How To Join Amazon Associates as an Affiliate

To Join Amazon Associates as an Affiliate 1. Go to  HYPERLINK “”
\o “Amazon Associates” Amazon Associates 2. Click “Join now for FREE”
3. Enter you credentials and website/blog information
4. For “Briefly describe your site, including the type of items you intend to list.”, enter
some products you will most likely promote, e.g. books, music, etc. This doesn’t matter
much, but it will fasten the approval of your account.
5. For “Primary method for generating referrals”, choose Blog if you’re a blogger or other option
that best describes your plans. Again, don’t worry too much this, it is mostly for the
approval process and maybe some Amazon statistics. 6. Accept the “Associates Operating Agreement”
(In addition to the “terms and conditions”, itt explains the whole program, how you get
payed etc, in addition to the terms and conditions.) 7. click finish when done.
You’re taken into a “Thank you for applying to the Associates Program” -page.
There are two most important things on this page!
Your unique Associates ID is… write this down, memorize it. it is your Amazon Associates
ID. * Click on the Select Payment Method Now
* (You can change this at any time from your account settings, but let’s set it now to
get started) * Choose Your Payment Method:
* Pay me by gift certificate/card * Pay me by direct deposit
* Pay me by check Direct deposit is the easiest way in the long
run, so choose that -or- choose gift certificate/card FOR NOW, if you are likely to buy something
from Amazon yourself. Just remember to go check payment method on
direct deposit or check when you start to make so much money you can’t buy enough.
Done! You are now in your Amazon Associates account.
In theory, your account approval is still pending at this point, but you can start looking
for things to promote and add them to your blog already.
If you’re not familiar with Amazon Associates, I suggest you check the “Get Started Now”
information (the button on the left, below your account ID and tracking code information).
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