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hey what’s up my friends my name is
Nicolas if you do not already know me how to learn affiliate marketing,
learn affiliate marketing,
learn affiliate marketing step by step,
learn affiliate marketing 2017,
learn affiliate marketing for beginners,
learn more about affiliate marketing,
how to learn affiliate marketing,
how do i learn affiliate marketing and on this video I want to talk about
how to actually learn affiliate marketing okay so if that is what you
came here for you’re certainly at the right place now before we do get started
if you would like to learn affiliate marketing and the whole entirety and all
the details in it and just everything all the little
nuances I do have a free video training that goes into depth on how to do that
so if you’d like to check that out head on over to mentor with that is
mentor with Nick comm there’s a link down in the video description but
without further ado let’s talk a little bit more about this whole idea of
learning affiliate marketing and I have plenty of other videos on this channel
specifically about affiliate marketing how to run ads how to do how to set up
your funnel how how to pick which products to promote so here’s the thing
though is like yeah I’m gonna I’m gonna touch more about that type of stuff here
on this video as well but you know that I want to teach you how to learn
something very very quickly here on this video so basically you know you know
there’s a lot of information out online okay there’s a lot of information
everywhere about everything right specifically internet marketing
affiliate marketing okay there’s not a shortage of information you go on
YouTube and you can find 50 hundred videos like that then everyone’s
teaching their way about affiliate marketing okay but I want to share a
little bit of a little piece of advice that might help you out in terms of
actually getting your results because let’s face it most people that come out
come online and try affiliate marketing they simply don’t get results okay it’s
just the truth of the matter and it’s that’s the case that’s the case for a
lot of things you know most people that try to attempt something don’t get
results okay so why is that why why are there some people that give massive
results and why are there some people that get literally no results well it’s
this whole idea of taking action and I know that simply put but here’s
the here’s what happened here’s here’s how I see the difference between the
person that succeeds in the person that struggles because you know I’ve been in
doing this affiliate marketing stuff for over six years now and I started with
some people at the same exact time and you know there were some people that
blew me out of the water in the beginning and they had amazing results
and there’s a just couple people and then you know me I was getting some
results and then there’s people pretty much the same as me but they got
absolutely zero results so what’s the difference who why are some people
having massive success why are some people having a little amount of success
why are people having no success and how did I transform from having little
results to having massive results okay basically I started taking more action
okay I don’t know that’s simpler simplistic right here but I’m gonna
explain why so you know you go out there and like I said you can find a bunch of
videos on how to do this how did this how to do this how to do this but one
thing you might want to consider is that Warren Buffett he is you know arguably
the smartest business person on the planet right now regularly there’s a few
other people but he says the number one key to business is focus okay focus so
if you are going out online and you’re searching through everybody’s YouTube
videos trying to figure out every single little way on how everyone else is doing
it first of all you’re gonna scatter how to learn affiliate marketing,
learn affiliate marketing,
learn affiliate marketing step by step,
learn affiliate marketing 2017,
learn affiliate marketing for beginners,
learn more about affiliate marketing,
how to learn affiliate marketing,
how do i learn affiliate marketing yourself your brains gonna start
compartmentalizing and trying to just catch up with everyone and it’s just
gonna be all over the place and I used to be there I really did and I sometimes
I still kind of you know slip back into those patterns every once in a while
when I’m like a whole city that I do this you do that show and then therefore
you get overwhelmed you get confused and then you don’t even take action and then
therefore you get even more overwhelmed and more confused because of it I want
to share with you a quick story I was actually selling vacuums several years
back this this put a whole new spin on things
and a whole new perspective on things in terms of how to get results so I was
selling these vacuums and it was like my second week on the job you know since we
went through all the training we finally got to the houses where we were gonna go
knock on the doors and start actually trying to sell these damn vacuums and I
was really nervous I just for whatever reason I just it was nerve-racking for
me to go knock on someone’s door and how the potential to actually go and talk to
them and then therefore try and sell them on this ridiculously expensive
vacuum so my manager was like all right do you want to go knock or do you want
to just like Taylor or excuse me uh follow me tail me whenever just called
follow me watch me how I do it so that you can get some experience that way and
I was like yeah let’s do that no I’m not it’s not real proud thing to
admit but there was a guy that I had trained with that was on the same
process as me you know we we kept on practicing script together we kept on
you know doing everything that all the little nuances to finally be ready for
this moment I’m going to knock on doors and you know my opinion and I think my
opinion was right I was much more better I was much more prepared than this guy
like I dressed a lot nicer I spoke better I had my script down a lot better
he didn’t dress for his kind of he was gonna have a slob and to be honest um
and he just didn’t have his stuff down very well he didn’t talk very well like
I was above him on every single point but here was the difference between him
and I I chose to sit back and not take action and just keep on listening to
someone else instead of just going out there and doing what I should be doing
in order to you know have potential to generate a sale and then the guy opposed
to me he went on the other side and he went and started knocking on doors now
his first door that he knocked he got a sale okay and that wasn’t really typical
but he did it and the reason that he got results the reason he made a commission
a big sized commission on his very first knock was because he
took action okay you’re not gonna get anywhere unless you actually go out
there and take action and the coolest part about taking action is that you’re
learning through the process the way I really started excelling in affiliate
marketing is I just started taking action I started learning through the
process instead of learning from everyone else’s processes so people are
always asking me like oh you you’ve gotten really good at filling marketing
you know how to drive traffic you know the list you know how to email your list
you don’t do all these crazy things that are producing you a full time income
like how did you learn how to do it I went to a couple masterminds recently
and there I was asking like well how did you figure that out and I thought back
and I told them this exactly I was like I learned through the process like yes I
invested in some courses and I learned from a few people but I didn’t get
scattered like I was in the beginning but once I really figured it out and it
really started just hey let’s just start taking action you know the steps you
know the you know the processes let’s just start getting after it let’s start
driving traffic so we can start building our lists so that we can start emailing
our list so that we can start generating sales okay
nothing will happen unless you start doing that type of stuff so that’s what
I really want to impart on you like yes there’s a lot of great information
there’s some bad information out there there certainly it’s bad information out
there but the way that you’re really gonna succeed is that if you just start
taking action okay like I said I have other videos on this channel that talked
about the whole process and it’s a simple process like I just mentioned you
drive traffic to a landing page the person puts in their email address or
take and do with a thank you page where they have an opportunity to purchase
later then also place on your email list where you can followup them
automatically with automatic emails and then you can send out broadcasts as well
it’s not that difficult it’s basically four or five steps right send traffic to
a page and then have a thank you page and then email so it’s like four steps
four steps that’s not hard the thing that is stopping you is not taking
action is not setting up your landing how to learn affiliate marketing,
learn affiliate marketing,
learn affiliate marketing step by step,
learn affiliate marketing 2017,
learn affiliate marketing for beginners,
learn more about affiliate marketing,
how to learn affiliate marketing,
how do i learn affiliate marketing page is not setting up your Thank You
page it’s not integrating with your Aweber or get response or whatever it is
and therefore if you don’t have that stuff set up or if you have that stuff
set up but you’re just not driving traffic like that’s the problem okay
you’re not gonna get anywhere if you’re not driving traffic you’re not gonna get
anywhere if you don’t have all the action steps put in place okay doesn’t
matter how many YouTube videos it doesn’t matter how much you’re consuming
you need to be a producer okay there’s consumers there’s producers the
producers are the ones that get paid yes you want to fill up your brain and your
your head with knowledge about the stuff that you need to do but you will not get
paid until you start producing okay that’s what I just really want to impart
on you because I have a lot of people especially in our Facebook group they’re
always asking like what can I do what can I do how can I make money all this
type of stuff and it’s just like you gotta go do it
you just gotta go do it get the get the basic foundation down and then just
start taking action on a consistent basis get a little bit better every
single day get a tiny little bit better every day send one more person to your
website every single day if you start doing that you do that every single day
I mean obviously the results are gonna compound and everything is just gonna
get bigger and better and you’re gonna start to have some real long lasting
results and especially when you start building up your email list like that’s
a huge asset you can constantly fall put people and offer them different
affiliate programs within your niche and eventually you’re gonna start really
succeeding so I know this video is probably a bit different than most of my
other ones a lot of lately I’ve been just doing a lot of how to’s I kind of
set up ads how to you know set up funnels all that kind of stuff emailing
all that kind of stuff but I just really want to lay this on
you because this stuff is important okay obviously you can’t have results unless
you take action and you can’t make any money unless you get results right you
got to be a producer over being a consumer so humours great you got to
fill up your brain with knowledge and how-to and stuff like that but after you
have that just keep it simple because this process is simple it’s not
complicated it’s simple I’m not saying it’s easy it’s simple okay
there’s a difference so just stay to task keep going after it you’re gonna be
fine if you guys have any questions please get in touch to me let me know if
you like if there’s any specific questions about the process that you
need or in terms of like driving traffic in
terms of like what’s the best way to take action like what whatever it is
that you need please let me know put it down in the comments down below and then
yeah if you guys do want to go check out my full in-depth training it shows you
the processes and all that type of stuff you can head on over to mentor with mentors but thanks for watching this video
I appreciate your time and I look forward to seeing you on the next video
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