I will make sure that I brown bag it you know
every day of the week but one day a week I’m gonna lie myself to eat out just
that decision right there cut my eating out expense by 75% and so you want to
you know have an attitude of gratitude you want to start with that first I
always think about do I really need this and do I have do I already have
something that will satisfy the need that I have right now can i delay that
delay that item that I really want I can’t remember that does a word that I
want to use for a gratification can I do net
can delay that gratification for later so that I can reach beyond track to
reach my financial goals so I’m gonna delay my gratification for eating out
all the time and I’m just gonna eat out once a week instead of every day and so
you always want to do that so you don’t want what you’re eating out I already
talked about you want to be honest about your knees versus your once and one of
the things that I think and this is kind of similar to the whole envelope thing
there’s a you know Dave Ramsey he talks about you know getting cat only you know
using cash for your expenses and what you do is you get envelopes and then you
put a certain amount of cash or whatever your budget amount is whether we can put
cash in each one of those envelopes then once the envelopes are empty you
don’t spend any more in that way you stay within budget another thing that
you can do is you can get a money card and you know because if you use if
you’re used to using a debit card or you need to use a debit or credit card for
certain purchases then you can get a money card and I get mine at Walmart get
a money card and in that way you’re only spending what’s on there you’re not
getting any debt you’re not using credit cards but you at the same time you’re
monitoring your spending and you don’t have to carry around cash if you don’t
want to know you do have to be careful with with it but if you just feel like
you’re if it’s one of those people you have to have a card you can go you know
get some cash and I think actually Walmart I think you can take your debit
card and you can put money take money off of your debit card or your checking
account and put it on a money card and you can carry the money card with you so
that’s the way of discipline yourself so that you you know you tell yourself okay
this is how much I’m going to put on this money card for this week once my
side max and once I’ve eliminated everything on this card then I’m done
for the week and I’m gonna discipline myself but until my next paycheck or
until the next week however you get paid you get paid every week or if you get
paid every two weeks and then another thing that you can do is review all of
your expenses I know like for me we had cable cable was very expensive and I am
our cable bill but what I did was I purchased and I think you can get Roku I
think this is similar to I got some some I got some fire sticks I got some fire
sticks and then that way and I attached it to every single one of my TG t v–‘s
and all I need is internet connection and then I can subscribe to Netflix I
get pure flix I get sling all those for the kids and those add up too but if I
ever want to cancel those things it’s not a big deal and I can do an hour card
if I one I don’t have one big cable bill and if I you know if I if I eliminate
that cable bill then you know I don’t have anything anything for me at the
kids I don’t really watch TV that much but my kids watch TV a lot and so you
can do things like that and for a minute I just had the fire stick and I just had
the movies and things that was available through that and I had my internet
connection and you know I got the free apps I was affiliated with that and
that’s all I needed for a whole while as I as I felt more comfortable with
spending a little bit more than I added a you know added associate prescription
to Netflix I think that’s like $12 a month sling is
a little bit more expensive that’s like $25 a month but the bottom line is that
I’m not paying $150 a month for a cable bill so you so you want to review all of
your expenses if you can get you know better at car insurance insurance rates
if you can do things like you know reduce your utilities make sure that you
know you keep your temperature in your home at a certain I keep mine at 75
degrees and if I get cold I put on a sweater you know if I get warm
you know where you know shorts or something like that so that’s just those
are the little things that I do to reduce my expenses and then you can
increase your cash flow by of course you can get a part-time job you can do some
high side hustles you can sell some things that you don’t need
those are ways that you can increase your cash flow so that at the end of the
month you have a positive cash flow which
means you have more money coming in than what you have going out so what the
other thing that I want to share with you now this is the thing that I was
going to tell you at the end I hope those of you that have watch to the end
you’ll get this little treat so let’s say that you have done all of that
you’ve already you know gone through all your expenses you’re literally living on
the bare bones you eat there’s no other way you can reduce your expenses without
not having any type of life not having any type of existence or enjoying
anything and let’s just say you’re not in a position to get a part-time job or
have a side house so you actually don’t done everything that you possibly can
well I’m going to share something with you that our hope is going to really
uplift your spirits and encouraging 80% of Americans do not have their w-4 form
through their job fill it out correctly and it causes them to pay way more and
have way more taken out of their paycheck in taxes than what’s necessary
and so that is one of the strategies that 80% of Americans don’t know
anything about most people and I include myself because I didn’t know any better
you just get the w-4 and you just you know ask the employer what to put or you
just put a number that you think is going to be right in terms of what your
withholding is going to be and you but you’re not thinking about all the things
that you need to be thinking about before you make that decision it is it
it is a little it’s not hard to do but there are things that you need to think
about and consider before you fill out your w-4 phone to make sure that is
filled out correctly and so when it’s filled out correctly then you get way
more in your paycheck every two weeks and and you in order for you to do a
right you don’t want to owe anything either and so
at the if you check the description at the end of this video you will find a
link that will give you more information on exactly how to do that but I did that
and it saved me a tremendous amount of money I would say that it’s not me but
my understanding is that most people just don’t know anything about this and
so they’re having way too much money taken out in taxes are one of the
biggest expenses that everyone has I mean our money taxes are taken out of
our check before you would see our check and so that is a huge expense that we
can that we can implement some strategies if you implement the right
strategies then you can eliminate your tax not it totally eliminated but you
can significantly reduce your tax liability but you have to have that
knowledge base and so if you want more information about that click the link
below I’ll put that and I’ll put that information in the description and of
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