How To Increase Sales On Amazon With Paid Advertising

hello James Greaney here from and in today’s video and want to be explaining to you exactly how
you should run paid advertising to increase your sales and increase your
profit and this is relevant for you if you sell your products on Amazon via
Amazon FBA or if you sell them on your own Shopify website I have been using
paid advertising for the last two years our families are to drive sales and
increase the profitability of my business and I’m going to give you three
quick things that you need to be aware of if you want to be able to create
successful advertising campaigns of Amazon for your product and if you know
these three things then you will be good you will be able to create a successful
profitable advertising campaigns in the future but if you are not aware of these
three things then you won’t be able and your advertising campaigns will be
destined to fail no matter how much effort you put into them so I’m gonna
jump straight into that now and give you these three things that you need to be
aware of before running advertising campaigns to your products whether
you’re selling your products on Amazon or on your own Shopify website okay so
number one is you have to know exactly who your target customer is if you don’t
know this then you were simply gonna be wasting money targeting the wrong person
you’re gonna be putting your ads out in front of the wrong person and you’re not
going to make money sales off your product and you’re going to be paying a
higher cost to get your ads out in front of the wrong person so it’s actually a
double-edged sword you’re actually hurting yourself twice if you don’t know
exactly who you are targeting with your ads this is no matter what channel
you’re advertising on whether you’re advertising on Facebook whether you’re
advertising on YouTube whether you’re advertising on Google
whichever advertising channel you choose to advertise them you need to know
exactly who it is that you’re targeting with your ads so a couple years ago when
I was getting serious about advertising my products on other channels outside of
Amazon like advertising them on Facebook advertising the
Google and on YouTube I decided I really needed to find out who the exact person
was that I was going to tangle with my hands and to do this I downloaded my
report on Amazon showing what sales I had made then I simply went through the
list of sales that I had made over the last six months and I broke them down so
the first thing that I looked at was was my customer male or female you know I
thought one of the products that I’ve seldom was going to be a 50/50 product
it was gonna be hard nail to have females but I found out that it was 70%
females that were purchasing this product that I was selling and that was
massive you know because if I was targeting males of Tanjung males and
females with this ad then 70% of males that were seeing this out it was
relevant to they weren’t going to be inclined to purchase this product
whereas 70% of females wore purchasing this product in the past so I had a lot
more likelihood that it was going to be females purchasing this product again in
the future so I was able to turn my ads a lot more specific for a female
customer knowing that it was females purchasing this product a lot in the
panas as well as this what I decided to build up was my customer avatar for each
of the products that I was selling and to do this how to do further research I
had to go down through the list and actually manually search on Facebook for
these people to see what type of interests these people had that were
already purchasing my product and again I don’t know you know how much time you
have available this took me a long time to do it but again you can hire someone
else to do this and this is what I eventually done but I done it myself at
first because I really wanted to find out as much as possible about the people
that were already purchasing my product so that I could tags and similar types
of people also if you have your own email list built up then this is an
amazing way to start advertising because what you could do is when your
advertiser on Facebook you can create a look-alike audience so if you have a
list of either phone numbers or a list of
email addresses then you can put this into Facebook and create an ad that will
create a look-alike audience so basically they’ll be copying this
audience that you already have and creating a list of similar people to
these that you can turn with your ad and that is extremely powerful if you are
using Facebook Ads to advertise your product but the most important thing
that you have to remember about this is that it’s extremely important to know
exactly who it is find out as much about the type of person that you’re targeting
with your ad and a good way to do this is to look after your past customers if
you have already sold your product find out who has purchased it in the past
because these are the most likely type of people to purchase it in in the
future tip number two is to become extremely clear on the goal of your
advertising campaign so you can mainly break it down to two different goals you
can either be collecting lead which is people who are more likely to purchase
your product in the future or you can start driving immediate sales again both
of them have massive benefits but being extremely clear on which one of these
goals you’re going after is extremely important because if you are going after
leads if your product is something that isn’t kind of an instant purchase
product if it’s a higher priced product then you want to be collecting leads and
following up with these leads so you can do this in many of different ways you
can create their email address you can collect their phone number and you can
get them to sign up for your messenger but on facebook these are all different
types of data that you can collect of them then you can set up a funnel walk a
sequence of messages that they are going to receive when they sign up and give
you their data then they will simply see these follow-up sequence of either
emails or Facebook messages and this is to encourage them to go ahead and
purchase your product it’s to give them more information about your product
because if your product is a higher ticket item they’re going to need this
further information before they’re going to go ahead and make a purchase of your
product whereas if your product is like a quick purchase product if it’s only
around 15 dollars or around that price then you would be able to just send out
a sales and getting them to come and make a purchase on your site immediately
so you can give them a little bit of information in your ad and this
information should be enough to get them to come over and make a purchase of your
product but the most important thing to know about this is be clear on which one
of these that you’re going after because you were going to need to be otherwise
you’re going to be waste of money if you don’t know which one if you don’t know
whether you should be driving sales or getting leads for your product you’re
going to be wasting more money on ads if you’re not extremely clear on which one
of these your main goal is with your advertising campaign and finally the
most important tip that I’m going to give you is tip number three and the
reason for this being so important is because if you do this wrong then no
matter how good your creative is no matter how good your ads is and you’re
charging your ads aren’t going to be profitable
so what tip number three is don’t overpay for ads I’m just going to
explain exactly how you can avoid doing this so first you have to pick the right
channel to advertise on you have to see your product C which advertising channel
it’s most suitable to so the best advertising channels at this moment of
time are facebook ads Google Ads YouTube ads and Amazon ads so you have
to work out which one of these advertising channels should you
advertise on again I’m not bringing influencers in influencers is a great
way to advertise your business but I’m not discussing them in this video
because it’s a bit off-topic for paid advertising but if we just look at the
main advertising channels that you can advertise on our platforms that you can
advertiser you have to decide which platform is most suitable
for your product and then you have to go in a deeper and select the right type of
add to rule for your product so again if you’re running ads on Facebook you have
to find out if your ads are most suitable for an image ad or if your ads
are more suitable for a video cut because there are a lot of different
types of ads that you can run inside Facebook ads and you have to by testing
find out which type of ad is most suitable for your product again the same
way to running YouTube ads you can do an in-stream ad which is the ad that comes
up before the videos that you watch and during the videos that you want you can
also do a youtube search ad so again by testing these you will be able to find
out which one of these are more suitable for selling your product and it’s the
exact same with Google ads there are loads of different types of ads to run
when you’re using Google ads there are searches which are just the usual
searches that pop up on Google these are extremely expensive ads to run for money
keywords so it can be extremely cautious when you’re running these types of ads
in the future and then there are retargeting ads which again are
retention people who have already been on your website or someone that you have
already collected their data off you can retarget with these ads these are
extremely profitable and if you have your own website set up and you were
fixing the people who land on your website and it’s the exact same if
you’re only selling your products on Amazon it’s what type of Amazon ads are
most suitable for your products make sure to use headline searchers make sure
to use manual PPC ads times Inc you know your competitors brand name make sure to
use another video showing all of these early cut down below so that you can
check it out how to do these you know when you’re setting up your PPC ads make
sure that you’re targeting the correct keywords again I have another video
showing you how to find profitable keywords for your product list
by simply creating an artful campaign and they’re part of the successful
keywords into a manual campaign but there are a lot of different type of ads
that you can run but it’s selecting the right platform to run it up and the
right type of ad to run it on and this is extremely important if you’re
advertising your products you know across the internet you want to make
sure that you’re getting this right okay and that’s it these are the three tips
that you needed to know in order to create successful advertising campaigns
just gonna go over these quickly note so the first thing is create your customers
avatar who is your ideal customer who is the customer that you should be showing
your ads to knowing this will give you a lot more profitable advertising
campaigns when you start running them on channels of Amazon number two is to
clearly identify what your goal is is it to collect leads or is it to drive
immediate sales and number three is what is the best platform and what are the
best type of ads to run on that platform what ads are going to give you the
biggest return for your ad spend and all three of these tips are required in
order to create highly profitable advertising campaigns off Amazon so I
hope that this video really helps you out and I hope if you are starting to
advertise your products off Amazon and on these different platforms that you
take in this advice and you know go over this video again if you want to go
through these tips in greater detail but I hope that this video really does help
you out with your advertising campaigns in the future I am currently put
together the advanced private-label course and in this will be a section
about advertising campaigns creating these types of campaigns to grow your
sales and of course increase your profits for your business so if you are
interested in learning more about that and be notified when I open the doors
then you can click on the link down in the description to the advanced by the
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already right to my channel Sabri be bringing
you a lot more videos like this in the future I hope that you have enjoyed this
one and I look forward to speaking to you on the next one bye


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